Learning in the flow of work report

Our 2022 Report on the State of Learning in the Flow of Work

How far have we come in implementing learning in the flow of work since its inception? Is it still a priority for organizations across the world or are there better ways to give people what they need to learn and improve? Find out here.

Enterprise LMS

7 Features to Look For in an Enterprise LMS Solution

You need an enterprise LMS—but you want to make sure you make the right choice. We break down the 7 attributes you should look for.

learning and development career path guide us

2022 US Learning and Development Career Path Guide

Is a career in Learning and Development right for you? Learn average 2022 L&D salaries, plus how to become a training specialist.

Employee Training Templates and Checklists

23 Employee Training Templates and Checklists for Better Training Programs

Save time and energy with our list of the best employee training templates and checklists, featuring tips for building better employee training programs.

360Learner Journey Compensation

Why We Don’t Negotiate Salaries at 360Learning

At 360Learning, our salaries are calculated, not negotiated. It's all part of our culture of Convexity. In this post, we'll explain why our policy of transparency is so important to us, and how not negotiating salaries contributes to our environment of trust and accountability.

Career advancement challenges

What Is the Biggest Challenge to L&D Career Advancement in the UK?

Our survey found that for those who want to advance in their career, lack of opportunities seems to be the main barrier to progression. Read on to learn more about the challenges UK L&D professionals' are facing around career advancement.

Digital-first L&D

L&D master class David James Lesson One Transformative Learning

L&D Master Class Lesson 1: Get Started with Impactful Digital-First Learning in 3 Key Steps

Making the transition to digital-first learning can be bewildering at first. How can you drive transformative learning as you switch from the classroom to hybrid learning? How can you match your learning strategy to solve real business problems? In this first lesson of our L&D master class, David James offers 3 key steps to begin.

L&D master class David James Lesson Two Transformative Learning

L&D Master Class Lesson 2: Our 4-Step Guide to Supporting Learners During Moments of Transition and Adaptation

Forget huge libraries of generic content–the best way to drive better L&D outcomes is to provide the right learning support when people really need it. In lesson two of our L&D master class, David James outlines his four-step guide to supporting learners during moments of transition and adaptation.

Master Class David James Lesson Three Transformative Learning

L&D Master Class Lesson 3: How to Really Meet Your Learners Where They Are

Trying to remove the question of culture from somebody's development is like trying to remove the egg from a cake. So, how can you design learning experiences that account for what learners are actually expected to do within their roles? David James is here to break down how to meet your learners where they are.

Master Class David James Lesson Four Transformative Learning

L&D Master Class Lesson 4: How to Work Alongside Subject-Matter Experts to Solve Business Problems

As L&D leaders, we understand the value and importance of engaging subject-matter experts (SMEs) to help create targeted content and solve business problems within our organizations. But getting it right in practice can be tricky. In our fourth lesson of the L&D master class, David James breaks down how to work with SMEs to identify and solve urgent problems.

Master Class David James Lesson Five Transformative Learning

L&D Master Class Lesson 5: How to Prove Your Impact as a Strategic Business Partner

It's the biggest question facing L&D leaders today: How can you prove the real impact of your learning support? In lesson 5 of our L&D master class, David James breaks down his four-step approach for proving your impact as a strategic business partner.

Master Class David James Lesson Six Transformative Learning

L&D Master Class Lesson 6: How to Make Your L&D Strategy Future-Proof

These last few years have been a little destabilizing to say the least. So, how can L&D leaders ensure their learning strategies can adjust when the world changes? In this final episode of our L&D master class, David James breaks down how to make our L&D strategies future-proof.


CLO Connect - My Job Glasses

The Heart of Career Guidance: How My Job Glasses Is Ramping Up Mentoring

In this article, Audrey Jarre speaks to Frédéric Voyer, Co-Founder at My Job Glasses, about how they design career mentoring by leveraging human connections and how they measure their clients' success using their platform. Read on to hear why building real human connections is so important to career growth.

Maria Gentile-Feay Quantum Health

Empathy-Focused L&D: Quantum Health’s 5 Steps to Being a Successful Learning Business Partner

Read on to hear why empathy-focused L&D and building learning business partnerships are so important for a company like Quantum Health.

Gemma Incoronato Stuart

Delivering Closer Connections: Stuart’s 3-Part Strategy for Flexible Hybrid Learning

Today, working and learning doesn't just happen in one place. This creates opportunities for people to live and work where they want, but it also creates huge challenges for L&D teams. In this episode, we hear from Gemma Incoronato of Stuart about her 3-part strategy to keep people connected with flexible hybrid learning.

Airbnb multicultural training Stephanie Lynch

The Power of Shared Experience: How Airbnb Celebrates Diversity through Multicultural Training

Every L&D leader knows the crucial role learning plays in building a diverse and inclusive organizational culture. In this expert interview, we hear from Stephanie Lynch of Airbnb about how the vacation rental platform celebrates diversity through multicultural training.

Slack New Hire Communities Halimah Jones

Slack’s 4-Step Playbook for Building New Hire Communities through Remote Onboarding

Slack helps companies around the world stay connected. But how does Slack keep its own new hires connected, especially from a distance? We speak with Learning Manager Halimah Jones about her four-step playbook for building new hire communities.

Melissa Strong Aircall

L&D in a Hybrid World: Aircall’s 4 Tips for Upscaling Manager Training to Drive Growth

When you're scaling in a hybrid work environment, how can your manager training keep up? We spoke to Aircall about their 4 tips for upscaling manager training to drive growth.

Employee onboarding

32 Onboarding Templates and Checklists to Design Great New-Hire Experiences

32 Onboarding Templates and Checklists to Design Great New-Hire Experiences

The best onboarding programs work because they’re specific and uniquely relevant to your company and your new hire. But that doesn’t mean you need to build yours from scratch. We've got your back.


9 Preboarding Strategies to Keep New Hires Engaged Before Their First Day

65% of employers reported hiring people who do not show up on their first day. Here's what you can do to avoid that.

Our Extended New Employee Checklist For Achieving 93% Engagement

Our Extended New Employee Checklist For Achieving 93% Engagement

Most onboarding programs are too short, too confusing, or non-existent. There’s an opportunity here to better prepare employees and make sure they stick around. Here's the onboarding checklist we swear by.


Your Guide to Building a Scalable Employee Onboarding Process in 2023

Grab a pen and paper: here’s everything you need to create a great onboarding program.

Remote Onboarding Process Steps

6 Steps to a Great Remote Onboarding Process - and What to Avoid

Onboarding employees has suddenly become trickier than ever. Here's our (very real) playbook.

better-onboarding-process's Onboarding Process for Growing From 350 to 3,000 Employees

Building an onboarding process is one of the hardest things to get right in L&D, especially when you're in hypergrowth. Here's how scaled their process to support their massive growth.

Employee training

Diversity and Inclusion Training

5 Reasons Diversity and Inclusion Training is Great for Your Bottom Line

A truly inclusive and diverse workplace benefits nearly every facet of an organization—and that includes financially.

Employee Training Program

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Successful Employee Training Program

Launching a new training program isn’t as simple as buying some courses and mandating employee attendance. Companies that enthusiastically push forward without proper planning often suffer from misaligned business goals, overwhelmed L&D departments, and a lack of C-suite buy-in. Any of these could sink your training program as soon as it starts. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Learning organization examples

5 Learning Organization Examples to Inspire Your Company

Understand how companies like General Electric, Drift, Appen, and others increased performance, simply by embracing a Learning Organization Model.

Your Manager Training Wasn’t Working Before—Now It’s Really in Trouble

Your New Manager Training Isn’t Working—Here Are 4 Ways to Revive It

Do you have a terrible boss that you hate? Chances are, they didn't get proper training. Here's how we can save the world from bad managers.

Training Needs Analysis

The Right Way to do a Training Needs Analysis

You've been doing it wrong.

Get Started with Compliance Training (as Painlessly as Possible)

Get Started with Compliance Training (as Painlessly as Possible)

How do you make a compliance training plan that conveys this essential information without boring your teams’ socks off?

Collaborative Learning


Why Collaborative Learning is the Next Phase of LMS eLearning

Almost all LMSs focus primarily on administrators, not learners. It's top-down by default. And who loves top-down anything? No one.

How We Use Peer Learning to Keep Our Company’s Competitive Edge

We don’t just preach the benefits of collaborative learning—we live them.

Collaborative Learning Examples

4 Benefits Of Collaborative Learning, Backed By Science & Psychology

Online training has a lot of great benefits and one major disadvantage: It can be very isolating. Here's a solution.

How COVID-19 Fired up the Transition to Collaborative Learning at Work

Our way of working has changed, and so should our way of learning.

9 Tips to Create a Truly Effective Peer Feedback Loop

One way to foster a healthy team culture is to implement a structured (yet flexible) peer-to-peer feedback loop. Here are our 9 tips.

360Learning New Director Caroline Gaffney

Insights and Experience: A Warm Welcome to Tech Leader Caroline Gaffney, our New Independent Board Member

We started 2022 with a bang by acquiring Looop–now, we're here with more great news to share. We're welcoming the wonderful Caroline Gaffney to our board of directors! Come and get to know her in 5 questions.

Learning Impact

How INES CRM Expects to Decrease Churn by 20% With the Collaborative Learning Playbook

Keep your customers happy with the right training tool.

How AlphaSights built a scalable onboarding program with 99% satisfaction rates

How AlphaSights Built a Scalable Onboarding Program with 99% Satisfaction Rates

Learn how AlphaSights scaled their onboarding by leveraging in-house experts and decentralizing learning.

3 Data-Based Ways To Prove Training ROI (+ Free Training ROI Calculator)

It’s not enough to show that your program is helping employees learn new skills. So, how do you put a dollar amount on a training program whose effects seem largely unquantifiable? We've got three ways to put a value on training return on investment–and a free calculator you can use right now.

Aircall onboarding program

How Aircall Onboards 40 New Hires a Month With One Full-Time L&D Manager

Aircall has 650 employees around the globe, and the company is still growing, fast. To accommodate new joiners and provide a consistently exceptional onboarding experience they needed to restructure their onboarding program to make it scalable, interactive, and collaborative. See how they did it here.


How Appen saved $240K with Collaborative Learning

AI training outfit Appen has over 1,000 employees spread across four continents. They needed a better way to deliver L&D at the speed of business, and Collaborative Learning offered them a great solution. In this case study, we'll explore how they save time and money with 360Learning.

GTreasury Impactful Learning Riyaz Adamjee

How GTreasury Creates Impactful Learning Experiences Using Subject-Matter Expertise

Subject-matter experts are the true engine of learning. But how can you leverage all that great expertise to create impactful learning experiences? We hear from Riyaz Adamjee of GTreasury about his strategy for getting the most out of great subject-matter expertise.