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1-click AI-generated course creation


Wave goodbye to slow and tedious course creation. With Robyn, craft a course in a single click and convert files into engaging content with ease. Together, deliver personalized courses in minutes.

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Title-only course generation

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Effortlessly create engaging courses. Just provide a title and Robyn can suggest course descriptions, outlines, illustrations, and key takeaways.

1-click document to course

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Instantly convert existing content into engaging courses. Upload any document, and Robyn transforms it into a learner-friendly course.

AI-suggested questions

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Quickly create custom quizzes. Robyn-powered question generator suggests questions based on your course content.

Discover the power of prompts


Tired of the lack of control and consistency in course development? Thanks to your guidance, Robyn can ensure compliance, control, and alignment with customizable prompts and templates.

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Admin-created guided prompts

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Personalize AI-generated training materials with custom instructions, ensuring alignment with your organization's tone and standards, regardless of who creates the content. 

Prompt management

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Admins have dedicated access to control compliance, DEI, pedagogy and company culture prompts. 

Pre-built prompt templates

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Leverage a variety of ready-to-use prompt templates perfectly suited to your training needs that further speed up the content creation process and ensure consistency.  

Stay in compliance

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Maintain compliance effortlessly by utilizing prompts that guarantee AI-generated content adheres to your company’s regulatory requirements and standards.

Maintain DEI standards

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Promote diversity, equity and inclusion by incorporating prompts that guide the creation of content aligned with your organization’s DEI principles and goals.

Preserve your pedagogy

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Enforce your pedagogy by employing prompts that articulate your company’s teaching methods and practice.

Culture aligned outputs

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Sustain your unique corporate culture with prompts that help AI-generated outputs align with the values and ethos you have cultivated within your organization.

AI Certification for L&D

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An exclusive certification program that provides L&D professionals with the necessary skills to effectively utilize AI to achieve optimal training outcomes.

Stay ahead of the AI revolution. Enroll in the world's first AI Certification for L&D.

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Tailored learning at scale

Generative learning experience

Stop wasting time curating personalized training. With Robyn, instantly generate custom courses, paths, and catalogs based on individual job titles and skills to deliver targeted learning experiences.

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Learning asset suggestions

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Robyn suggests relevant, custom content from both internal and external sources that can be added to courses, paths, and catalogs, creating more engaging learning experiences for your users.

One-click curated course

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Quickly access a curated course tailored to your learners' specific needs and interests with just one click.

Instant curated paths

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Explore a pre-curated learning path designed to help your learners' achieve their goals efficiently and effortlessly with a single click.

Curated catalogs in minutes

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Create a comprehensive catalog of relevant content, carefully curated to meet your organization's learning needs, with a single click.

Best-in-class recommendations


Don’t let irrelevant training prevent employee growth. Maximize learning impact with Robyn's personalized recommendations. Deliver the right course at the right time and place for optimal employee growth.

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Course completion recommendations

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Upon completing a course, learners receive recommendations for additional courses that build upon the skills and knowledge gained. 

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Learners input their job titles, and Robyn tags their profile with skills to generate dynamic role-related skill recommendations that adapt to profile changes.

Smart recommendations

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Learners aren't always aware of the courses that are available to them. Power their skills with smart course recommendations in the flow of their work.


Have the robots really taken over?

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Experience a faster way to learning


Sifting through irrelevant search results is frustrating and a waste of time. With Robyn’s advanced search capabilities, learners discover personalized training more efficiently than before.

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Personal search history

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Learners easily access and review previous search queries, saving time and enhancing productivity

Personalized search experience

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Revisit previous searches, limit search scope to specific groups, and enjoy advanced filtering and sorting options for more relevant and efficient search results.

Search within groups

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Tailor search results by specific group or skill, ensuring learners find the most relevant content within your desired context.

Advanced search capabilities

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Refine, filter, sort, and access contextual information with ease, search within specific classrooms, and browse categorized results by publication date.

Advanced filtering & sorting

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Fine-tune search results using advanced filters and sorting options so learners can quickly find content. 

Enhanced search results

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Gain additional context and information within search results, helping learners identify the most relevant content at a glance.

Searchable classrooms

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Enable learners to search within specific classrooms to find targeted content related to their specific learning needs.

Categorization chips

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Improve search navigation by categorizing search results into different sections such as activities, users, groups, and learning needs.

Sort by publication date

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Arrange search results based on date of publication, allowing learners to access the most recent content and relevant information. 

User-friendly search interface

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Refine search outcomes with filtering tags, easily spot search-relevant information with keyword highlights, and access key functions through convenient hover actions.

Filtering tags

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Apply filter tags to narrow down search results so learners can focus on specific topics that are relevant to their learning goals.

Keyword highlights

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Learners can spot search-relevant information quickly through highlighted keywords within search results.

Hover actions

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Convenient hover actions on search results allow learners quick content interactions and easy-to-use navigation.

Secure your data with confidence

Security & Data Privacy

Data and security breaches are costly and result in a lack of trust and credibility. Maintain control over Robyn’s AI-generated content and ensure data protection with our robust security measures.

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GDPR-compliant platform

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GDPR compliance ensures your information is handled with the highest privacy and security standards. 

Prompt & completion protection

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Data is kept confidential by preventing the reuse of prompts and completions in public models, ensuring content remains private and inaccessible to unauthorized parties.

Content management system

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The content management system in place filters potentially harmful content, and employs strict data retention and privacy practices. 

Limited data retention

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Prompts and competitions are stored for up to 30 days, allowing monitoring for potential misuse while respecting your privacy.

Restricted access

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Access to your data is strictly limited to authorized users to verify and prevent potential misuse instances and who are bound by strict confidentiality obligations.

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