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Pierre BacrotGeneral Manager, CIFFCO
With 360Learning's AI-powered authoring tool, I was able to create a course in just 7 minutes. What a great opportunity to accelerate knowledge transfer across the organization, and upskill as many teams as possible!

1-click AI-generated course creation


Wave goodbye to slow and tedious course creation. Deliver personalized courses in minutes with AI assistance. Instantly convert existing documents into engaging training, or craft a course with as little as a title suggestion.

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Course Builder | 360Learning
Prompt-based course builder

Effortlessly create engaging courses. With as little as a title, AI can suggest course descriptions, outlines, illustrations, and key takeaways.

Document-based course builder

Instantly convert existing content into engaging courses. Upload any document, and let AI transform it into a learner-friendly course.

AI-suggested questions

Quickly create custom quizzes. Our AI-powered question generator suggests questions based on your course content.

GDPR-compliant platform

GDPR compliance ensures your information is handled with the highest privacy and security standards.

Discover the power of prompts


Tired of the lack of control and consistency in course development? With your guidance, our AI can ensure compliance, control, and alignment with customizable prompts and templates.

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L&D-Controlled prompts | 360Learning
Admin-created guided prompts

Personalize AI-generated training materials with custom instructions, ensuring alignment with your organization's tone and standards, regardless of who creates the content. 

Prompt management

Admins have dedicated access to control compliance, DEI, pedagogy and company culture prompts. 

Pre-built prompt templates

Leverage a variety of ready-to-use prompt templates perfectly suited to your training needs that further speed up the content creation process and ensure consistency.  

Stay in compliance

Maintain compliance effortlessly by utilizing prompts that guarantee AI-generated content adheres to your company’s regulatory requirements and standards.

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Best-in-class recommendations


Don’t let irrelevant training prevent employee growth. Maximize learning impact with AI-based personalized recommendations. Deliver the right course at the right time and place for optimal employee growth.

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AI-based recommendations | 360Learning
Course completion recommendations

Upon completing a course, learners receive recommendations for additional courses that build upon the skills and knowledge gained. 

Role-related skill recommendations

Learners input their job titles, and our AI tags their profile with skills to generate dynamic role-related skill recommendations that adapt to profile changes.

Smart recommendations

Learners aren't always aware of the courses that are available to them. Power their skills with smart course recommendations in the flow of their work.

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