Hybrid learning for a hybrid workforce

Create and manage your blended learning programs from one platform
Hybrid learning - Onboarding

All-in-one hybrid learning platform powered by collaborative learning

Learning paths
Instructor-led training
Mobile learning
Collaborative learning
Data & dashboards
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Upskill with the right training format


Worried about the Great Resignation? Don’t let any training needs go unmet. Blend your training to perfection so learners have clear opportunities to develop and grow.

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Hybrid learning - Upskilling

Let learners choose when and where they learn basic concepts and theory with self-paced online training.

Instructor-led training

Make the most use of in-person time, and opt for onsite training for hands-on discussions and deep dives.

Virtual live training

Create convenient and cost-effective webinar sessions in 1-click.

Mobile learning

Give your learners the tools to take learning with them wherever they go.

A personalized learning path for every learner


Onboarding new employees? Training customers? Your teams have unique learning needs that vary based on their role, tenure, and career goals. Help learners upskill faster with a personalized learning path.

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Hybrid learning - Paths
Online courses

Add any number of courses to a path, including ones that were created in the platform, SCORM, or through an off-the-shelf content provider.


Educate learners in cohorts through in-person or virtual training scheduled on the platform.

Email & Push reminders

Don’t risk losing your learners to generic email blasts. Keep learners in the know with relevant email and push notifications.


Creating engaging courses is useless if you can’t measure comprehension. Ensure retention with assessments throughout the learning experience.

A hybrid learning environment to connect and collaborate


Struggling to make learning a habit? Create opportunities for learners to connect with peers in meaningful and collaborative ways - in online courses or live training - and your learners will keep coming back.

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Hybrid learning - Collaboration

Enable learners to give real-time feedback with one-click Reactions like "I learned something" or "This is outdated."

Relevance score

Don't guess whether your courses are useful. Ask. A 1-click survey is included at the end of every course.


Leverage the power of collaborative learning with activity-level forums to connect learners with in-house experts.


Learners can upvote comments within the forum. The most upvoted comments stay at the top of the feed.

Take your live training to the next level


Buried in spreadsheets and calendar invites? Our Live training solution is designed to reduce your administrative burden and maximize fill rates. Say goodbye to manual live training management.

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Hybrid learning - Live training
Smart Scheduling

Remove the headache of repetitive, error-prone tasks. Schedule any number of live trainings, in person or virtual, in a few clicks.

Flexible registration

Register learners to any live training. Or choose to open up self-registration, and let learners navigate registration and their schedules autonomously.

Attendance Management

Bogged down in attendance sheets? Capture accurate attendance without time-consuming roll calling and the hassle of manual data entry.

Data & dashboards

Live training is a big investment, don't leave your impact to chance. Get data-driven insights and take your fill rate to the max.

Learn more about our classroom and attendance management capabilities.

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