Why 360Learning?

360Learning makes it easy for you to build a culture of collaborative learning, so you can upskill from within and win the battle for skills.
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The Collaborative Learning Manifesto

Corporate learning is failing us.

While everything about work has changed, corporate learning hasn't.

It's still top-down, siloed, slow.

Skill gaps are growing wider, knowledge is disappearing when employees leave or retire, and companies are being forced to invest millions and billions of dollars into reskilling programs.

We believe this must change—for the good of companies, and for the good of learners.

Because the old way no longer reflects us—the way we work and live. It no longer meets the demand for new skills. It no longer works.

At 360Learning, we believe in a new way.

We believe in collaborative learning, where learners are teachers and teachers are learners.

Where L&D and in-house experts are empowered to work together to share and capture knowledge.

Where your secret geniuses become recognized mentors, capable of driving growth for your employees, customers, and partners.

Because we don't believe you should have to outsource to upskill.

We believe you should be able to upskill from within.

Why 360Learning?

#1 Your people will love our LMS

We’re not just saying it, either. 360Learning courses have a 91% completion rate on average (vs. 20% for legacy eLearning platforms), and learners proactively complete an average of 11 activities per day. 

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#2 L&D leaders love us, too

We don’t mean to brag, but…we’re a leader on G2. And a category leader on Capterra. And the top-rated platform on eLearning Industry. But just in case you don’t believe us, we’ve got the testimonials and the badges to prove it.

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#3 We pioneered collaborative learning, so we know it best

Revolutionizing corporate learning was our dream. Now, it’s become reality. Since 2013, we’ve been pioneering the collaborative learning movement alongside over 2,300 of the world’s leading companies.

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#4 We’ve got every use case covered

The learning needs of your organization will change over time. 360Learning helps you tackle every new learning need as it arises—from employee onboarding and sales enablement to customer and partner training (and many more).

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#5 We have the industry’s best support and training team

Transform your learning culture at your own pace. Our team is here for you every step of the way to lend support and help you with comprehensive training, including access to the 360Learning Knowledge Base.

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Experience an LMS you and your learners will love.

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If you’re not building a culture of collaborative learning, you’re falling behind

Skills are the #1 innovation bottleneck

You can’t innovate if you don’t have a workforce with the necessary skills. Reskilling programs and skill matrices used to be the answer, but they’re too complex and slow for the demands of today. To stay ahead, you need the flexibility and speed to close skill gaps as they arise, and only collaborative learning allows you to do that.

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Skilled labor is scarce and resigning

Baby boomers are retiring. Everyone else is resigning. And when they do, they’re taking their skills with them. The only ways to maintain an edge over the competition and win the talent war is to capture expert knowledge or retain top performers. Collaborative learning helps you do both.

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Top-down learning won’t let you upskill fast enough

A command and control approach to work and learning is demoralizing. Today’s learners don’t want mandates—they want ownership. Empower them to have autonomy over their career growth and help your organization upskill from within, all with collaborative learning. 

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When you upskill from within, you win.

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360Learning makes it easy for you to build a culture of collaborative learning

You can crowdsource learning needs and rapidly identify skill gaps.

Ever find yourself guessing about what training your employees need? You don’t have to with 360Learning. With real-time declaration and upvoting of learning needs, learners can tell you exactly what training they need to succeed—all from within the LMS. 

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You can easily find people in your company with in-demand expertise.

77% of employees say they have untapped knowledge to share with their organization. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore. 360Learning allows you to easily tap into the knowledge of your employees and find in-house subject matter experts with learner suggestions and AI.

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You can empower your experts to collaborate with L&D.

Give your courses the expert seal of approval. Add the right subject matter experts as co-authors to contribute and make edits to course content with the co-authoring tool—complete with collaborative commenting and validation workflows to ensure courses are always up to your standards.

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You can scale course development without losing control.

Scared of losing control as you scale L&D? Fear not. With 360Learning, you can streamline training delivery and maintain visibility into everything with end-to-end project management, including project timelines, task assignments, and learner notifications and deadlines.

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You can maximize course quality and engagement with real-time feedback.

Keep courses fresh with real-time feedback from learners. See what they like and don't like with in-course commenting, threaded Q&As with upvoting, and learner relevance scoring, so you and your team can optimize course content and charge toward 91% completion rates.

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Turn collaborative learning into your competitive advantage with 360Learning.

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Start building your collaborative learning culture today.

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