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UK, LondonAPR 17, 2024

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Let’s discuss performance reviews best practices.


Happy to report a win for annual performance reviews! We tried a new process for our restructured teams, and it was a success. Would it be helpful if I shared the details?


Yes please! It’s one of the challenges we’re up against this year and I’m curious to hear more 🙂


Browse L&D job postings, and share vacancies in your company or from your network.


I’m hiring for a Senior Instructional Designer for my team! The job is remote and you’ll be joining an amazing team of 4 people, at a company with awesome perks. Send me a DM if you’re interested ;)


Ask for members’ top recommendations of tools, worksheets, and resources–and add yours.


Hey team! I’m looking for recommendations for plug and play training, what options would you recommend? Thanks in advance.


Let’s discuss in-person and remote onboarding best practices.


I’m building a new onboarding program and wondering how best to roll it out across our global organization. Has anyone here done this before?


I’m curious as to how you present company information to your onboardees. I think our system could use some improvement  👀 Is anyone up for sharing the pros and cons of their own system? I’ll go first!


Pour les membres francophones et les sujets spécifiques à la formation en France


Bonjour à tous ! Je suis curieuse de connaître les solutions que vous utilisez pour le management hybride. Avez-vous de bonnes formations à partager ?


On travaille avec un super prestataire pour ça, je peux vous mettre en relation :)


Connect and exchange with other members in the UK.


It was so great meeting other London-based members at our last meetup! I’ll organise another event next month; anyone up for meeting over drinks after work?


I’d love to do the same in Glasgow or Manchester!


Are you a solo L&D? Meet your team here!


I started a new job last month and it’s my first time being the only L&D person for the entire company. I’m overwhelmed!


I know what that feels like, Kimberly! Why don’t we hope on a call and I can share what projects helped me get started? 🤝

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