Learning Management System

Ditch the busywork with powerful LMS automation

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Connect all of your business systems


Still managing multiple systems and manually transferring information from one to the next? Streamline your workflows and ensure data accuracy by connecting all of your business systems. Creating custom integrations is a breeze with 360Learning’s API.

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Keep your people and learning data in sync without the busywork. Avoid double entry by syncing learner analytics and statistics from 360Learning into leading HR systems.

Off-the-shelf content

Reduce content spend by easily integrating world-renowned content into your learning catalog.

Workflow tools

Optimize access to learning with powerful workflow integrations. Keep learning in the flow of work with tools your teams use the most.


Make training a habit for your reps and measure impact in real time.

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How Appen L&D is operating at the speed of business with our LMS

Kristin TrujequeDirector, Learning & Development
"360Learning lets L&D operate at the speed of business. We can address changing business needs at a much faster pace."

Organize your learners with streamlined user management

Administration & ecosystem

Setting up individuals with the right permissions across groups of learners is frustrating and time-consuming. Save time with user management automation that scales as your business grows. Dynamic user settings make it easy to deliver the right training to the right learners from day one.

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Administration & ecosystem
Automated enrollment

Automatically enroll learners to training based on location, role, certification expiration or other granular criteria.

User provisioning

Import users one-by-one, by CSV import or let users self-register.

User sync

Sync your user data with any HCM or HRIS platform. Easily set up workflows that automatically create and update users within 360Learning.

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Invite learners to securely self-register to training. Set an automatic deletion date for learners to avoid manual administration.

The best LMS to deliver the right training to the right learners–fast

Florian Des Garets
Florian Des GaretsProduct Marketing Manager
"Training with 360Learning combines agility and commitment, allowing us to deliver the right training content at the right time."

Automate user management

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Bring in internal experts to create training at the speed of business

Authoring tool

With a traditional LMS, it feels impossible to ship all requested training fast and within budget. Leverage internal expertise to develop 100% relevant training in minutes and save on cost. Our award-winning authoring tool comes with many rich editing possibilities, and can be used by anyone, no technical training required.

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Authoring tool
Work with experts

Bring in internal experts to create relevant courses faster. Course authors can share feedback and suggestions in a private forum that only authors can see–even after the course goes live.

Prompt-controlled authoring

Turn your experts into super-authors. Aid internal experts during course creation with AI-powered features that save time, reduce errors, and ensure course accuracy.

Course templates

Create courses in a snap. With templates based on best-in-class digital pedagogy for your most frequent use cases, you can lay the foundation for your courses with confidence.

Cheat sheets

Liberate your creators from the headache of bulky text editors. In a matter of minutes craft and format text docs, images, presentations, videos, or pull information from anywhere on the web.

TelNet is shipping 2.5x more training per year without growing their team

Megan KozeluhSr. Manager of Human Resources and Training
"The versatility of 360Learning’s features, and the ease of content updates, ensure training is engaging for our teams."

Create training at the speed of business

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Take SCORM management to the next level


You don’t have to part ways with your SCORM library. Host and contextualize your existing eLearning catalog of SCORM courses without the hassle of content migration.

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Take SCORM management to the next level
Bulk import

Bulk import entire libraries of 1.2 and 2004 SCORM courses directly into your catalog.

SCORM player

Seamlessly deliver SCORM courses to your learners—whether that’s in a path on desktop or mobile.

Offline mode

Reach your teams wherever work takes them. Learners can download courses to play offline—even for SCORM. Stats are synced when the network is back.

Relevance score

Keep SCORM courses up-to-date and relevant for your learners with a built-in one-question survey that calculates a course Relevance Score.

Automate away compliance risks

Compliance training

Automate and manage mandatory training and retraining. Orchestrate compliance training end-to-end, with automated enrollment, reminder notifications, certificate expiration alerts and comprehensive audit-proof reporting.

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Automate away compliance risks
Standard compliance training

No need to reinvent the wheel. Integrate off-the-shelf content for all your generic compliance needs. Curate and contextualize within your custom paths.

Company-specific training

Create hyper-relevant company-specific training, like workplace knowledge and hiring practices, with the help of your internal experts.

Automated enrollment

Enroll learners automatically when they meet the defined criteria, like when their certificate expires.

Certificate expiration alerts

Set a validity period for a certificate, and get notified when it expires.

BioZyme is monitoring mandatory training with the 360Learning LMS

Avens RidgewayOrganizational Developer
"With 360Learning we can now closely monitor training progression of our teams throughout the supply chain."

Automate mandatory training and retraining

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Reduce the admin burden of instructor-led training

Instructor-led training

Buried in spreadsheets and calendar invites? Say goodbye to manual live training management: Reduce your administrative burden and maximize fill rates.

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Instructor-led training
Smart scheduling

Remove the headache of repetitive, error-prone tasks. Schedule any number of live trainings, in person or virtual, in a few clicks.

Flexible registration

Register learners yourself. Let learners self-register, including from mobile. Or activate auto-registration, and let the platform register learners to the next open training.

Maximized fill rates

View at a glance who has accepted or declined a classroom invitation, and easily move any learners who declined to a new slot.

Attendance management

Bogged down in attendance sheets? Capture accurate attendance without time-consuming roll calling or the hassle of manual data entry.

Take live training to the next level

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Optimize blended learning delivery

Blended learning

Onboarding new employees? Training customers? Create and manage all your blended learning programs from one platform. Share the right training to the right audience at the right time–in just a few clicks.

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Blended learning
Training delivery

Your teams have unique learning needs that vary based on their role, tenure, and career goals. Deliver personalized learning paths in minutes to upskill your teams faster.

Online courses

For self-paced learning, add any number of courses to a path, including ones that were created in the platform, SCORM, or through an off-the-shelf content provider.

Instructor-led training

Make the most use of in-person time, and opt for live training for hands-on discussions and deep dives. Educate learners in cohorts through onsite or virtual sessions scheduled on the platform.

Cohort management

Organize path sessions for different cohorts of learners with similar training dates, and choose the right instructor for each. 

How Socotec is increasing time-to-productivity and saving cost with the 360Learning LMS

Sébastien BotinHR Director
"360Learning has allowed us to significantly reduce onboarding time for new employees. My team freed up 800 billable days."

Blend your training to perfection

Learn about hybrid learning

Global training management made easy

Multilingual support

Remove the headache of multilingual training management. Whether you're training in 2 or 20 languages, we make it easy to create and manage translations from one single place. Yep, even for SCORM courses!

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Integrated interface

No more endless back-and-forth with translators. Our integrated translation interface gives your team all the tools they need to get the job done effectively.

Industry standard

Outsourcing to a language services provider? Seamlessly bring translations in and out of the platform in .xliff format.

Adaptive language

No more training language admin. We automatically surface content in learners' default language. Learners can switch between available languages via the player, even from a mobile device.

Consolidated stats

Deploying a training program globally doesn't have to end in a reporting nightmare. Our tool automatically consolidates results from all translations, so you don't have to.

Reach your global workforce

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Focus on strategic business priorities without missing a beat


Measuring performance across your learning platform shouldn’t be rocket science. See the forest and the trees to make data-driven decisions with extensive reporting across groups, users, courses, paths, and more.

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Manager dashboard

Managers can see progress and completion data by team, learner, or course. View the skills learners are developing. Generate automated weekly email performance reports and reminders.

Group dashboard

Access quick, precise, and actionable data of your groups and subgroups. Export and compare data to paint a holistic view of your learners’ development.

Course dashboard

Track performance across your entire learning catalog with reporting that includes Relevance Score and Reactions.

Classroom dashboard

Monitor and optimize attendance rates for instructor-led training sessions with a dedicated classroom dashboard.