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AI-powered authoring

Creating courses is slow and takes months to deliver. Simplify the content creation process, deliver relevant courses in minutes, and align with your organization’s standards, goals, and guidelines.

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Course builder

Streamline the course creation process and create relevant content in a snap! Transform existing documents into engaging courses or input a prompt to instantly create a complete course.

Prompt-based course builder

Effortlessly create engaging courses. With as little as a title, AI can suggest course descriptions, outlines, illustrations, and key takeaways.

Document-based course builder

Instantly convert existing content into engaging courses. Upload any document to transform it into a learner-friendly course.

AI-suggested questions

Let AI suggest custom quizzes based on your course content in seconds, and allocate your time on the level of expertise only you can provide.

Meet upskilling needs at the pace of business

Pierre BacrotGeneral Manager, CIFFCO
With 360Learning's AI-powered authoring tool, I was able to create a course in just 7 minutes. What a great opportunity to accelerate knowledge transfer across the organization, and upskill as many teams as possible!

Make your courses shine by leveraging content from anywhere

Authoring integrations

Give your authors creative superpowers to wow learners–no technical expertise required. With just one click, import SCORM courses, add videos, images and documents in any format to make training fun, engaging, and relevant.

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Files imports

You don't have to start from scratch. Add existing videos, images, and documents in any format to your course, with just one click.

Web-based files

Embed web-based files directly into your courses. Leverage existing resources that were created in Google documents and hundreds more, while keeping everything in sync.

Automatic subtitles

Improve training reach for all learners with AI-powered subtitles on desktop and mobile, or easily import your own subtitles.

SCORM import

Host and contextualize your existing eLearning catalog of SCORM courses without the hassle of content migration. Bulk import entire libraries of 1.2 and 2004 SCORM courses.

Wow learners, even without prior experience in instructional design

Ashley EmersonLearning and Development Manager
When I found 360Learning, I was blown away by how simple it was to create a course, and I loved that I could pick and choose from authoring tools like Vyond and Genially.

From SME To Author In A Day: How Michelin Built A Community Of Learning Champions

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Michelin case study illustration

Amplify the power of expertise with easy co–authoring


Traditional authoring tools force you to be a bottleneck. With L&D-controlled prompts, enable subject-matter experts to create, iterate and collaborate on high-quality courses with confidence.

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Give your courses the expert seal of approval. Easily add the right experts as co-authors to contribute and make edits to course content.

L&D-controlled prompts

Decentralize content creation to internal experts with confidence via customizable prompts that meet company requirements, pedagogical strategy, and company policies.

AI-powered authoring

Turn your experts into super-creators with AI-enabled automated question generation, recap suggestions, and content tagging.

Internal comments

No more lost pings and email chains. Enable authors to collaborate and provide feedback with a private forum directly in the course.

Create training at the speed of business with AI-powered authoring

Hakima B.Head of Communications
"AI-powered authoring makes content creation easier and saves us a lot of time. The outputs, content and rendering are very close to what we'd write ourselves."

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Set your teams up for success with precise assessments

Knowledge check

Creating engaging courses is useless if you can’t measure comprehension. With our AI-powered assessment technology, you can ensure important concepts are grasped, keep learners engaged, and reclaim your time!

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AI-powered question generator

Create courses faster with our AI-powered question generator that creates quizzes based on your content, all in a single click.


Present learners with a statement, include additional information or documents, and have them select if it’s true or false.

Single selection

Provide a single correct answer within multiple options. Choose to have answers display in random order for an extra challenge.

Multiple choice

Have learners select multiple correct answers from a list of options. You can choose to have answers display in random order.

Tailored assessments, faster, powered by generative AI

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