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Behind the numbers: How 360Learning delivers ROI

Simplify your L&D tech stack

Complexity was so 2019. 360Learning consolidates your L&D tech stack, bringing everything onto one platform: LMS, LXP, authoring tool, point solutions, Academies, you name it.

Say goodbye to costly content agencies

Save time and money with collaborative learning. 360Learning brings fast course creation in-house with an easy-to-use authoring tool, expert collaboration, and AI assistance.

Optimize costs through automation

360Learning makes it easy to digitize training and automate instructor-led training management to optimize your necessary training costs.

Make an immediate impact with off-the-shelf content

360Learning partners with off-the-shelf (OTS) content providers (Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, etc.) to help you deliver relevant training immediately.

Do more with the same team

360Learning allows L&D employees to automate admin tasks so everyone on your team can focus more on value-added initiatives.

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