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360Learning uses AI and collaborative features to turn your in-house experts into L&D collaborators, so you can upskill fast and continuously—all from within your own organization.

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You want a learning platform. Here’s why it should be collaborative.

360learning comp table
Traditional eLearning
Collaborative Learning
Course creation time
3 to 6 months
17 minutes
Course creation cost
Course creators
L&D Team only
Course completion
Mandatory Courses only
11 Daily activities/Learner
Self-directed learning
< 5%
Course relevance
Out-of-date within months
Stays up to date with learner feedback

Want more subject-matter experts on your team?

Want more subject-matter experts on your team?Download ebook
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Securing Your Success: Our Commitment to Data Protection


Certified with ISO 27001, our platform meets the highest standards for data security and management globally.


We are committed to complying with the requirements of regulations protecting personal data, with GDPR and the European authorities' guidelines as our first frame of reference, implemented by our DPO.


We utilize only ISO 27001-certified global hosting providers, ensuring your data is managed with integrity and in compliance with strict security standards.

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