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360Learning uses AI and collaborative features to turn your in-house experts into L&D collaborators, so you can upskill fast and continuously—all from within your own organization.

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Collaborative Learning

with the 360Learning LMS

Top-down eLearning

with a "modern" LMS


17 minutes

3 to 6 months



Instructional designers only





11 Daily activities per Learner

Mandatory Courses Only



< 5%


Stays up to date with learner feedback

Out-of-date within months

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Remove the headache of picking, integrating and running multiple learning solutions


Automate admin work and cut costs by 60%


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Certify employees on the latest policy and regulatory requirements.

HCM Sync

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Streamline the learning experience for employees and administrators.


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Schedule training sessions, increase fill rates & verify attendance digitally.


Enable client-facing teams to over perform

Mobile Advanced

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Provide frontline teams with shared device access, video evaluation & mobile content creation.


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Boost confidence and performance through Coaching.

Extended Enterprise

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Onboard new clients, partners & other non-employees in your 360Learning environment.

Software Adoption

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Turn your team into tool experts with interactive training experiences.


Make professional growth a pillar of your company's culture


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Make sure new employees hit the ground running and ramp-up quickly.

Curated Programs

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Give learners access to catalogs of best-in-class courses.

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Legacy platforms add "social" features, but we pioneered Collaborative Learning

HCM application leaders continue to evaluate a variety of approaches and tools for learning. Investments in more collaborative features: introducing more microlearning and video assets, including user-generated, utilizing gamification and beginning to use AI are steps designed to provide a more continuous learning environment. This shift is needed to address the pace of change, as L&D attempts to provide its employees and learners with more timely, meaningful and relevant content.

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Embracing Learning Organization ebook cover | 360LearningOnboarding playbook ebook cover | 360LearningWhat is Collaborative Learning?

Leading analysts believe in collaborative learning

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Over the last decade, 360Learning has built an amazing platform that enables any expert in your company to teach classes online without the burden of building complex content or even hiring an instructional designer.

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