Designed for the deskless workforce

Automate and manage relevant field training from one platform, on any device
Frontline staff training

Training and retaining frontline talent with collaborative learning

Traditional LMS

  • On- and offboarding admin takes too much time
  • Field-specific training slow to create
  • Access to training is difficult
  • Dated, clunky user experience
  • Frontline teams disengaged and disconnected from HQ

... with 360Learning 

  • Streamlined user management and flexible provisioning
  • Relevant training designed for the field in minutes
  • Access at point of need, from any device, shared or offline
  • Delightful, mobile-first UX
  • Everyone connected via a collaborative custom app

How Bergerat Monnoyeur decreased training deployment time by 67% while increasing relevance for field teams

Mathieu TournadeManager of the Bergerat Monnoyeur Academy
"360Learning allows us to quickly deploy tutorials to our 800 technicians, improving the satisfaction of our customers."

Powerful mobile-first learning experiences for your frontline teams

Automate processes
Connect with the field
Personalize training
Delight frontline staff
Empower field managers
Monitor performance
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Go from onboarding to upskilling–without increasing headcount

Automate & collaborate

Onboarding and retaining new hires is hard. Onboarding and retaining deskless new hires is harder. Connect with the field and future-proof frontline training with automated and collaborative processes.

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Frontline training - automate processes
HCM integrations

You can’t skip over on- and offboarding admin, but you can remove the manual steps: sync employee data from your HR system and automate any journey based on your unique setup.

User provisioning

Import users one-by-one, by CSV import, or let deskless learners self register using a magic link.

User management

Setting up permissions for a dispersed workforce is frustrating and time consuming. Dynamic user settings make it easy to deliver the right training to the right learners, wherever they are.

Custom fields

Assign unlimited custom fields to your frontline staff that reflect internal data to optimize tracking, training assignment and building reports.

How Socotec increased time-to-productivity of new employees by 30%

Sébastien BotinHR Director
"360Learning has allowed us to significantly reduce onboarding time for new employees. My team freed up 800 billable days."

Beat the odds–and the quit rate–from day one

Mobile-first UX

Struggling to connect with your deskless teams? Equip your learners to train effectively from day one with a delightful mobile-first UX. Be top of mind with bite-sized gamified training at the point of need.

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Frontline traning - learner UX
Mobile login

Learners can log in from their phone with an ID or phone number, eliminating the need for an email address.

Modern UX/UI

Woo your deskless teams with a mobile-first Instagram-like experience that keeps them coming back.

Custom app

Immerse deskless teams in your universe with a fully branded app. Design a learning space that will reinforce your identity with your own logo, name, splash screen & in-app color.

Collaborative learning

Deskless teams feeling disconnected from HQ? Bring your culture to life by creating opportunities for them to connect in meaningful and collaborative ways via a newsfeed, forums, and micro-interactions.

How Buffalo Grill is engaging their remote workforce

Nadine JOUYL&D Project Manager
"With 360learning, we can offer courses that are short, relevant, and fun. Our learners are always happy to connect!"

Turn frontline managers into learning champions

Coaching on mobile

Frontline managers know their teams best. Empower them to effectively support their deskless teams with automation, instant feedback capabilities, dashboards and more–at their fingertips via the app.

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Frontline training - coaching on mobile
Video coaching

Capitalize on the coach’s expertise. Give deskless teams ample practice opportunities with video assessments via the app and empower them to do their best work.

1:1 coach feedback

In our 1:1 async forum, each coach reviews their team's submissions and provides expert guidance in their own time.

In-app collaboration

Boost field performance by creating a collaborative learning environment. Allow deskless learners to ask questions and share best practices using text, photo, or video wherever they are.

Real-time data

Frontline managers can view progress in real time and drill down to completion data by cohort, learner, or course directly from the app.

How Gardline achieved a 2x increase in training reach for its frontline teams in remote locations

Tim HumphreysClient Reporting Survey Support Manager
"With 360Learning, we can offer blended training and train our teams at sea, enabling us to quickly deploy new processes."

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