360Learning Corporate Social Responsibility Charter
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360Learning Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

How this Charter works

360Learning exists as part of a larger system of people, values, and obligations. We take these values and obligations seriously, and adhere to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and ethical conduct. This Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter (the Charter) explains exactly how we do this.

Our values and how we live them

At 360Learning, we operate according to a clearly-defined set of values.


Our Convexity culture is at the heart of everything we do. Convexity is our teamwork system to deliver exponential impact, implement low authority, and promote a fully flexible lifestyle for people. We use Convexity to divide responsibilities into subsets that are Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive (MECE), place high expectations for people to succeed, and keep everyone on track with transparency and accountability.

Our 13 Convexity pillars are: 

  • Impact; 
  • Low Authority; 
  • Your Life, Your Way;
  • Rational Thinking; 
  • High Accountability; 
  • Transparency; 
  • Benevolence; 
  • Hiring Up; 
  • Repeatable Solutions; 
  • Personal Growth; 
  • Continuous Feedback; 
  • Simplicity;
  • Prosperity. 

We put these pillars into action with our 13 Convexity guilds, and we assess each employee’s performance in upholding these values as part of our performance review process. We regularly recognize and celebrate contributions to Convexity culture.

Here are some words on Convexity from our CEO, Nick Hernandez:

“Convexity is how we scale our culture at 360Learning. It consists of 13 pillars, each with a guild of 360Learners who are responsible for measuring, improving, and adapting these pillars to suit new challenges and opportunities.. 

The first guild is Impact. As a tech company, we face a lot of constraints, and we are often tempted to limit our ambition according to these constraints. On the contrary, we must set goals for ourselves that are so ambitious that they may sound impossible at first: we want to achieve greater things than anyone could ever dream of. That’s why we must start all our thinking by defining the Impact we want to make. 

The second guild is Low Authority. Six years ago, we were talking about having a flat org chart. But that is not a goal in itself; it’s a tool to achieve a goal. That's why we evolved this goal into “low authority”. Today, Low Authority is here to remind us that real leaders don’t need to give orders, and that everyone is expected to lead. Yet, sometimes authority is needed due to a lack of anticipation, transparency, or alignment, or in an urgent situation where a top-down solution is needed. Our Low Authority guild is here to remind us that these situations are far from ideal, and should trigger a reflection on what has gone wrong. 

The third guild is Your Life, Your Way. At 360Learning, we build a working environment that is fully flexible. By focusing only on performance and impact, we guarantee that how, where, and when people work are not important factors. We’ve fully distributed ownership and fully let go of any micro-management. In short, you know what your goals are, and you can achieve them any way you want! 

Convexity is not only what I believe to be the ideal framework for work; it’s our secret weapon to achieve our biggest dreams at the fastest possible pace, and to completely rethink the way people learn from each other.”

The health, safety, and comfort of our teams

We respect the rights and dignity of every one of our employees, clients, and business partners, and are opposed to all forms of violence and abuse. We are committed to treating people with fairness, respect, and decency at all times. We reflect these commitments in HR policies supporting high employee satisfaction by providing optimal working conditions, a positive team environment, and opportunities for personal development and career advancement. 

The health, safety, and comfort of our 360Learners is our highest preoccupation. We are conscious of the impact of our actions on others, and we have a zero-tolerance approach for mistreatment, bullying, or harassment in any form in the workplace. 

Harassment is unwanted physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct that has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. Bullying is malicious or insulting behavior that can make a person feel vulnerable, undermined, or threatened. Constructive and reasonable criticism of a 360Learner’s performance or behavior will not amount to harassment or bullying on their own.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in every aspect of 360Learning, from our hiring and compensation practices to our choice of suppliers and business partners. As a global company, our teams consist of a mix of cultures and backgrounds. We put our employees first, and we are proud of our differences. We are an equal opportunity workplace, and we believe learning should include everyone.

We formalized our commitment to DE&I by joining The Mission French Tech Engagements Parité.  As part of this mission, we commit to formal training, gender-neutral job postings, equal gender company representation, female presence in governance, and support plans for employees returning from parental leave. We will measure our progress over the next year through our applicant tracking system via an anonymous and optional survey at time of employee application.

DEI is not owned by a single division or team at 360Learning.  Rather, we believe it is the responsibility of all of us to build an inclusive workplace to promote equity and attract a diverse workforce.  Our DEI Committee is made up of team members from across the company, spanning multiple teams and roles.  This group (among other things)  supports our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) on topics such as allyship for women in the workplace, providing resources for employees on movements for racial equality, promoting disability awareness, and by adopting inclusive hiring and remuneration practices. We also actively support key players like Simplon, who promote greater diversity and inclusivity within the coding community by making coding training more accessible for learners.

We are also committed to addressing the salary gap between men and women, increasing the number of women in senior positions at 360Learning, and supporting the maternity and paternity and second parent leave 360Learners need.

Our Convexity culture also gives us a framework for nurturing and celebrating the different skills, experiences, and backgrounds people bring with them when they join us. We use communication channels to create communities of support and amplify minority voices.

Sustainable development and environmental Convexity

We are committed to sustainable development, environmental responsibility, and protecting the natural world. Beyond guiding our commitments to each other, our Convexity culture also guides our environmental commitments. This means being accountable for the impact our actions have on the environment and climate, reporting transparently on this impact, and working proactively to limit our consumption of energy and natural resources.

We recognize that delivering SaaS products and running our in-person offices requires a lot of energy. That is why in early 2020, we joined Leaders for Climate Action and pledged to achieve carbon neutrality on behalf of our organization. We work towards this neutrality by calculating our carbon emissions, reducing these emissions as much as possible, and offsetting unavoidable emissions through climate-related projects. For example, in 2020 we invested in two such projects: planting biodiverse forests in Panama (the equivalent of 459 tons of CO2), and supporting the availability of clean drinking water in Madagascar (the equivalent of 456 tons of CO2).

We strive to reduce environmental waste, and consume resources as efficiently as possible. Where possible, we try to avoid unnecessary travel, including hosting remote events as opposed to in-person events.

Business ethics

We conduct business with integrity, respect to human rights, and the highest level of professional business ethics. We promote safety and fair dealing with all people and organizations, and we treat our clients, customers, and business partners with dignity and respect. 

We uphold the principles and requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and respect the privacy of our clients, customers, business partners, and employees. We collect, store, and use data in a manner consistent with the requirements of the GDPR.

All 360Learning employees are expected to act in the best interests of 360Learning, and should endeavor to avoid situations that directly or indirectly create (or appear to create) a conflict of interest between their personal interests and the interests of 360Learning. If any 360Learner believes they have a potential conflict of interest, they should speak with their coach or manager and seek advice on how to manage this conflict.

Our expectations for supplier and business partner conduct

At 360Learning, we expect our suppliers and business partners to provide safe working conditions, treat their employees with dignity and respect, act fairly and ethically, and use environmentally responsible practices when they provide services or support for 360Learning. Where suppliers and business partners are shown to be falling short of these expectations, 360Learning may reassess its relationship with these suppliers or partners.

Your obligations to report your concerns

Any 360Learner with any concerns regarding a breach of this Charter or any other 360Learning policy, or any illegal or unethical behavior, can and must raise these concerns with their coach or manager, a member of senior management, or with our People team. 

Where tricky situations arise that are not easily categorized in light of the principles and expectations outlined by this Charter, 360Learners should consider their conduct and that of others according to the following questions: 

  • Is it ethical? 
  • Is it legal?
  • Is it consistent with the values of 360Learning?

If you have questions

360Learners who have questions related to the content of this Charter or any other 360Learning policy can bring them up for discussion with our People team by emailing contact@360learning.com.