From rookie to expert

Onboard your new joiners to success in no time
Onboard your new joiners to success in no time

The new paradigm of onboarding

Onboarding the old way

  • Ad hoc, inconsistent, generic
  • Boring and lonely file scrolling
  • In-person logistics are a bottleneck

... with 360Learning 

  • Automated yet role specific
  • Active, meaningful engagement
  • Blended and self-guided learning

Best-in-class onboarding experiences powered by collaborative learning

Automate processes
Personalize onboarding
Reduce ramp-up time
Instill human connection

How Aircall Onboards 40 New Hires a Month With One Full-Time L&D Manager

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Don’t let onboarding new joiners slow down the business

Automate & decentralize

Tired of onboarding busywork and chasing down hiring managers? Stop reinventing the wheel with every cohort of new joiners. Future-proof your onboarding–and your business–with automated and decentralized processes.

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Automate & decentralize onboarding
HCM integrations

No more manual adding of new hires one by one: sync employee data from your HR system and automate any onboarding journey based on your unique setup.

User management

Setting up the right permissions across cohorts of new joiners is frustrating and time consuming. Dynamic user settings make it easy to deliver the right training to the right learners from day one.

Project collaboration

Collaborate with business managers to align on and create cohort-specific onboarding experiences–all within the project workspace.

Collaborative authoring tool

Decentralize course creation to speed up the creation process and maximize relevance. Our award-winning authoring tool comes with many rich editing possibilities, and can be used by anyone without training.

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Ashley EmersonGlobal L&D Manager
"360Learning is uniting learning across our global organization for the first time, saving managers countless hours of onboarding."

Don’t leave onboarding to chance

Custom onboarding programs

Stop assuming new joiners will just figure it out. Woo your new employees with personalized onboarding experiences that will help them connect the dots faster and reduce their ramp-up time. 

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Your new joiners have unique learning needs that vary based on their role, tenure, and location. Scale your onboarding with role-specific paths.

Automated enrollment

Learners are automatically enrolled in next activities until the end of the onboarding path.

Online courses

Add any number of courses to a path, including ones that were created in the platform, SCORM, or through an off-the-shelf content provider.

Instructor-led training

Make the most use of in-person time, and opt for onsite or virtual sessions for hands-on discussions and deep dives.

How Socotec increased time-to-productivity of new employees by 30%

Sébastien BotinHR Director
"360Learning has allowed us to significantly reduce onboarding time for new employees. My team freed up 800 billable days."

Put culture first and retention will soar

Instill human connection

Worried about retention? Onboarding is more than just getting new joiners to read through some documents. Bring your culture to life by creating opportunities for new joiners to connect with the right people in meaningful and collaborative ways.

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Put culture first and retention will soar
In-person sessions

Instill a sense of belonging by connecting new joiners to peers, coaches and mentors telling their stories.


New joiners need a space to connect. Allow learners to share their questions and successes at group level using any format.


Top-down training is disengaging. Leverage the power of collaborative learning with activity-level forums to connect new joiners with in-house experts.


Don’t let irrelevant or outdated onboarding jeopardize new joiner–and business–success. Enable learners to give real-time one-click feedback like "I learned something" or "This is outdated."

99% of new joiners at AlphaSights find digital onboarding to be highly intuitive

Valerie ChanSenior Professional Development Associate
"360Learning ensures every training–even when run by a business unit–meets our quality, brand, and compliance standards."

Recognized by customers and industry leaders alike

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The Onboarding Playbook we swear by

Onboarding playbook ebook cover | 360Learning

The Onboarding Playbook we swear by

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