Training & Learning

calculators representing L&D data

Increasing L&D’s Value: Using Data to Build Skills With Laura Paramoure

We explore how using data effectively in L&D is essential for planning for and measuring impact.

David James
David JamesChief Learning Officer, 360Learning
Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis: Find Learning Needs the Right Way

Learn how to conduct a training needs analysis the right way. See how a bottom-up approach is the best way to discover what employee training is needed.

Frederique CampbellContent Lead UK, 360Learning
employee coaching

2024 Employee Coaching Guide for Teams and L&D Leaders

Learn how to set up an employee coaching program in your company. This guide shows how to coach employees and shares real workplace coaching examples.

Tom Baragwanath
Tom BaragwanathGlobal Head of Content, 360Learning
water drop representing untapped L&D strategies

9 Untapped Learning and Development Strategies Your Companies Should Try

Not getting much traction from your current learning and development strategy? Here’s a few ways to make upskilling more appealing to employees.

Skai Dalziel
Skai DalzielCo-Founder of Guusto

Why Employee Offboarding Matters In 2024

Everything you need to know about employee offboarding. Learn how to optimize your employee offboarding process. Why it matters, key elements, and benefits.

Tom Baragwanath
Tom BaragwanathGlobal Head of Content, 360Learning
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Building Credible and Impactful L&D: Forget the Get-Rich-Quick Buzzwords

We discuss how L&D is evolving with expert insights on impactful practices, emerging roles, and advice for creating meaningful change in your organization

David James
David JamesChief Learning Officer, 360Learning

5 Examples of Successful Learning and Development Programs

We explore five examples of transformative learning and development programs in leading global companies

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn HoContent Lead US, 360 Learning

What’s Hot in L&D: Exploring the Global Sentiment Survey with Donald H. Taylor

We explore 2024’s top L&D trends with insights from the Global Sentiment Survey and how to leverage the survey to better your L&D practice

David James
David JamesChief Learning Officer, 360Learning

Back to Basics: Impactful and Frictionless Skills-Based L&D

We discuss how L&D leaders can drive impact through skills-based learning and addressing workflow challenges for career growth.

David James
David JamesChief Learning Officer, 360Learning
360Learning AI-powered course authoring capabilities

The Guide to AI-Powered Course Authoring & Collaborative Learning

Expectations for L&D leaders have never been higher. That's why we developed AI-powered authoring features to make it fast and convenient to publish and iterate impactful courses for your organization.

Caroline Solis Wright
Caroline Solis WrightVP of Marketing, 360Learning
sand castle representing upskilling sandbox

Upskilling Sandboxes: How to Develop a Strategic Approach to Generative AI in L&D

We explore the current and potential use cases of generative AI in L&D, from strategic integration to innovative upskilling and analysis methods

David James
David JamesChief Learning Officer, 360Learning
thumbs representing pros and cons of AI

Pros and Cons: Best Practices For AI-Generated Content In L&D

Unlock the potential of AI-generated content in L&D. Explore the benefits and pitfalls, and learn how to make the most of it.

Grace LauDirector of Growth Content, Dialpad