David James
David James
Chief Learning Officer, 360Learning

Lively and Disagreeable: A Debate on L&D Strategies With Nick Shackleton-Jones and Guy Wallace

Gabrielle Bayme interviews L&D thought leaders Nick Shackleton-Jones and Guy Wallace about their different approaches to performance consulting in L&D.


Unlocking True L&D Value: 3 Collaborative Frameworks with Michelle Parry-Slater

In this L&D Podcast episode recap, David James speaks with Michelle Parry-Slater about her L&D Handbook, effective digital learning design, and three L&D strategy frameworks.


Reducing C-Suite Attrition: Supporting Executive Transitions with Navid Nazemian

David James speaks to Navid Nazemian about how 40% of executives fail during their transition and how learning and development can make an impact.


Guiding L&D Into Uncharted Waters: Leveraging Generative AI With Donald Clark

David James speaks to Donald Clark about ChatGPT and leveraging generative artificial intelligence into your learning and development strategy


The Data Game Matters: Leveraging Skills Intelligence With L&D Leader Peter Sheppard

David James speaks to Peter Sheppard about the skills data game and how skills can only be developed if they are understood in the context they are employed.


5 Experts Weigh In on Balancing Performance-Oriented and Professional Development in L&D

Guy Wallace and David James speak to five learning and development experts about the balance between performance-oriented and professional development L&D.


Growing Your Stakeholder Currency: A 3-Step Framework for Performance Analysis With Expert Judith Hale

In this episode recap, Guy Wallace and I speak with Judith Hale, Performance Improvement expert and thought leader, about her experience and approach to working with stakeholders and clients to impact performance outcomes.

L&D Podcast Recap - Teemu and Fredrik

Breaking Barriers: Inspirational L&D Stories From Teemu Lilja and Fredrik Peterson Herfindal

As an L&D leader, do you ever feel that you could be achieving more, but you feel trapped by the concrete expectations that your stakeholders harbor? In this L&D Podcast recap, Guy Wallace and David James sit down with Teemu Lilja and Fredrik Peterson Herfindal to speak about their pivot to performance at Swedish telecommunications company, Telia, and how this has led to incredible business impact.


Go Beyond Learning Metrics: Our 6-Step Expert Playbook for Proving Your L&D Impact 

It’s no longer enough to just ship courses and hope they make a difference in terms of building skills and solving problems. Learning metrics are a great start to evaluate this. But today, we need to go beyond them to prove our impact. Here’s step one of our six-step playbook for impactful L&D.


Accomplishment-Based L&D: An Expert Interview With Carl Binder

In this L&D Podcast recap, David James and co-hose Guy Wallace, sit down with Carl Binder, CEO of The Performance Thinking Network, to speak about his pivot to performance and his accomplishments-based Six Boxes® model.


The Bigger Picture: Mirjam Neelen’s 4 Tips on Aligning Stakeholders When Pivoting to Performance L&D

This week, David James and co-host, Guy Wallace, sit down with Mirjam Neelen, Head of Global Learning Design and Learning Sciences at Novartis, about the importance of understanding the bigger picture and her approaches to analysis, design, and stakeholder management.


The Problem With Off-The-Shelf L&D With Stewart Everson

In this L&D podcast recap, David James speaks with Stewart Everson, Manager of the National Bank Independent Network learning team, about whether off-the-shelf or canned L&D solutions can deliver impact for organizations.