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Without 360Learning, training your customers is repetitive and costly:

  • It relies solely on 1:1 training
  • User management takes hours each week
  • Charging customers for training is a hassle

Leverage 360Learning to create a customer training program at scale:

  • Custom, private academies created in minutes
  • Streamlined user management and flexible provisioning
  • End-to-end e-commerce connector

Do you want to transform the way you train your customers?

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Drive results with 360Learning

Clients are now onboarded and retrained faster than before, have a better training experience and require less resources from our teams. Our leadership was amazed by the results we achieved.

Hubert Ferreux

Services Director

Convert your learners into power users with custom academies

Launch academies in minutes

No more costly, repetitive 1:1 trainings. Quickly onboard and enable customers to realize value from day one with beautifully branded and endlessly customizable academies.

External learner is able to register for training with a link and gains access to a private group


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Personalize your customers' learning journey with private groups that have tailored elements such as banner images and welcome messages.


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Attract your customers to courses with custom cover images and descriptions.

Your Brand

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Reinforce your brand throughout the learning journey by adding your company logo and customizing your URL to reflect your brand.


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Provide a custom URL for each group within the learning platform.

Improve customer satisfaction through customer training

The 360Learning solution is at the heart of our training strategy. It is an ideal solution for modern training organizations looking to put digital training at the service of revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Laurent Vidal


Manage users at scale with automation and flexible provisioning

Automate the customer journey

Each customer is unique but you can’t manage them one-by-one. Deliver a customized experience at scale with group hierarchies. Organize users, set visibility rules, and share content dynamically. New users? Have them register to their group with a magic link.

Admin shares magic link for learners to sign up and manages large amount of external training registrants.

Private Groups

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Easily segment your customers into relevant groups or sub-groups equipped with flexible confidentiality settings to ensure privacy

Content Management

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Share and adapt any course from one group to another to best fit the needs across all of your customers

User Management

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Platform and group admins can assign user admins at the group level to invite, delete, and manage users within their group, without the additional admin rights.

User Provisioning

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Import users one-by-one, by CSV import, or let learners self register using a magic link, eliminating the need for their email address

Train your customers with a path made just for them—in no time at all!

Training with 360Learning combines agility and commitment, allowing us to deliver the right training content, at the right time and in the right way to foster a unique customer experience in each of our stores around the world.

Florian Des Garets

Florian Des Garets

Product Marketing Manager

Let your customers effortlessly browse and purchase your training

Drive revenue through customer training and education

Turn your customer training into a revenue stream with our end-to-end e-commerce integration.

Payment Processor

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Seamlessly collect payments and account for revenue from your trainings

Course Catalog

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Customers can browse through your course offerings and purchase the trainings

Usage Tracking

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Stay on top of what courses your customers are taking

Custom Reporting

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Create reporting and custom dashboards by pulling usage stats related to users, courses, and programs directly into your CRM or BI tool.

Drive customer results

At Galeries Lafayette, we believe that technology is here to simplify and humanize the relationship with our customers. This is why we chose 360Learning, and we have not been disappointed: our course completion rates are above 90% across the board!

Isabelle Boisard

ex-Academy Director

Recognized for excellence in customer training

We're honored to be selected as one of eLearning Industry's top softwares for Extended Enterprise.

Level up your customer training efforts

Transform the way you train your customers