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Compliance training done differently
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Automate and manage mandatory training and retraining

Compliance training the old way

  • All-consuming and repetitive
  • Only generic off-the-shelf content
  • Never-ending chasing
  • Unglamourous, a reputational nightmare
  • Manual tracking in spreadsheets

... with 360Learning 

  • Automated, room for rewarding work
  • Custom training created in minutes
  • Automated reminders
  • High completion and relevance scores
  • Comprehensive audit-proof reporting

How MarketFinance is driving compliance by upskilling from within

Dinu Popa AML / Financial Crime Lead
"With 360Learning, we've been able to leverage in-house expertise to reduce our dependence on external content providers."

Compliance training done differently

Automate compliance tasks
Engage internal experts
Drive completion rates
Increase knowledge retention
Avoid compliance risks
Monitor performance
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Bring compliance under one roof

Automate & collaborate

Spending too much time juggling safety, legal, and company requirements? Mix and match your mandatory training for maximum impact. Future-proof your compliance training catalog with custom and off-the-shelf content. Keep it all up-to-date easily as regulations or policies evolve.

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Compliance training  - Automate & collaborate
Custom paths
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Compliance requirements vary based on learners’ role, tenure, and location. Scale your mandatory training with custom paths and make it easy for learners to keep track of their compliance obligations.

Standard compliance training
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No need to reinvent the wheel. Integrate off-the-shelf content for all your generic compliance needs. Curate and contextualize within your custom paths.

SCORM courses
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Leverage your existing training by embedding SCORM modules directly in the platform, and better measure the impact.

Company-specific training
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Create hyper relevant company-specific training, like workplace knowledge and hiring practices, with the help of your internal experts.

Project collaboration
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Coordinating stakeholders shouldn’t be your full-time job. Collaborate with teams to identify training gaps. Align on and create custom mandatory training experiences–all within the project workspace.

Collaborative authoring tool
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Our award-winning authoring tool will transform the way you do compliance training. Engage internal experts to co-create relevant courses fast!

Intelligence of the crowd
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Tired of keeping up with constantly changing regulations? Mitigate risks by enabling learners to give real-time one-click feedback like "I didn’t get it" or "This is outdated."

How urbanbubble built a strong curriculum for mandatory trainings through a mix of off-the-shelf and in-house content

Louisa Dentith L&D Manager
"One of the main advantages with 360Learning is the just-in-time element. We can immediately act on any learner feedback."

Automate away compliance risks

Automate & track

Manual tracking in spreadsheets, never-ending chasing. Sound familiar? You can’t skip over compliance admin, but you can remove the manual steps. Orchestrate compliance training end-to-end, with automated enrollment, reminder notifications and comprehensive audit-proof reporting.

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Compliance training - Automate & track
Custom fields
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Slice and dice your learners’ data. Add unlimited custom fields to learners that reflect internal data to optimize training assignment, tracking and report building.

Custom filters
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Zero in on specific audiences with powerful and dynamic audience targeting using different filter options. You can filter by learner, group, role, location, or any predefined custom fields.

Dynamic groups
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Deliver the right training to the right learners at the right time. Create dynamic groups with any number of custom filters. Assign training dynamically to defined learner audiences.

Automated enrollment
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Enroll learners automatically when they meet the defined criteria, like when their certificate expires. Any learners added or removed from the group will be automatically (un)enrolled from the session.

In-person training scheduling
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Buried in spreadsheets, calendar invites, and pings? Remove the headache of repetitive, error-prone tasks. Schedule any number of live trainings, in person or virtual, in a few clicks.

Audit-proof attendance
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Capture attendance without tedious roll calling and the hassle of manual data entry. ​​Learner check-in comes with an e-signature. Check-in data can be downloaded to a fully audit-proof PDF.

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Provide learners with proof of being compliant.

Certificate expiration alerts
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Set a validity period for a certificate, and get automated notifications when it expires.

Real-time data
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View progress in real time and drill down to completion data by cohort, learner, or course.

Customized reports
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Audit-proof your compliance training with instant visibility into who is up to date with certification. Access and export precise and actionable data on global stats of your groups and subgroups.

Automated reports
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Take action and send reminders from automated weekly email performance reports.

Course dashboard
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Leverage reporting that includes the Relevance score and Reactions to future-proof your compliance training.

BioZyme is using dashboard & assessment tools to monitor mandatory training

Avens Ridgeway Organizational Developer
"With 360Learning we can now closely monitor training progression of our teams throughout the supply chain."

Put your learners first and knowledge retention will soar

Learner experience

Is your compliance training just ticking a box, or is it helping learners make the right decisions in moments that matter? Increase learner engagement and knowledge retention with an interactive and gamified experience, lowering the risk of non-compliant behavior.

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Compliance training - Learner experience
Engaging formats
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Our authoring tool comes with rich editing capabilities. With just one click, add videos, images and documents in any format to make your mandatory training fun and engaging.

Knowledge checks
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Measure comprehension and ensure important concepts are grasped. Keep learners engaged with a wide variety of question types.

Collaborative learning
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Provide space for meaningful interactions with activity-level forums and enable learners to give real-time one-click feedback like "I learned something" or "This is outdated."

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Make mandatory training engaging and keep your learners motivated with gamification. Celebrate learners' milestones with achievements.

Time limit
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Learners are required to complete a mandatory course within a specified time? Set the time limit, i.e. the minimum or maximum amount of time a learner has to complete a course.

Number of attempts
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Limit the number of attempts a learner has to complete a mandatory course.

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Ensure knowledge retention with assessments throughout the learning experience.

Mobile learning
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Your learners need the flexibility to access mandatory training at the point of need. With our mobile app, learners have access to critical information wherever they are.

Multilingual support
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Don’t let key concepts get lost in translation. Deliver mandatory training to all learners, no matter where they are or their cultural background.

HOP! TRAINING provides regulatory training to aviation professionals across the world, with 99% completion rate

Valentin Denais eLearning Project Engineer
"As learners got to know 360Learning, they quickly realized that training on mobile devices was much more flexible."

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