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360Learner Journey Compensation

Why We Don’t Negotiate Salaries at 360Learning

At 360Learning, our salaries are calculated, not negotiated. It's all part of our culture of Convexity. In this post, we'll explain why our policy of transparency is so important to us, and how not negotiating salaries contributes to our environment of trust and accountability.

Nicholas Wagner

Chief People & Culture Officer, 360Learning


We’d Like to Thank the Academy: Onboarding Joei is an Official 2021 Webby Honoree!

Big news: our original docu-series Onboarding Joei has been selected as an honoree in the 2021 Webby Awards! In this post, we'll take a second to reflect on what the show has meant to us at 360Learning, and show just how much we appreciate our community of fans.

Joei Chan

Content Director, 360Learning

Women's History Month Ideas

Women's History Month Ideas: How Our DE&I Team Brought Them to Life

Collaborative Learning is a great way for a company to live up to their values of diversity, equity, & inclusion. For Women's History Month, we tried it out.


Audrey Jarre

Senior Learning Manager

360Learner Journey

Onboarding, Ramp-Up, and Beyond: What You Can Expect From the 360Learner Journey

It can be hard to know what to expect from a new job before you start. Well, we want to give you a taste of what the 360Learner Journey really looks like. From onboarding to ramp-up and beyond, come and see how our philosophy of Collaborative Learning guides everything we do.

Nicholas Wagner

Chief People & Culture Officer, 360Learning

Write for us

How to Submit a Guest Post to 360Learning

Want to write for the 360Learning blog? Here are our guidelines and everything else you’ll need to get started.

Robin Nichols

Robin Nichols

Managing Editor at 360Learning

New Advisor Guillaume Vives

Guillaume Vives Created a New Market Category With Zuora’s Subscription Economy–Now, He’s Helping Us Do the Same

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of Guillaume Vives as an Advisor to the 360Learning team. Guillaume has achieved great things with Zuora, including helping to build the Subscription Economy space. Now, he's here to do the same with Collaborative Learning.

caroline solis

Caroline Solis

Product Marketing Director, 360Learning


How 360Learning uses Trello for Collaboration

Collaboration is baked into our workflows, and it’s all run on Trello.

Amanda Rollins

Brand & Content Manager, 360Learning

G2 Winter Reports

The G2 Winter Reports Are Out - 360Learning is a Leader in Every Learning at Work Category 

G2's 2021 Winter Reports are here: 360Learning has been named the #1 LXP on the market and recognized as a leader in every Learning at Work category. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Tom Baragwanath

Tom Baragwanath

Senior Content Editor, 360Learning

2020 highlights

Challenge, Connection, Collaboration: The 360Learning 2020 Highlight Reel

2020 has been a weird year. Join us as we take a look through our 15 favorite posts from the 360Learning blog, and celebrate the moments of connection and collaboration.

Tom Baragwanath

Tom Baragwanath

Senior Content Editor, 360Learning

360Learning Secures $41 Million in Funding to Accelerate Growth in North American and the UK

We're super excited. And proud. And excited.

Amanda Rollins

Brand & Content Manager, 360Learning

Watch now

Onboarding Joei | Week #13, The review (part 2)

All good things come to an end.

Nicolas Merlaud

360Studio, 360Learning

How We Use Peer Learning to Keep Our Company’s Competitive Edge

We don’t just preach the benefits of collaborative learning—we live them.

Nicholas Wagner

Chief People & Culture Officer, 360Learning