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Guillaume Vives

Congratulations, G! Ex-Zuora CPO Guillaume Vives Joins 360Learning as Chief Product and Technology Officer

We're thrilled to announce that Guillaume Vives is joining the 360Learning team as Chief Product and Technology Officer. Guillaume has achieved great things with Zuora, including building the Subscription Economy space. Now, he's here to take collaborative learning to the enterprise level.

Genevieve Carbone
Genevieve Carbone Director of Product Marketing, 360Learning
Celebrating one year of 360Learning in Germany

From the Alps to the North Sea - We’re celebrating one year of 360Learning in Germany

Friederike Haerter
Friederike Haerter Content Lead Germany | 360Learning

Automation, Efficiency, Simplicity: Why 360Learning is Betting Big on AI for L&D

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of AI lately, you’ve heard it all. So, should we in L&D pop the champagne, or sound the alarm? In this article, we show you why we at 360Learning decided the bet big on AI, and how our early investments are already paying dividends through innovations like our new AI-powered question generator: QGen.

Yuhua Li
Yuhua Li Senior Product Manager, AI

Tailored Content, Faster: Introducing QGen, Powered by Generative AI

Creating quizzes is hard, especially when you're pressed for time. In this article, we introduce you to QGen, a new 360Learning feature powered by generative AI. It's been designed to help you automatically create any type of question based on training content—all in just a single click.

Yuhua Li
Yuhua Li Senior Product Manager, AI
360Learning data journey pipeline

360Learning’s Data Journey: Building A Resilient & Cost-Effective Pipeline

At 360Learning, we're on a mission to incorporate more sources of data into the heart of our company. Here's a deep dive into our data journey in 2022.

Guillaume Vibert Software Architect, 360Learning
Tech recruitment at 360Learning

Choose Your Own 360Learning Tech Adventure: Is Ours the Workplace You've Been Looking For?

In this article, we’ll show you what our tech recruiters will ask candidates at an interview, and provide you with a decision tree to help you assess if our culture is a good fit for you.

Eva Perrin
Eva Perrin Tech Talent Acquisition Manager, 360Learning
An architectural structure representing 360Learning's software team

APIs, Squads, and More: Your Guide to Life As a 360Learning Software Architect

In this article, we explore what it’s like to be a Software Architect at 360Learning.

Photo of Thierry Lalande
Thierry Lalande Software Architect - Remote, 360Learning
Talented Candidates Demand a Transparent Workplaces–Here's How We Deliver

Talented Candidates Demand a Transparent Workplace–Here's How We Deliver

Our transparent culture reinforces trust and open communication between peers and coaches, while strengthening relationships and collaboration. Here’s how we live our commitment to transparency at 360Learning.

Caroline Stewart
Caroline Stewart Talent Acquisition Manager EMEA, 360Learning
‘The Only Time Learning Was More Fun than Hacking the LMS’: My First 100 Days as a 360Learning Architect

‘The Only Time Learning Was More Fun than Hacking the LMS’: My First 100 Days as a 360Learning Architect

In this 360Learner profile, we hear from Guillaume Vibert, Software Architect, about all the highs and lows of his first 100 days–and what he didn’t expect.

Tom Baragwanath
Tom Baragwanath Global Head of Content, 360Learning
Market launch Germany | 360Learning

Hallo Collaborative Learning! 360Learning Launches a New Home Market: Germany 

360Learning has arrived in Germany! We’re here to continue our mission to provide German companies with a head start thanks to collaborative learning.

Friederike Haerter
Friederike Haerter Content Lead Germany | 360Learning
Upskill From Within

The Answers Are Right Here: Upskill From Within and Get Up to Speed With Your Next Big New Idea

Today, we're celebrating everything great about peer-driven learning and showing how you can get up to speed on your next big idea with a little help from your neighbors. And we want to hear your Upskill From Within stories too!

Joei Chan Director of Brand & Content, 360Learning
360Learning New Director Caroline Gaffney

Insights and Experience: A Warm Welcome to Tech Leader Caroline Gaffney, our New Independent Board Member

We started 2022 with a bang by acquiring Looop–now, we're here with more great news to share. We're welcoming the wonderful Caroline Gaffney to our board of directors! Come and get to know her in 5 questions.

Nick Hernandez CEO, 360Learning