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360Learning Partners with Skill Collective To Lead The Skill-Based Learning Movement

Job-based organizations are facing a serious challenge. Rapid technological advancements and the AI race are widening skills gaps at an unprecedented rate, making it difficult for businesses with top-down hierarchy to catch up without spending countless resources or restructuring their entire workforce. 

The shortening shelf-life of skills means that businesses can't simply hire their way out of skills shortages like before. To stay in the game, they need to upskill their existing talent.

But at the rate technology is evolving, it’s impossible to manually upskill workforces at scale.

What does this mean for L&D teams? Moving from role-based workforce development to skills-based learning is no longer a matter of if, but when and how. Today, AI solutions and collaborative learning have a crucial role to play in preparing for and executing a successful shift to becoming a skills-based organization.

But not everybody is ready to make the jump to skills-based L&D at this stage. Simply identifying skills gaps is not enough, organizations need to be able bridge them effectively. 

An effective transition requires not just new processes, but a deeper understanding of where your L&D strategy stands now, and what your talent needs to succeed tomorrow.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Skill Collective, to help client organizations streamline this transition and achieve truly impactful skills-based L&D. Our shared mission is to:

  • Make sure that organizations are fully prepared and optimized for this transition before launching a skill-first approach across the entire organization.
  • In doing so, streamline the adoption and maximize the value of our Skills by 360Learning solution.

Why are we partnering with Skill Collective?

As skills-based learning gains traction, organizations have shifted from philosophical discussions to practical implementation. 

Yet many are still making critical decisions without aligning with the actual issues the business needs to solve, resulting in wasted resources, fragmented ecosystems, and inconsistent employee experiences.

This has led to an urgent need for expert guidance on how to initiate, experiment, scale, and optimize skills for the organization’s specific needs. 

Skill Collective is a leading consultancy with a proven track record in helping global companies become skills-powered organizations. They advise and accompany both vendor and enterprise organizations in understanding their current skill maturity, and how to use the latest skills technology and strategy as a competitive business accelerator.

As the pioneer in collaborative learning, at 360Learning we help more than 2,300+ organizations solve the talent shortage by fostering internal mobility and turning their experts into champions for employee, customer, and partner growth. 

Our market-leading platform combines AI-powered LMS and LXP capabilities coupled with collaborative Academies. After acquiring eLamp in 2023, we’ve launched Skills by 360Learning to help organizations onboard, train, and upskill their workforces faster than ever. 

This partnership with Skill Collective enables us to closely cater to organizations who require a more mature skills strategy and solution, or require support and guidance to simply initiate and get started with skills at their organization, including software and professional services. In addition to deep skills expertise, Skill Collective also brings cultural and strategic business proficiency to better support client organizations in France, DACH, UK, and North America.

Our complementary capabilities enable businesses to target and acquire proprietary and external skills, including those that have been previously overlooked or misunderstood, which is a game-changing advantage for companies.

What our partnership with Skill Collective entails 

We are offering Skills Advisory & Consulting services as follows: 

  • Skills Strategy & Transformation: Enabling organizations to overcome industry wide confusion and inertia, whether that is to simply start a skills journey or to optimize the path already taken. 
  • Skills Workshops for L&D Practitioners: Build confidence within L&D teams of all sizes to develop organizational readiness for skills initiatives. 
  • Business Readiness & Stakeholder Alignment: Igniting genuine enthusiasm for skills transformation by addressing real challenges and delivering measurable strategic value
  • Skill Simplification & Governance: Providing clarity in the intricate realm of skills, competencies and capabilities, unraveling the complexity to reveal a clear roadmap
  • Skills & Technology Ecosystem Design: Harnessing technology investments for optimized interoperability, best-in-class user experience, and maximum return on investment
  • Skills-Powered Workforce Planning: Leveraging proprietary skills data to propel organizations towards becoming a skills-powered enterprise

Ready to kick off skills-based L&D at your organization?

Through our partnership with Skill Collective, we’re excited to bring specific, in-demand solutions to the skills market, helping organizations of all sizes achieve the skills transformations required to win.

The future of AI and skill-based technology for workforce development is certain to see even great advancements in the coming years, and this collaboration will support organizations to bring them to the forefront of this exciting industry.

For a closer look at how Skills by 360Learning can help your organization become a skills-powered one, get in touch with us below. To learn more about Skill Collective, click here.

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