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On 360Learning, workers who train on both desktop and mobile play 70% more courses.

The best plug & play mobile learning app powered by Collaborative Learning

iOS & Android Apps
Cross-Platform Catalog
Offline Mode
Push Notifications
Modern UX/UI
Collaborative Learning
Mobile Advanced
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No more worrying about devices or signals


Don't let technology get in the way of learning. Give your learners the tools to take learning with them wherever they go.

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Mobile learning wherever you are
iOS & Android Apps

Enable learners to start, stop, and continue learning from mobile to desktop and back again.

Cross-Platform Catalog

No time to worry about creating mobile learning content? You don't need to. Create courses once and access them immediately on any device.

Offline Mode

No signal? No problem. Learners can continue learning, even offline.

Stats Sync

Even when your learners learn offline, nothing gets lost. All activities are monitored, and stats are synced when learners reconnect.

Training frontline teams with mobile-first needs? We got you covered.

Discover Mobile Advanced

Win the war for attention


Are learners hitting snooze on your training initiatives? Make mobile learning lively, engaging, and delightful with 360Learning. Enable your learners to learn in the flow of work.

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First-class mobile experience
Modern UX/UI

Woo your learners with a modern Instagram-like experience that keeps them learning. Bring Collaborative Learning anywhere with the latest consumer grade mobile standards.

Push Notifications

Don’t risk losing your learners to generic emails. Capture your learners’ attention with highly relevant push notifications.


Make learning fun and keep your learners motivated with a Leaderboard, and achievements for learners and authors.

Challenge Mode

Encourage healthy competition between learners to complete courses first with the highest score.

More learning with mobile learning

On 360Learning, learners who learn on both web and mobile play 70% more courses.

More learning with mobile learning

Create a space to connect and collaborate on the go


Struggling to make learning on the go into a habit? Put human interaction first, and your learners will keep coming back.

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Collaboration on mobile

Mobile learning can feel lonely. Leverage the power of Collaborative Learning on mobile with activity-level forums at the heart of the app to ask questions and get answers in real-time.


Reactions at activity level drive engagement and enable learners to give actionable course feedback wherever they are.


Learners need a space to connect. Allow learners to share their questions and successes using text, photo, or video.


Allow users to upvote comments within the discussion forum on the go. The most upvoted comments stay at the top of the feed, keeping key information front and center.

Go further with our Mobile Advanced solution


Training frontline teams? Our Mobile Advanced solution is designed for deskless populations in retail, manufacturing and field sales. Equip your frontline teams for success with video assessments, coaching from mobile, shared device mode, and much more.

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Mobile Advanced
Video Assessment

Practice makes perfect. Give learners ample opportunities by letting them take Video Assessments via the app - wherever they are.

Coaching on Mobile

Onsite managers know their teams best. Empower them with dashboards, instant feedback capabilities, and more - at their fingertips via the app.

Shared Mode

Learners sharing a device in locations with spotty internet? No problem. Courses are downloaded once for the whole team. Stats are recorded for individual learners.

Custom Mobile App

Celebrate your brand with end-to-end customization. From the App Store description to the login portal, design an environment that will reinforce your identity.

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