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Academy Manager

Launching a collaborative learning community doesn't have to take months: set up a branded custom academy in a few clicks. Leverage AI to curate learning programs from the web, or 3rd party libraries. Invite learners and you're set! With Academies, never decline a training initiative again.


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Provide a custom experience for each learning community. Academy pages have tailored elements like banner images, welcome messages, and email invitations.


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Celebrate your brand (or brands!) with end-to-end customization. From the App Store description to a white-labeled URL to welcome email branding, design an academy environment that reinforces your identity.

Nested groups

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Build unlimited layers of groups and sub-groups to enable a relevant learning experience at scale. Flexible reporting allows you to manage at the sub-group level or aggregate data for a bird’s-eye view.

User Provisioning

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Import users one-by-one, by CSV import, or let users self-register using a magic link eliminating the need for their email address. Automate user provisioning with our HRIS integrations.

Advanced roles

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Decentralize administration of larger organizations with fine-tuned roles that exist at the group level. L&D maintains control while enabling internal experts to author courses for each group.

User admin

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Delegate user management within groups to select the right amount of control for each admin.

Custom Fields

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Map unlimited custom fields to users that reflect your internal data to optimize tracking, content assignment, and custom reporting.


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Aggregate posts, comments, and news in each of your Academies. Attach documents, pin an important message to the top of the feed, mention users, and foster a true learning community.

Galeries Lafayette enables expert-led academies to add value across the whole organization

Our in-house experts can now share knowledge and deeply engage all of our instore teams. This is a significant value-add for our business value proposition.

Isabelle Boisard

Former Training Director

Crowdsource learning needs from the bottom up.

Learning Needs

Stop struggling to prioritize the learning needs that will address performance gaps. Clarify which learning needs you should address, and which experts can help. Learners can flag skill gaps, as well as suggest internal experts they want to learn from, all tracked in the learning platform.

Declare Learning Need

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Enable your learners to share their needs in the flow of work. Lean on internal experts to answer needs and alleviate the pressure for L&D to triage.

Expert identification

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Learners can nominate experts to impart knowledge and skills. Or use AI to find your internal subject-matter experts.

Learning Needs dashboard

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Track the number of shared and answered learning needs. Track delivery time and engagement of courses requested by learners. Sort, filter, and prioritize to keep everyone in the loop.


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Keep discussions on-topic with Learning Needs forums. Learners and experts can post training requests and volunteer directly in the thread, tagging appropriate user groups and/or people.

Upvotes & sharing

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Allow users to upvote and share learning needs. The most upvoted learning needs stay at the top of the feed, making prioritization easier.

Enable internal experts to create high-quality courses and directly address knowledge gaps

Expert Enablement

You know your internal experts can assist in fixing knowledge gaps, but they don’t have the tools they need to create high-quality courses. Through integrated projects and co-authoring, provide clarity around course objectives, timelines, milestones, methods, and stakeholders. Spend less time coordinating and start delivering higher-quality courses.

Skills dashboard

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Track, filter, and download the top skills being developed by your learners. Identify knowledge gaps within your business that require filling.


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Collaborate with your experts. Create, review, and share projects as a team. Clarify learning objectives, remove blocking issues, and automate course delivery with projects.

Task management

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Assign tasks and deadlines for clear delegation. Easily monitor the workloads of team members and ensure no one is overwhelmed.

Custom templates

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Improve consistency and make it easy and clear for experts to create high-quality courses for learners while adhering to corporate guidelines.

Projects dashboards

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Manage productivity by tracking average delivery time, ongoing, and delivered projects. Optimize course creation and delivery.

Centralized resource library

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Add documents, embed videos and presentations, and source content from anywhere on the web to build the most relevant and accurate courses.

Academy dashboards

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Access quick, precise, and actionable visibility on global stats of your academies. Export and compare data to paint a holistic view of your learners’ development.

AI-suggested experts

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Pinpoint your highly skilled and engaged experts with AI to solve knowledge gaps alongside L&D.

Native authoring tool

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Our built-in authoring tool offers a modern and intuitive interface that requires no technical training to get started.

AI-powered assessments

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AI-powered question generator helps you create courses fast. Learners benefit from personalized questions that are tailored to their needs.

Alphasights uses collaborative learning to knowledge-share at every level

We realized that if we were going to scale learning across the enterprise, the L&D team cannot be centralized content creators. We needed to democratize content creation across every team.

Chris Wrobel

VP of HR & Professional Development

Boost confidence and performance:

Launch and manage unlimited training projects with minimal effort

Project Management

Drowning in learning requests while trying to manage course-creation projects in an external tool? Instead, use our integrated projects tool and efficiently manage and maintain oversight on any number of training projects without feeling overloaded. Manage course creation in one place for a global view of all learning projects and deliver projects on time.

Course creation automation

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Content distribution, assignment, reporting, tasks, notifications, and course reviews are all automated in our powerful project tool.

Project lead

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Decentralize admin work by delegating a project lead who can own the training project and manage team members.


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Keep everyone in the loop and eliminate surprises with automated notifications when a deadline or assignment changes.

Tasks and deadlines

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Assign tasks and deadlines so everyone knows who is responsible for what. Easily monitor the workloads of team members and ensure no one is overwhelmed.


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Ensure top-notch training by assigning reviewers to provide feedback and approve courses.

Project Forum

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Empower collaboration across the project squad with a forum where champions can have on-topic discussions.

Course versioning

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Track revisions, rewrites, and edits, and maintain consistency and transparency across course creation.

SimilarWeb creates a culture of learning to meet all business needs using expert-led academies

360Learning allows anyone in the company to be a coach, trainer, group admin, etc. It’s not an HR or enablement tool; it’s a tool being owned by the business.

Dror Yaacobi

Director of Global Organizational Development

Scale your learning projects through collaboration:

Reward and recognize internal experts as knowledge-sharing champions

Expert Engagement

How do you engage your experts without making them feel like you’re piling on more work? By recognizing and rewarding them, of course! Using the same methods as LinkedIn, your knowledge-sharing champions are rewarded for creating content. Featured as creators on their authored courses, celebrate your experts as contribution leaders.

Course Forum

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Learners can directly reach out to course authors to ask questions or get clarity from internal experts. Experts can reply in the forum, or quickly modify a course to meet learners’ needs


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Visible badges highlight learner and author engagement. Quickly find your most active course creators and identify experts to bridge knowledge gaps.


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Recognize your biggest contributors with the academy leaderboard. Community experts are prominently featured at the group level for their contributions.


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Never miss a ping! Access the Feedback Inbox from the notification icon. Answer a post and mark as complete, and quickly address learners’ direct questions in the learning platform.


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Motivate your experts with the recognition they deserve. Award extra achievements when they help author a new course or program.

Group-level authoring

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Make it easy for group authors to step in and keep courses up-to-date, even when someone is on vacation or has left for another adventure.


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Give your courses the expert seal of approval. Easily add the right experts as co-authors to accelerate the pace of course creation.

Internal comments

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No more lost pings and email chains. Enable authors to collaborate and provide feedback with a private forum directly in the course.

Continually upskill from within with expert feedback at scale


Don’t delay sharing valuable feedback due to time constraints or an inflexible learning tool. Enable experts to provide direct feedback to develop skills for the next generation of leaders at scale. Customizable, actionable feedback for learners boosts performance. Mentorship and feedback loops allow continuous upskilling from within.

Video recording

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No additional plugin or software is needed–it's all right there in the platform on their computer.

Screencast demo

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Have a new CRM or software tool you need to roll out quickly? Onboard and train employees effectively with a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Customizable assessments

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Empower coaches to give learners actionable feedback with customizable criteria. Include criteria guidelines for coaches and ensure learners understand feedback with a 1:1 forum.

Tribal knowledge

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Want to centralize your employees' knowledge? Leverage collective expertise to create efficient training by providing unlimited access to the best examples. Reduce the coach’s workload and expose everyone to different methods and leadership styles.

Salesforce integration

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Boost productivity, maximize the impact of your course catalog, and sync data between360Learning and Salesforce to correlate training with revenue performance.

Assure quality and engage learners through collaborative learning

Collaborative Learning

Academies no longer need to be low-quality or quickly outdated. Through collaborative learning, gain real-time insights from your learners about the impact and relevance of a course. When experts and learners shape the training agenda and course content, your learning programs are optimized for relevance, speed, and engagement. Quickly enhance and improve courses as business needs shift to always meet your targets.

Discussion forum

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Keep discussions on-topic with activity-level forums. Learners and experts can post and answer questions directly in the thread, tagging appropriate user groups and/or people.


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When your catalog isn’t in sync with your business’ evolution, everyone loses. Reactions leverage the intelligence of the crowd by continuously collecting feedback at the activity level.

Reaction Score

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Prompt learners to provide feedback at the activity level. Courses are given a reaction score to highlight what needs attention.

Relevance Score

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Don't guess whether your courses are useful. Ask. A one-click survey is included at the end of every course.

Feedback inbox

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Say goodbye to pings and tags on multiple platforms. With the feedback inbox, feedback is centralized across all courses and academies so you can respond in one go.