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Learners need a chance to practice and hone their skills. Develop and perfect soft skills, sales pitches, technical skills, and more by recording and replaying attempts–all within the platform.

Record with a desktop webcam

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No additional plugin or software is needed–it's all right there in the platform on their computer.

Unlimited attempts

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Learners can record as many times as needed, giving them the flexibility to make mistakes until they've nailed it and are ready to shine.

1:1 Forum

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Ensure quality and consistent feedback via an asynchronous forum for the learner and the coach to further discuss evaluation and feedback.

Mobile app

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Learners can record videos on the go with the mobile app so they can train from wherever work takes them!

Drive adoption of new software tools


Have a new CRM or software tool you need to roll out quickly? Onboard and train employees effectively with a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Improve performance with actionable feedback


Empower coaches to give learners actionable feedback with customizable criteria. Include criteria guidelines for coaches and ensure learners understand feedback with a 1:1 forum.

Custom criteria

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Customize criteria for any evaluation to match the specific skills to hone on each exercise for both video recording and screencast features.

Qualitative feedback

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Help learners reach the next level sooner by expanding on their score with qualitative feedback.

Criteria guidelines

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Decentralize the feedback process by providing coaches with criteria guidelines that ensure learners are assessed consistently.

Teamwork makes the dream work


Want to centralize your employees' knowledge? Leverage collective expertise to create efficient trainings by providing unlimited access to the best examples. Reduce the coach’s workload and expose everyone to different methods and leadership styles.

Share in courses

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Share the best examples and knowledge from top performers to all learners to increase performance.

Share in the newsfeed

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Built-in video recording directly in the platform's newsfeed allows for everyone to share their insights.

Connect with videos

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Learners can share their insights in videos directly in the platform's newsfeeds and the course forum.

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