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Leverage AI to identify and grow the skills you need with a collaborative LXP

Join over 1,700 teams who choose the collaborative LXP experience

Harness a skill-driven approach to boost internal mobility

Career and Skill Paths

Struggling to align training plans with career paths and workforce planning? Curate custom career and skills paths that promote courses, programs, and even live training, while addressing gaps in the organization. Specify deadlines to meet company targets, or let learners upskill for themselves.

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Skill-based course recommendations with AI
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Your people aren't always aware of the skill-developing courses available to them. Power their skills with smart course recommendations in the flow of their work.

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Create blended learning experiences and ignite curiosity through the curation of custom career and skills paths.

Path linearity
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Create learning paths without losing your learners along the way. Specify the order of courses, or let learners choose for themselves.

Relative due dates
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Personalize the learning experience with relative due dates and motivate learners with individualized deadlines.

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Organize path sessions for different cohorts of learners and choose the right instructor for each cohort.

Course optionality
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Add optional courses learners can choose to access or allow learners to skip courses already taken.

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Ensure knowledge retention with assessments throughout the learning experience.

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Commemorate learning program completion with a digital certificate highlighting newly acquired skills.

Custom layout
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Tailor the learning experience to your specific needs with unlimited custom layout options and exclusive widgets

Personalized recognition
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Add optional courses learners can choose to access or allow learners to skip courses already taken.

Personalized emails
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Easily craft tailored-for-you emails for your new learners with resources and helpful links to start them off on the right foot.

Using our collaborative LXP, Aircall fosters internal mobility across every team

Marine de Scorbiac VP Talent, Learning & Development
"360Learning helps our people be co-owners of their development and operate with autonomy and accountability."

Map skills and identify gaps that prevent growth

Skills Mapping

Your business is demanding certain skills, but you’re in the dark when tracking and developing skills to meet business goals. Map your teams’ skills to know which your company is missing and plan your workforce around closing these skill gaps. Correlate opportunities with the skills required and illuminate internal mobility paths for your teams.

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Dynamic skills tagging
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Tag resources and courses with skills. Searchable skills empower learners to upskill through self-enrollment or assign them a skill-building learning path.

Skills dashboard
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Visualize and track the top skills being developed by your learners. Identify skills gaps and opportunities for engaging content.

Workforce planning insights
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With a skills dashboard, quickly see what skills are well developed, and where you might need to hire to fill in a gap. Develop skills paths to upskill your workforce for what’s next.

Cegid made a big impact with faster, leaner training programs using our collaborative LXP

Hubert Ferreux Services Director
"With 360Learning, clients are onboarded and retrained faster than before. Our leadership was amazed by the results."

Leverage resources from anywhere on the web to meet your upskilling needs

Content Aggregation

Your learning programs shouldn’t be limited to just the courses in your platform. Aggregate resources from anywhere on the web to create the right upskilling or reskilling content in your LXP. Supplement your learning programs with industry-leading off-the-shelf content providers to support individual career paths and overall business performance.

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Expert-created resources
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Fuse knowledge and resources from your internal experts with industry-leading courses to deliver rich and relevant training for your learners

Off-the-shelf content
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Seamlessly enrich your learning catalog with world-renowned content. Connect the dots between industry-leading expertise and real-world application in a few clicks.

Content creation integrations
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Create engaging content with clicks, not code. Discover new tools to drive engagement, or import, paste, or embed resources from anywhere on the web.

LMS integrations
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Create an integrated user experience by automatically uploading courses created in 360Learning to your current LMS. Enrich HR workflows by synching learning statistics from 360Learning directly into your LMS dashboards.

Make meaningful connections

Explore integrations

Support your learners’ growth by delivering the right courses at the right time with AI

Artificial Intelligence

Your learners want to level up, but they need personalized plans. AI gets to know each learner and surfaces course topics tailored to their job, role, skills, internal mobility aspirations, and interests. Ship the right content to the right people for relevant training every time.

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AI-powered course recommendations
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Excite your learners with AI-powered skill, course, and path recommendations that are uniquely tailored to their individual job title and needs.

Smart course recommendations
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Prevent disruptions in workflow with course recommendations at the point of need right in your learners’ business tools.

Personalized course notifications
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Don’t risk losing your learners to generic emails. Capture your learners’ attention with AI-driven push notifications.

Completed course recommendations
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Propel growth and development by guiding learners to relevant content based on their completed courses.

AI-enhanced search
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Simplify learners’ search experience and eliminate frustration by providing a quick, intuitive way to discover personalized content.

Tap into your experts to unlock growth:

Upskill with Academies

Accelerate training in the flow of work

Learning in the Flow of Work

Your employees no longer need to carve out time for learning—meet them where they’re at during the workday. Engage your learners between performance reviews with upskilling and career path development in the flow of work. Accelerate upskilling with leading workflow tools and advanced mobile capabilities designed for frontline employees and desk employees alike.

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Smart recommendations
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Your people aren't always aware of the courses that are available to them. Power their skills with relevant course recommendations in the flow of their work.

Salesforce integration
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Boost productivity, maximize the impact of your course catalog, and sync data between 360Learning and Salesforce to correlate training with revenue performance.

Microsoft Teams integration
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Simplify your setup process, enable live training, raise productivity, and increase learning outcomes all in the flow of your learners' work.

Chrome extension
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Share knowledge and increase learner engagement. As your teams search and browse the web, the extension serves up smart recommendations of existing courses that are relevant to their activity.

Slack integration
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Speed up knowledge sharing by instantly informing the right people of new courses, sessions, and communication happening in the platform.

Mobile learning
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Your people are busy and need the flexibility to complete training on the go. Equip frontline teams with the knowledge they need to succeed − anywhere, anytime. Learners can start, pause, and resume training from anywhere.

iOS & Android mobile apps
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Woo your learners with a modern Instagram-like experience that keeps them learning. Bring collaborative learning anywhere with the latest consumer grade mobile standards.

Mobile Advanced
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Training frontline teams? Our Mobile Advanced solution is designed for deskless populations in retail, manufacturing and field sales. Equip your frontline teams for success.

Hop! uses mobile training to make learning easier for frontline teams in the day-to-day

Valentin Denais eLearning Project Engineer
"As learners got to know 360Learning, they quickly realized that training on mobile devices was much more flexible."

Enable learning and working together:

Explore workflow tools

Monitor your upskilling program and track learners’ progression

Rich Analytics

Monitor the closing of skills gaps with workforce planning dashboards. See the forest and the trees to make data-driven decisions with extensive reporting across groups, users, courses, paths, skills, and more.

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Course dashboard
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Track performance across your entire learning catalog with reporting that includes a Relevance Score and Reactions.

Classroom dashboard
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Monitor and optimize attendance rates for instructor-led training sessions with a dedicated classroom dashboard.

Group dashboard
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Access quick, precise, and actionable visibility on global stats of your groups and subgroups. Export and compare data to paint a holistic view of your learners’ development.

Manager dashboard
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Managers can see progress and completion data by team, learner, or course. View which skills your learners develop. Generate automated weekly email performance reports and reminders.

Skills developed
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Track, filter, and download the top skills being developed by your learners.

Report download
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Download the data you need to build custom reports that meet your business needs. Export a CSV directly from the dashboard.

Custom reporting
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Customize reports by type, filter, and columns. Export, email, save, and schedule reports for data when and how you need it.