AI Certification for L&D

Level up your AI skills and help deliver the outcomes that matter, faster.
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Skills ManagementMachine LearningTraining StructureLarge Language Models (LLMs)Natural Language Processing (NLP)Prompt Engineering
Susanna BogardusAI Product Marketer

About this course

This course is designed to help you become an expert in applying AI to your training strategies. If you’re a 360Learning customer, you can access this course now on the Engagement Academy.

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2 hours
8 modules
Desktop and mobile access
Course last updated: September 2023

Become an expert in:

  • The fundamentals of generative AI
  • Writing effective prompts in tools like ChatGPT
  • Leveraging AI in your everyday L&D processes
  • Using AI as a sidekick in course creation

Course table of contents


The fundamentals of generative AI

Discover the ins and outs of generative AI, including but not limited to: how it works, how it differs from machine learning, and how to become an effective prompt engineer.


What can you do with AI in L&D?

Learn how AI assists you through a variety of L&D activities. From course creation to L&D strategy, jumpstart your AI usage in the day-to-day.


Course creation and prompts

See how human brains and AI can interact in the course creation process. Learn to leverage AI and save time.


The prompt library

Gain access to a curated prompt library to save and reference when you need a refresher or a quick go-to for course creation.


The future of AI in Learning

This is just the beginning! The full scope of AI’s impact on the world is yet to be seen, but we do have a good guess at how generative AI and machine learning will impact the future of learning.


Final assessment

Test your AI expertise and make sure you're prepared to use it to your advantage in all your L&D workflows.

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