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🐌 Before: sluggish sales training

  • Practice opportunities are a bottleneck
  • Coaches too busy for check-ins
  • Inconsistent performance across team

🚀 Now: at-scale coaching

  • Unlimited pitch training

  • 1:1 async coach feedback
  • Upskilling through knowledge sharing

Less WTF. More LFG.

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Say goodbye to ‘WTF’ sales moments

Hands-on coaching at scale

Onboarding reps takes too long and often fails to capitalize on the coach’s expertise. Accelerate ramp time and have new joiners hit the ground running in no time.

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Video recordings

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Practice makes perfect. Give your sales reps ample training ground to rehearse their pitch with confidence via webcam or screen recordings—no third-party tool required.

1:1 coach feedback

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Get over crazy-packed schedules for good. In our 1:1 async forum, each coach reviews their team's submissions and provides expert guidance in their own time.

Criteria-based assessments

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Sales leaders know what a great salesperson looks like. Empower them to coach their team with customizable criteria and assessment guidelines.

Decentralized evaluations

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Automate sales training admin once, upskill for ever. Organize one training session for the entire team, we'll automatically route learners' videos to their manager.

"My 360Learning Tab Is Always Open": How Yousign Revamped Sales Training at Scale With 360Learning

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Scale sales best practices

Capture best practices

Sales playbooks say that only 20% of reps become best performers. It doesn't have to be that way. Unleash your team's full potential by encapsulating and sharing the knowledge of top players.

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Best practices

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Unicorns don't exist. Great pitches do. When you come across one, share it to the team via a course or the newsfeed in just 1 click.


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Sales training is a team sport. Instill healthy competition with achievements and a challenge mode on mobile.

Peer feedback

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There are tricks of the trade that L&D-based programs can’t cover. Let your top performers jump in and provide expert feedback via the course newsfeed.


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Surface the best comments or videos organically, and expose the entire team to the methods and leadership styles of the best.

Reduce sales team turnover by 86%

Rosetta Michaux Sales Enablement Manager
"360Learning engages teams and encourages them to share best practices in order to become a learning organization."

Meet your sales force where they are

Embed learning in the flow of work

Reps are busy and won’t go looking for relevant training. Enable learning wherever work takes your sales team.

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Salesforce integration

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Fact: 100% sales reps spend more time in the CRM than in their learning platform. Meet them in their flow of work with a dedicated 360Learning app for Salesforce.

Smart recommendations

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Help sales reps strategically with Smart Recommendations. Automatically surface courses based on an opportunity’s stage, client type, or competitors.

Training data sync

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Take the guesswork out of assessing the impact of training on performance. Create Dashboards and Reports by syncing 360Learning with Salesforce.

Custom mobile app

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Sales reps are always on the go. 360Learning's best-in-class mobile app lets them learn anywhere, anytime, even offline.

Upskill your sales team
in the flow of work

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