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Introducing our Champion Solution

You can’t do it all. Scale your learning projects through expert and L&D collaboration.

Project Management
Data and Analytics
Expert Enablement

Delegate training development while maintaining control


Coordinating stakeholders across training projects shouldn’t be your full-time job. Bring your teams together and foster collaboration - all within the project workspace.

With full visibility, you can go from kick-off to launch at record speed.

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Project Summary

Content distribution, assignment, reporting, tasks, notifications, and course reviews are all automated in our powerful project tool.

Project Lead

Decentralize admin work by delegating a Project Lead who can own the training project and manage team members.


Keep everyone in the loop and eliminate surprises with automated notifications when a deadline or assignment changes.

Tasks & Deadlines

Assign tasks and deadlines so everyone knows who is responsible for what. Easily monitor workloads of team members and ensure no one is overwhelmed.

Deliver high-impact training projects consistently and efficiently


Ensure successful project delivery through consistency and collaboration. Experts have the tools they need to deliver the training learners want.

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Empowering your Champions | 360Learning

Gain a big-picture view of all training projects your teams are working on. Set clear expectations and bake in quality checks.


Let the project tool do the heavy lifting for you. Automatically create courses and activities, and easily assign tasks and authors.


Set tasks for project members to share courses with the right learners through a program, session, or catalog.

Custom Templates

Looking for consistency? Create templates to eliminate the guesswork and time spent setting up new projects.

Turn your experts into champions for growth


Create a culture of skill-building and growth. Show employees that your company is aligned and invested in their learning.

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Leaderboard and gamification illustration | 360Learning

Motivate your experts with the recognition they deserve. Award extra achievements when they help author a new course or program.


Champions quickly create consistent courses by leveraging templates. Recycle elements and focus on content to meet deadlines.


Experts & L&D align and continuously deliver relevant courses, ultimately creating belonging, engagement, and satisfaction at work.


Improve employee growth, meet business goals, and develop collaborative learning between your learners and internal experts.

Create learning programs at scale with 5x more experts publishing courses

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