Nick Hernandez
CEO, 360Learning

Defend Your 2023 Training Budget By Choosing the Right Priorities

Your CFO is finalizing your company's 2023 budget. Use these arguments to negotiate your training budget.

Do More With Less

Doing More with Less: How to Preserve Your L&D Budget by Proving Your Impact

The economy is changing. Boards, CEOs, and CFOs are becoming more cautious with cash and spend. We’re all asked to ‘do more with less.’ It’s happening right now–and we all need to adjust to keep up. Here are three things you can do to prove your L&D impact and defend your budget.

360Learning New Director Caroline Gaffney

Insights and Experience: A Warm Welcome to Tech Leader Caroline Gaffney, our New Independent Board Member

We started 2022 with a bang by acquiring Looop–now, we're here with more great news to share. We're welcoming the wonderful Caroline Gaffney to our board of directors! Come and get to know her in 5 questions.

360Learning Looop acquisition

A New Era of Automated Collaborative Learning Begins with 360Learning’s Acquisition of Looop

It's a new year, and we have a lot to celebrate at 360Learning! Today we are pleased to announce that 360Learning has acquired Looop, one of the UK’s leading Learning Management Systems.

Karen Roter Davis 360Learning

From Google to 360Learning: A Warm Welcome to Our First Independent Director, Karen Roter Davis

It's been an exciting year at 360Learning, and now we have even more cause for excitement. We're welcoming our first ever independent board director, Karen Roter Davis! Karen brings a wealth of experience as Director of Early Stage Projects at X (formerly Google X), and we're thrilled to welcome her to the 360Learning family.

Not a fundraising announcement

This is Not a Fundraising Announcement

We've got some big news to share...but it's not what you think.


Why Are We Still Stuck with SCORM? A Debate with L&D Experts

While the rest of the world is getting faster, leaner, and more intuitive, too many L&D teams are still putting up with clunky old SCORM. We wanted to know why, so we asked the experts. Find our what John Leh, Peter Riber, Craig Weiss, Laura Overton, and Christopher Lind have to say about why we're still stuck with SCORM.


Why Reskilling isn’t the Magic Trick We Think it is

Reskilling is a popular concept in the L&D world. But it’s an old-fashioned concept that’s disconnected from the reality of how people learn. Our CEO explains why and an alternative solution.


'Netflix for Learning' Doesn't Work. Here's Why.

It’s easy to see why the dream of a 'Netflix for Learning' is so persistent. Why not? People love Netflix. The interface is lovely, and it’s intuitive to use. It’s easy to lose hours watching recommended content that you may never have found on your own. There’s just one problem: It doesn’t work.

Do you need an LMS, an LXP, a Talent Suite, or a Learning Platform?

Do you need an LMS, an LXP, a Talent Suite, or a Learning Platform?

Forget the acronyms, this is the learning software you need.

Blended Learning Is Dying. To Save It, We Must Change What it Means.

Blended Learning Is Dying. To Save It, We Must Change What it Means.

Forgot physical vs. digital. The future of blended learning is 100% digital and collaborative. Let me explain.


3 Popular Employee Training Methods That Don't Work (and What to Do Instead)

Some popular employee training methods sound great on paper or in sales pitches but fail to deliver on their promises. Don’t pour your money into outdated or ineffective methods just because they are popular.