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A New Era of Automated Collaborative Learning Begins with 360Learning’s Acquisition of Looop

It’s a new year, and we have a lot to celebrate at 360Learning! 2021 was a year of rapid expansion for our business: we hired 100+ new 360Learners, grew our customer base by 42%, and secured $200M in series C funding to help us grow our business even more in 2022 and beyond. 

Part of that growth strategy includes expanding our business through strategic acquisitions, and we're happy to kick off 2022 with some exciting news. Today, we are pleased to announce that 360Learning has acquired Looop, one of the UK’s leading Learning Management Systems (LMS). 

We’re thrilled to welcome the Looop team into the 360Learning family, and are beyond excited for what the acquisition will mean for our customers.

What is Looop, and what makes it so awesome?

Simply put, Looop is a really great LMS. Looop is one of the foremost LMSs in the UK and a leader in learning and development (L&D) automation, and is ranked #1 by eLearning Industry for their seamless UX and CX.

Looop satisfaction ratings

Looop is trusted by some of the world’s most progressive companies, including Klarna, Monzo, Financial Times, and ASOS, and consistently achieves some of the highest overall satisfaction ratings in Capterra (4.9/5), G2 (4.9/5), eLearning Industry (97%), and other directories.

Looop Discovery Channel Jennifer Wrigley

Since being founded by Ben Muzzell and Dan Gray in 2014, Looop has demonstrated impressive growth in the UK market on the heels of only a single round of $2M funding that same year. Looop is also home to some of the most experienced and well-respected leaders in the industry, including David James (former Director of Talent, Learning, and OD, The Walt Disney Company (EMEA)) and Josh Squires (former COO, Docebo (EMEA)).

Why Looop and 360Learning?

After spending time with the Looop team, it quickly became apparent that our two companies complement one another. 360Learning customers already know that Collaborative Learning is part of our DNA, and that we place a premium on creating a platform that enables people to seamlessly learn from and with one another.

Looop 360Learning side by side 1

Looop shares those commitments, and more: our companies also share a common vision to transform L&D into a strategic function that drives business growth. We believe that data, technology, and automation are the keys to unlocking that transformation.

Looop 360Learning side by side 2

From there it soon became evident that our companies share complementary missions, and we realized that there may be value to our current and future customers in exploring an acquisition. That exploration process ultimately led to today’s announcement.

Looking ahead

The 360Learning and Looop product teams are already hard at work developing a unified vision and roadmap that will bring the value of Looop’s data-driven automation to the 360Learning platform. Here are a few of the highlights 360Learning customers can expect:

  • Learning Path enhancements - Reach learners where they are in their workflow (Slack, MS teams, email, and more) to communicate about their learning programs
  • Surveys - Today, 360Learning customers ensure courses are relevant and update with Reactions and a 1-click Relevance Score. In the future, customers will be able to gather learner feedback outside courses with surveys
  • Custom dashboards - More advanced dashboard customization will allow 360Learning customers to uncover more insights and drive more impact
  • Advanced versioning - Easily manage and track multiple versions of courses

360Learning Looop acquisition

360Learning plans to integrate these features, among others, into our platform and make them available to customers in the future.

Your questions, answered

With this news, we know that 360Learning customers have questions. We hear you. While there will be more details to share in weeks and months to come, here are some answers to your most salient questions.

What will change for me as a 360Learning customer? 

Nothing! We will continue to support our customers as we always have. The Looop Customer Success team will continue to work with Looop customers.

As a 360Learning customer, will I gain access to Looop’s products and features today?

Not at first. Over time, some of Looop’s products and features will be absorbed into the 360Learning platform (see above), after which time they will be made available to 360Learning customers. 

In the short term as that product migration is taking place, it will be business as usual for both 360Learning and Looop customers.

How will this affect 360Learning’s product roadmap?

Our product teams are already working together to produce a new, joint product roadmap that we intend to share with customers in early 2022.

Will Looop customers migrate to the 360Learning platform?

In the short term, both companies will continue to operate as business as usual. There are no near-term plans to require Looop customers to migrate to the 360Learning platform.

I have additional questions, who can I speak to?

Your Customer Success representative will be happy to speak with you and answer additional questions you have about the Looop acquisition and what it means for your business.