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Sales Training That Sticks: Alan’s 5 Key Ingredients for a Successful Sales Kickoff

Audrey Jarre speaks with Tifenn Boni about how the sales enablement team is making an impact with their annual sales kickoff event and upskilling from within at Alan.

How to create the flexible working culture your teams need to thrive

How to Enable Flexible Learning and Self-Directed Career Development

In this chapter, we outline why a flexible work culture is so critical to enabling better learning outcomes.


5 Experts Weigh In on Balancing Performance-Oriented and Professional Development in L&D

Guy Wallace and David James speak to five learning and development experts about the balance between performance-oriented and professional development L&D.


Automation, Efficiency, Simplicity: Why 360Learning is Betting Big on AI for L&D

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of AI lately, you’ve heard it all. So, should we in L&D pop the champagne, or sound the alarm? In this article, we show you why we at 360Learning decided the bet big on AI, and how our early investments are already paying dividends through innovations like our new AI-powered question generator: QGen.

Tailored Content, Faster: Introducing QGen, Powered by Generative AI

Creating quizzes is hard, especially when you're pressed for time. In this article, we introduce you to QGen, a new 360Learning feature powered by generative AI. It's been designed to help you automatically create any type of question based on training content—all in just a single click.


7 Strategies for Teaching Soft Skills in the Workplace

Long-term job success comes down to soft skills mastery. Unfortunately, the UK is losing £22 billion a year by not investing in soft skills development. In this article, we share seven strategies that employers can use to teach soft skills in the workplace and discuss the tools you need to truly encourage a learning environment.


The Unsung Hero: Studio Theolin’s Leadership Facilitation Approach to Tackling Boreout

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speaks with Jenny Theolin, Independent Learning Consulant and Owner and Founder of Studio Theolin, about how she helps her clients raise employee engagement in meetings and conferences by empowering leaders to facilitate a more fun and happy environment.


Growing Your Stakeholder Currency: A 3-Step Framework for Performance Analysis With Expert Judith Hale

In this episode recap, Guy Wallace and I speak with Judith Hale, Performance Improvement expert and thought leader, about her experience and approach to working with stakeholders and clients to impact performance outcomes.


10 Digital Skills Examples to Help You Upskill Employees

In this article, we’ll explain the digital skills gap and why it’s widening in a post-pandemic climate. Then, we’ll break down the most in-demand digital skills for workers, whether they need to learn basic tech competencies or upskill to more advanced tasks. 


Standing Out From the Crowd: Maestro Group’s 4-Phased Approach to Formalized Learning Design

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speaks to Andrés Peters, Chief Learning Officer (Head of Enablement, Leadership, and Learning) at Maestro Group, about his four-phased approach to formalized course design and how his team is standing out from the crowd.

sales enablement training program

Benefits of Sales Enablement & How to Build a Successful Training Program

Sales enablement training isn’t just following best practices. Here's how to design impactful sales enablement training that goes beyond a boost in revenue.

L&D Podcast Recap - Teemu and Fredrik

Breaking Barriers: Inspirational L&D Stories From Teemu Lilja and Fredrik Peterson Herfindal

As an L&D leader, do you ever feel that you could be achieving more, but you feel trapped by the concrete expectations that your stakeholders harbor? In this L&D Podcast recap, Guy Wallace and David James sit down with Teemu Lilja and Fredrik Peterson Herfindal to speak about their pivot to performance at Swedish telecommunications company, Telia, and how this has led to incredible business impact.