Tom Baragwanath
Tom Baragwanath
Global Head of Content, 360Learning

As Global Head of Content at 360Learning in Paris, Tom is passionate about telling great learning stories.

Employee Training Program

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Successful Employee Training Program

Launching a new training program isn’t as simple as buying some courses and mandating employee attendance. Companies that enthusiastically push forward without proper planning often suffer from misaligned business goals, overwhelmed L&D departments, and a lack of C-suite buy-in. Any of these could sink your training program as soon as it starts. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

rock climber representing company scaling

How Great L&D Helps Tech Companies Navigate the Challenges of Quick Scaling

Scaling too fast can lead to serious consequences for companies. The right L&D technology can prevent these growing pains, while creating an agile workforce.

man exercising representing training

Top Tips from L&D Experts for Creating Effective Training Content

Course creation can feel like a moving target. Experts from our L&D Collective share 10 actionable tips for creating effective training content.

Welcome sign indicating why great onboarding is important

Why Great Onboarding is More Important Than Ever

Creating an engaged and connected company culture among a dispersed workforce is no easy task. That's why you need an outstanding onboarding program.

Men in boat representing management coaching

The New Age of Management Coaching Is Here. And It’s About Developing Leaders, Not Managers

The modern workforce doesn't need babysitters. It needs leaders. Unfortunately, most management coaching hasn't caught up to the times. We have a better way.

knowledge retention

L&D Holds the Key to Knowledge Retention During the Great Resignation

To improve knowledge retention, L&D must create a strong organizational culture that encourages knowledge sharing. We'll show you how.


Why Employee Offboarding Matters Now More Than Ever

How you say goodbye to an employee who's leaving your company is just as important as how you welcome them to their new job.

self-paced learning

Why Self-Paced Learning is Essential in the Modern Remote Workplace

Self-paced learning boosts knowledge retention and productivity and leads to higher engagement—which translates into company growth and profitability.

L&D Plus Mentoring My2be
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L&D Plus Mentoring: How My2be Helps Teams Learn by Stealth and Achieve DEI Goals

Mentoring programs are one of the best ways to develop leaders and help people find their feet in their roles. But for a lot of organizations, scaling mentoring programs is a real challenge. In the latest episode of the L&D Plus podcast, we speak to Adam Mitcheson and Damien Shiells of mentoring platform My2be about how to scale a mentoring program to help people learn by stealth and achieve DEI goals.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

5 Reasons Diversity and Inclusion Training is Great for Your Bottom Line

A truly inclusive and diverse workplace benefits nearly every facet of an organization—and that includes financially.

diversity training programs

13 Diversity Training Programs to Kickstart DEI in 2022

We shortlisted the best free and paid programs as a starting point for your decision-making process around your DEI program.

Master Class David James Lesson Six Transformative Learning

L&D Master Class Lesson 6: How to Make Your L&D Strategy Future-Proof

These last few years have been a little destabilizing to say the least. So, how can L&D leaders ensure their learning strategies can adjust when the world changes? In this final episode of our L&D master class, David James breaks down how to make our L&D strategies future-proof.