Robin Nichols
Robin Nichols
Content Lead US, 360Learning

Robin is interested in the crossroads of technology and culture.

How to create the flexible working culture your teams need to thrive

Asynchronous Work–How to Enable Flexibility Beyond Standard Working Hours

An asynchronous-first work approach aims to challenge the age-old assumption that work only happens between people communicating at the same fixed point in time. As you'll see in this article, the benefits of working asynchronously extend far beyond improved decision-making.

3 sheep representing new employees

3 Onboarding Tips to Boost New Employee Retention

When employees quit, productivity, profitability, and team morale all take a hit. That's why good onboarding is critical—and why we're sharing our 3 top tips.

game on sign representing scaling a sales enablement team

Thinking of Scaling up Your Sales Enablement Team? Read This First

Here's how we worked through the kinks of scaling up our sales enablement team into a full-blown revenue enablement team (so you don't have to).

Learning in the flow of work report

Chapter 1: US Learners Are Motivated but Have No Time

Read on to find out how US employees prefer to learn, what obstacles stand in their way, and to which degree L&D professionals understand these challenges.

Painting of a globe representing cross-cultural training

Expanding Internationally? How to Launch Cross-Cultural Training (in 5 Steps)

Here's how we got our own cross-cultural training off the ground. Spoiler: it was a massive hit.

Illustration of a changing workplace culture towards a toxic one

Data Simulation: How Small L&D Steps Can Make a Big Difference to Employee Retention

Toxic workplaces are the number one reason employees quit. But with the right L&D programs, you can prevent high turnover. See how.

Two umbrellas in sand representing microlearning

How to Embrace the Super Effective Microlearning Training Trend

Just like our phones and computers, the human brain has limited storage space. That's where microlearning comes in.

diversity audit

How to Use a Diversity Audit to Create Better DEI Training

An in-depth look at your company’s commitment to DEI through the lens of a diversity audit can help you to create a more inclusive environment.

offboarding checklist

The Ultimate Offboarding Checklist for Graceful Exits (With Free Downloadable Template)

The way a person breaks up with you tells you a lot about their character. The same goes for how a company handles offboarding when an employee leaves.

Diversity training in the workplace

How to Make Diversity Training a Top Priority in the Workplace

Avoid diversity fatigue and ineffective, one-shot programs by investing in a long-term diversity training program for your workplace.

Diversity Training Examples

Diversity Training Examples to Strengthen Your DEI Initiatives

We provide concrete examples for how to strengthen your DEI program, from implicit bias training to mentoring, and more.

DEI training

A Comprehensive Guide to DEI Training

Diverse teams are smarter, highly productive, and more innovative. So, how can you do your part as an L&D professional to support DEI? We've got a few ideas.