The 7 L&D Podcasts You'll Want on your Playlist in 2024
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The 7 L&D Podcasts You'll Want on your Playlist in 2024

Podcasts have become the go-to medium for entertainment, personal development and professional growth. L&D professionals are just as excited about podcasting, and are recording and listening to many episodes to expand their learning, grow their skillset, and keep up with L&D trends and practices.

We asked The L&D Collective–our free, global community of over 3,300 L&D leaders–to recommend their favorite podcasts on Learning, Development, and Leadership. Read on for more information about which podcasts they love, and think you should be listening to:

#1: Marketing for Learning 

Marketing For Learning provides practical, tactical marketing approaches from marketing experts–all aimed at L&D professionals. It is a great way to find learning inspiration, and hear about different approaches to the field.

Get started with: Caroline Fitzpatrick on L’Oréal’s Learning Culture

#2: The Lounge with Yolanda Fraction

Meet C-Suite executives and emerging leaders in this leadership and professional development-focused podcast. From navigating a career transition, to managing virtual training burnout, Fraction and her guests offer insightful discussions and practical advice for new and seasoned L&D professionals alike.

Get started with: Measuring and Analyzing Learning Impact with Kevin Yates, from L&D Detective

#3: The Learning at Large Podcast

Host Kirstie Greany explores how some of the world’s biggest organizations have delivered large scale learning programs. From Ogilvy and Marks & Spencer, to Johns Hopkins University and Amazon, Greany’s guests unpack how their companies approach people-centered learning at scale.

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#4: WorkLife with Adam Grant 

While not technically an L&D podcast, WorkLife was recommended by our members for its insights into organizational development and learning. An organizational psychologist and host of a popular TED talk, Grant brings on a wide array of guests to explore topics like motivation and creativity.

Get started with: How to Change Your Workplace

#5: Rethinking Normal

Billed as “a podcast for liberatory educators”, Rethinking Normal is a great resource for L&D leaders interested in DE&I and radical justice education. 

Get started with: Rethinking Disability: What "counts" as disability? (Classroom Activity)

#6: The Learning Hack Podcast 

The Learning Hack focuses on learning theory, and learning-related technological innovations. With topics ranging from generative AI as a transformational tool for learning, to how German philosophy created the modern education system, it’s a thorough resource to deepen your understanding of how learning works.

Get started with: Learning in the maritime sector: how different can it be?

#7: The L&D Podcast with David James 

We’re proud that our own podcast made the list! David James is the host of this fortnightly podcast, where he debates a range of L&D topics with guests from leading companies. 

Specifically, the Learning & Development Podcast offers helpful advice for L&D practitioners starting their careers, and those who may be considering a move into L&D. It is also the #1 most downloaded podcast in L&D.

It was recommended by several members as “the go-to for so many topics related to L&D”, and “one of the best” thanks to its quality of content and variety of guest speakers.

If you’re new to the podcast, David’s interview with Gabe Gloege (a member of The L&D Collective!) about building a skills-based learning framework is a great introduction.

And that’s our introduction to 7 podcasts recommended by our L&D Collective members. We hope they will help you find new learning inspiration and face any L&D challenge, from scaling your onboarding to implementing a skills-based approach to your company.

And don’t forget to join our L&D Collective community of over 3,500 L&D leaders to discuss your favorite learning resources.