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9 Expert Training Tips to Help Companies Upskill from Within

Upskilling is a key strategy for L&D teams to do more with less. Here are 9 ways to drive stronger business impact with well-designed employee training.


5 Experts Weigh In on Balancing Performance-Oriented and Professional Development in L&D

Guy Wallace and David James speak to five learning and development experts about the balance between performance-oriented and professional development L&D.


7 Strategies for Teaching Soft Skills in the Workplace

Long-term job success comes down to soft skills mastery. Unfortunately, the UK is losing £22 billion a year by not investing in soft skills development. In this article, we share seven strategies that employers can use to teach soft skills in the workplace and discuss the tools you need to truly encourage a learning environment.


Growing Your Stakeholder Currency: A 3-Step Framework for Performance Analysis With Expert Judith Hale

In this episode recap, Guy Wallace and I speak with Judith Hale, Performance Improvement expert and thought leader, about her experience and approach to working with stakeholders and clients to impact performance outcomes.

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Invest in Your Employees With an Upskilling Program

Your L&D team needs an upskilling program to future-proof your workforce. Here are 3 best practices to help you get started.

sales enablement training program

Benefits of Sales Enablement & How to Build a Successful Training Program

Sales enablement training isn’t just following best practices. Here's how to design impactful sales enablement training that goes beyond a boost in revenue.

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4 Must-Have Learning Management Features for Hospitality

Here's how a well-chosen LMS with the right features can help businesses manage and overcome many of the post-pandemic struggles faced in the service industry.


Why You Need Digital Upskilling to Future-Proof Your UK Workforce

Workplaces that invest in digital upskilling are now laying the foundation for the future. In this article, we’ll explore exactly what digital upskilling is and why it's important for UK businesses. Then, we'll walk through the major benefits of digital upskilling for the workplace and for employees.

seven tips for training your customer service team proactively

7 Tips to Train Your Team to Proactively Handle Customer Service Issues

Discover crucial tips for training your team to handle customer service issues proactively and optimize the customer experience.

choosing the best lms for your saas company

How to Choose the Best LMS for Your SaaS Business

Effectively scaling employee & customer training is a major priority for SaaS companies that want a chance at success. Choosing the right LMS is the first step.

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How to Know It’s Time to Refresh Your Employee Training Content and 7 Tips to Help

How to know when it's time to refresh your employee training content and 7 tips to do so, even if your L&D budget isn’t what it used to be.


Accomplishment-Based L&D: An Expert Interview With Carl Binder

In this L&D Podcast recap, David James and co-hose Guy Wallace, sit down with Carl Binder, CEO of The Performance Thinking Network, to speak about his pivot to performance and his accomplishments-based Six Boxes® model.