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Reskilling Reinvented: Top 10 AI-Powered Learning Platforms to Consider Today

A seismic shift is on the horizon. In the face of AI's transformative power, an alarming IBM report predicts that 1.4 billion people will need to reskill within just three years.

As AI sweeps across the job landscape, the question arises: are our existing learning platforms equipped to efficiently reskill such a vast and diverse workforce, preparing people for the AI-driven world of tomorrow? 

This pressing issue demands that learning providers reinvent themselves, emerging as robust, dynamic, and adaptable tools capable of meeting the reskilling needs of millions. Thankfully, there are various learning platforms that are doing just this. 

In this guide, we explore the benefits of an AI-based LMS, the key features you should look for, and highlight the standout features of the ten best AI learning platforms on the market today that are poised to empower organisations to navigate the AI-driven future with confidence and competence.

What is an AI-based learning platform?

A modern learning solution will leverage the technical components of artificial intelligence to make your L&D’s day-to-day tasks less repetitive, more impactful, and easy to scale. 

In a nutshell, your AI-boosted learning platform will include and use algorithms to learn, analyse, and make decisions behind the scenes. These algorithms are the foundation of machine learning and deep learning, which extract insights and make predictions based on huge amounts of data.

One of the big features and crowning touches of AI that your learning platform will incorporate is adaptive learning, which is the approach that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to deliver learners a personalised learning experience built on skills-based recommendations. The other main feature of an AI learning platform is the ability to automate daily tasks and workflows, giving L&D teams back time to focus on tasks that require human interaction.

Adaptive learning leverages data analytics to help you and your team track learner progress and deploy learning experiences that are personalised to employees’ upskilling and learning needs.


Have the robots really taken over?

5 benefits of an AI-based LMS

Data scientists and LMS providers are investing in AI-powered L&D solutions to help you and your team reskill employees and significantly impact your learning ecosystem's day-to-day management and curation.

The benefits of leveraging a cutting-edge AI platform are growing, but these five will make a significant difference to your L&D practice today:

1. Automation of tasks: An AI-powered learning solution automates daily functions and workflows, allowing you to focus on the L&D tasks that require the human touch. 

2. Skill-based course recommendations: AI tools in a learning platform can provide tailored skill-developing course recommendations in the flow of their work, allowing you to reskill and address gaps in the organization.

3. Create learning experiences at pace: Course builders with powerful machine learning models will help you design a course at pace, saving you time and effort. 

4. Current, constant data analytics: AI-powered data analysis or data preparation tools provide real-time metrics like completion rates, helping you monitor the impact of your reskilling programmes. 

5. Cost-effective: All these benefits of built-in AI solutions result in one last and arguably most crucial use—saving money and time. 

With all these benefits, you can prepare to deploy your team strategically, focus on learning goals, and impress your stakeholders.

What are the key features of an AI learning platform?

You’ll need to watch for some crucial features that learning platform providers deploy in their pipelines to help you benefit from AI tools and solutions. 

Modern and competitive LMSs will leverage data science to enhance your L&D practice as machine learning evolves. Common features will incorporate AI tools, such as no-code development, making course creation more approachable for non-technical users. From a learner perspective, AI-powered course creation makes it easier to keep courses up-to-date, so their skills can stay current.

Here are some features that you should be on the lookout for that have a specific L&D focus:

Smart virtual assistants: Go-to software agents with a chatbot-like user interface that streamlines learner interactions by providing instant answers to questions and automation of repetitive administrative tasks, making it easier for employees to focus on more strategic aspects of their role. Ideally, these assistants will be accessible on all devices, including through a mobile app. 

Prompt-controlled authoring: Generative AI-powered course authoring enables authors and internal subject-matter experts to design and deploy training content at scale and then get back to their primary responsibilities.

AI coaching: An AI-powered coachthat helps learners answer questions, explain key concepts, and evaluate their responses before managerial review.

Skills-based learning and management: Leverage AI-powered tools to create, analyse, and manage your organisation’s skills data to help you and your team target those skills gaps and ramp up your upskilling for higher performance.

AI-suggested enrollments: With built-in enrollment automation, an AI-powered learning platform will ramp up training content recommendations to learners based on their profile, skills, learning needs, and history. 

Anticipate learning needs: A modern learning platform will use machine learning algorithms to analyze learner behavior (such as user searches without a result in the learning platform) to identify skills gaps and learning needs.

So, with those groundbreaking examples of AI-powered L&D tools, let's turn to the top ten AI learning platforms and how they utilise ML to help you make a lasting impact.

1. 360Learning

First on our list is 360Learning, an AI-powered collaborative learning platform which incorporates the features of an LMS, LXP and Academies to power upskilling and reskilling from within your organisation.

An easy-to-use platform with a natively built-in authoring tool, 360Learning empowers everyone in your organisation to be expert creators. They believe SMEs should be seen as "content superheroes", providing much-needed additional resources to the time-strapped L&D department. And that’s why they have developed their extensive AI capabilities.

Underpinned by generative AI, these capabilities allow L&D teams to empower SMEs to accelerate content production, but still retain control of the prompts, tone of voice, inclusivity, course length and structure of the course. It also guides the SME on how to start, how to create key takeaways, and how to build knowledge checks or custom in-house technical prompts. This allows the SMEs to focus on their domain expertise whilst still ensuring valid learning outcomes.

Lastly, the learning platform offers an AI Certification for L&D to help you and your SMEs level up your skills. The certification empowers you to write powerful prompts in generative AI tools, understand the risks of AI, and provides you with a prompt library to get you started with AI-generated courses.

2. Docebo

Docebo is a user-friendly cloud-based platform for training employees, partners, and customers that includes built-in AI-driven features.

First, Docebo’s AI-powered Deep Search feature analyses learning content by categorising keywords, analysing assets, and creating relevant search results to improve discoverability. The Auto-Tagging software makes course cataloguing easier by automatically creating tags for learning materials by identifying critical phrases within courses and other materials.

Docebo uses Skill-Tagging to categorise and organise learning content more effectively. Personalised suggestions enhance the learning experience with features like Invite-To-Watch, which recommends which employees would benefit most from social learning.

3. Sana Labs

As an AI-powered learning platform, Sana Labs enables organisations to discover, share, and apply knowledge to achieve their business goals.

An AI-powered feature lets you quickly search through all your company's knowledge, including Google, Salesforce, and Slack, to find relevant documents, emails, messages, and spreadsheets.

You can also leverage AI technology that provides real-time queries on various topics, such as policies or specifications. Sana Labs also includes speech recognition technology to transcribe, summarise, and index meetings.

4. Absorb LMS

Next, Absorb LMS is a cloud-based LMS which aims to deliver engaging and effective employee and customer training. 

The Absorb Intelligence feature is an efficient tool that simplifies the often cumbersome and time-consuming administrative tasks and enables businesses to deploy employee reskilling opportunities quickly. 

Using the Intelligent Assist AI tool, you can manage tasks efficiently, leveraging pre-configured datasets, reports, and action screens to streamline operations and increase productivity.

You can also use the Intelligent Recommendations functionality to evaluate learnerdatasets to automatically recommend content. The Trending Ribbon boosts this on the learnerdashboard, which lists relevant training content for each employee.

5. EdApp

EdApp is a mobile-first learning platform designed to ramp up mobile learning for employees anywhere, anytime, and on all devices. 

The learning platform includes the AI Create feature, a course builder that helps you boost course creation by generating a training course with the click of a button. Leveraging this AI tool lets you get to the more exciting design phase and integrate interactive elements into your learning experiences.

The AI Create feature helps you design microlearning content for employees to access on mobile devices, ensuring effective learning anywhere.

6. Zavvy

As an AI-enhanced learning management system, Zavvy is designed with a focus on helping you and your team design, curate, and manage your training programmes. 

Looking at the scalability of your learning process, the AI-powered 360° Growth System includes functionality to generate complete career frameworks that include role descriptions for all competencies and levels within your organisation. The feature comprises templates, a user-friendly interface, and automated development plans. 

Zavvy also has an AI training course builder that empowers you and your team to design and deploy eLearning courses at scale while including the ability to create a content library of courses, including those built without AI.

7. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is an AI-powered platform designed to offer employees a seamless learning and growth experience.

A standout AI tool provided is the Cornerstone Skills Graph, which empowers you to match individual learner skills to relevant roles and training content. The tool leverages AI and ML models and a dataset of more than 50,000 skills to automatically recommend training courses and skills for development. 

You can also focus on providing a personalised learning experience for employees through automation focused on delivering training content to learners based on your workforce's needs, goals, and preferences.

8. CYPHER Learning

CYPHER Learning is a comprehensive learning platform for organisations ranging from tertiary providers to enterprises. 

The CYPHER Copilot AI tool empowers you to quickly create courses and assessments that include gamification and multimedia elements to help you provide organisation-wide personalised learning.

When it comes to course creation, Copilot helps you build course outlines, descriptions, and content in over 50 languages, as well as targeted assessments to track learner progress and identify those skill gaps for your upskilling efforts. 

9. WorkRamp

WorkRamp Learning Cloud offers a platform to centralise all your learning needs for employees and customers.

A standout feature is the AI Assist feature which allows you and your team to use generative AI directly within the editor to simplify content creation, making the whole process quick and easy.

With AI Assist, you can save time designing and creating new training content, improve tone and brevity, and simplify complex explanations into microlearning. You can also edit and create content within the platform without using external providers.

10. LearnUpon

LearnUpon is a cloud-based LMS that includes course creation, training delivery, and user management features. 

The AI learning platform has developed a powerful automation tool, AI-powered Assessments, which uses OpenAI’s GPT API to help you generate questions and answers directly from your training content. 

The AI tool can deal with a vast range of themes and content and lets you review and edit the assessment content so you can make sure they align with the learning objective or your learning strategy goals.

Learning tech to meet the reskilling needs of millions 

As you can see, learning providers are working hard to ensure that artificial intelligence is leveraged in a way that empowers L&D professionals.

Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, the right AI platform for you will automate the tasks within your learning ecosystem.  AI can make your daily L&D practice more efficient and meet your business needs from employee onboarding to sales enablement to reskilling for the future.

When choosing the right LMS for your organisation, remember to consider other factors, such as pricing, ease of use, and  scalability, so you and your team can design and deploy high-quality learning experiences that meet the needs of your learners.

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