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“Will Robots Take My Job?”: Addressing Emerging Technologies With Your Team

There's a right and a wrong way to implementing AI in your workplace. Let's go over the basics.

Jessi Burg
Jessi Burg founder of Outgrow Your Garage
Training & Learning

LXP vs LMS: Which Do You Need For Your Organisation?

This article discusses the key differences between a learning experience platform and a learning management system and which you might need for your organisation.

Frederique Campbell Content Lead UK, 360Learning
Training & Learning

Unleashing Creativity: How to Elevate Your Training Courses Using AI-Generated Images

In this article, we share why great images in your training courses matter, five practical steps to get started with creating AI-generated images, and frequently asked questions about their usage.

Jessica Perkins
Jessica Perkins SaaS Marketing Consultant and Writer
Training & Learning

3 Common Concerns Employees Have About AI Ethics and How to Address Them

In this article, we break down three common concerns employees have about AI ethics and how to handle them.

Jessica Perkins
Jessica Perkins SaaS Marketing Consultant and Writer
Training & Learning
Robots representing AI-assisted soft skills training for employees

Maximizing ROI With AI-Assisted Soft Skills Training for Employees

Unlock employee potential with comprehensive soft skills training to enhance productivity, collaboration, and professional growth, while maximizing overall ROI.

Oliver Morris
Oliver Morris AI & Tech writer, Plat.AI
Training & Learning
Typewriter parts representing LMS integration

The Ultimate Guide to LMS Integration

LMS that don't integrate with your tech stack are more hassle than helpful. Here's all you need to know about LMS integration, from benefits to best practices.

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
Training & Learning

16 Best Learning Management System Examples for 2023

In this article, we showcase the 16 best learning management systems examples for 2023 and will explain what an LMS is with some use cases.

Frederique Campbell Content Lead UK, 360Learning
Training & Learning
360Learning Q2 2023 Product Recap

Product Update: AI-Powered Question Generator Enhancements, Endless Customization, and More To Upskill From Within

Here's a look at the newest features and recent product updates our teams have designed for you!

Clémence Condomines
Clémence Condomines Product Marketing Manager, 360Learning
Training & Learning

AI in Learning and Development: 4 Practical Use Cases That Will Set You Apart

We discuss four use cases of human-centred AI in learning and development, including how L&D teams can use  AI as a co-pilot.

Frederique Campbell Content Lead UK, 360Learning