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9 L&D Podcasts You Should Really Be Listening To–And Some Very Exciting News

Every week, half a billion listeners around the world hit play on one of their favorite podcasts. Whether they’re staying current on breaking news, getting their pop culture fix, or developing professional skills, podcasts are a great way to stay informed and connected.

For those of us in the world of L&D, podcasts offer a fantastic source of new skills and techniques from other practitioners. There’s an incredible range of L&D podcasts out there–some of which have been running for over a decade, with hundreds of episodes.

In fact, there are so many great L&D podcasts, it’s tough to know where to begin. That’s why we’re here with our list of nine L&D podcasts you should really be listening to–including some exciting news about a fresh addition to the podcast world coming your way very soon.

#1: L&D Plus: A Collaborative Learning Podcast 

Okay, so we can’t help but share the most exciting stuff first: we’ll shortly be unveiling L&D Plus: The Collaborative Learning Podcast!

L&D Plus

With L&D Plus, we’re shining a light on how L&D works with other teams to make Collaborative Learning a reality. Each episode will feature interviews with learning partnerships from leading companies like Zapier, Spendesk, and Drift, showing you how L&D works with Operations, People, and more.

Today, learning should be a team sport–but getting this right isn’t always easy. That’s why we’re here to dig into the tough questions about why learning partnerships work, why they don’t, and what we can learn from them. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

Check out our teaser here, and subscribe to L&D Plus on Spotify or Apple Podcasts to receive our first episodes as soon as they go live from Wednesday, June 30 onwards.

#2: CLO Connect

In this weekly in-depth video interview series, 360Learning’s Head of Learning Jonah Goldstein sits down with leading figures in the L&D community to talk about the strategic challenges their organizations face, and how they’re addressing them through Collaborative Learning.

With guests from companies like WhatsApp, Amazon, Visa, PwC, and plenty more, CLO Connect dives deep on the most exciting L&D stories out there, from supporting sales enablement with a shoestring budget to unlocking the power of user-generated content in learning. 

These interviews offer practical tips and advice for anyone interested in using Collaborative Learning to connect their teams and scale their culture. Get started with our latest episode about how Gong uses performance management to attract and reward ambitious employees.

CLO Connect Gong Ryan Giordano

Get started with: Episode 44–How Gong Built a Performance Management Approach to Attract, Motivate, and Reward Ambitious People

#3: The Overnight Trainer

Sarah Cannistra, host of the Overnight Trainer, is an L&D coach with a depth of experience in the real estate industry and beyond. In her fortnightly podcast, she offers honest, in-depth conversations with L&D leaders about the challenges of organizational learning, and the personal journeys that have brought these leaders to where they are now. 

Recently, we were lucky enough to have Sarah as a featured guest on our CLO Connect series, where she discussed how to balance learning objectives against sales targets in fast-growing companies. To get started with the Overnight Trainer, check out Sarah’s interview with our very own Jonah Goldstein about building a culture of Collaborative Learning.

Get started with: Building Collaborative Learning Teams and Culture with Jonah Goldstein

#4: All Hands

In this podcast from Lattice, host Katelin Holloway talks with CEOs, founders, and a wide range of People leaders about the practical realities of being a ‘people-first’ company. These discussions dig deep into key questions around culture, creativity, and how to motivate and care for your teams.

All Hands features some impressive guests, including Ed Catmull of Pixar and Katie Burke of HubSpot. These discussions cover an inspiring range of topics, including how to build businesses with integrity, and the importance of staying ‘team-first’ over ‘customer-first’. To get started, check out their fantastic interview with Eventbrite’s David Hanrahan on vulnerability in the workplace. 

Lattice All Hands

Get started with: Eventbrite’s David Hanrahan Explains Why Being Vulnerable Can Change Company Culture

#5: The Mind Tools L&D Podcast

For the last five years, the Mind Tools L&D Podcast (formerly the Good Practice Podcast) has been offering in-depth analysis of L&D subjects from learning needs analysis through to the impact of technology on how we work today. These episodes offer detailed, insightful conversations about hot-button issues like remote work, career changes, and more.

Recently, the Mind Tools team also began rolling out a special documentary format to explore the topic of what L&D leaders can learn from product management. Take a look below.

Get started with: Episode 250–Documentary Special: What Can L&D Learn from Product Management?

#6: HR Happy Hour

Don’t let the name fool you: HR Happy Hour isn’t just about HR–it features interviews and discussions on a wide range of L&D subjects. And for the last 12 years, hosts Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane have built a dedicated audience with their in-depth analysis, industry commentary, and interviews with leading L&D figures.

For a great introduction to the podcast, check out their most recent episode with Yvette Cameron of Oracle to talk about building workforce agility with skills insights.

HR Happy Hour

Get started with: Episode 488–Building Workforce Agility with Skills Insights

#7: Learning Uncut

Learning Uncut is a series of fortnightly conversations showcasing real learning solutions and experiences from real people. In each episode, host Michelle Ockers features honest, unscripted discussions with L&D leaders about their biggest challenges and successes, and what they’ve learned from both.

Recently, Michelle set a goal for 2021 of bringing her listeners an L&D story from every continent. She ticked another box off that list in style with her interview with Nigel Paine about leadership development in Antarctica, and what isolation and discomfort can teach us. 

#8: The Learning & Development Podcast

In this fortnightly podcast, host David James debates a range of L&D topics with guests from leading companies. Specifically, the Learning & Development Podcast offers helpful advice for L&D practitioners starting their careers, and those who may be considering a move into L&D.

For a great introduction to the Learning & Development Podcast, check out David’s interview with Paul Smith about what it means to become a leader of an L&D function, and how to manage the expectations for new leaders to achieve learning outcomes. 

Get started with: Becoming an L&D Leader with Paul Smith

#9: PeopleTalk

Focused specifically on the L&D challenges of attracting and retaining top talent in competitive markets, PeopleTalk features interviews with Chief People Officers, recruiting leaders, and other People and HR leaders. For any L&D leaders helping out with talent management, this podcast is a must.

To get the ball rolling with PeopleTalk, check out their episode on what it takes to implement an effective diversity recruiting strategy in practice. 

Get started with: Episode 115–How to Implement an Effective Diversity Recruiting Strategy

Start listening to these 9 fantastic L&D podcasts today

So, that’s our introduction to nine L&D podcasts you should really be listening to. Between these different series, you’ll have all the tips and advice you need to face any L&D challenge, from scaling your onboarding to adjusting to the shift to remote-first working. 

Did we miss any of your other favorite L&D podcasts? Let us know in the discussion below.

And don’t forget to subscribe to L&D Plus: The Collaborative Learning Podcast.