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L&D Plus Mentoring My2be
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L&D Plus Mentoring: How My2be Helps Teams Learn by Stealth and Achieve DEI Goals

Mentoring programs are one of the best ways to develop leaders and help people find their feet in their roles. But for a lot of organizations, scaling mentoring programs is a real challenge. In the latest episode of the L&D Plus podcast, we speak to Adam Mitcheson and Damien Shiells of mentoring platform My2be about how to scale a mentoring program to help people learn by stealth and achieve DEI goals.

L&D Plus Publicis Groupe Carol Sinko
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L&D Plus Technology: How Getting Back to Basics Helps Publicis Groupe Connect Learners Around the World

In an ever-changing world, there are more demands on L&D leaders to help people stay afloat and engage with great learning experiences. In this episode of the L&D Plus podcast, we speak with Carol Sinko of Publicis Groupe about getting back to the L&D basics and connecting leaders around the world.

L&D Plus Enablement Komodo Health Rory Sacks Kaitlin Ziemer
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L&D Plus Enablement: How Komodo Health Drives Faster Onboarding for New Sales Reps

Great sales rep onboarding is everyone's business. So, how can L&D and Enablement work together to create peer-driven learning experiences that help new reps ramp up faster? In the latest episode of L&D Plus, we spoke with Rory Sacks and Kaitlin Ziemer of Komodo Health about their amazing collaboration.

Myles Runham L&D Plus
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L&D Plus Product Design: How to Create Better Learning Experiences By Focusing on User Need

It's no secret that COVID-19, the Great Resignation, and the shift to hybrid work have caused plenty of disruption within L&D in recent years. Fortunately, according to independent learning consultant Myles Runham, this state of flux creates an opportunity to switch things up and create the learning experiences people really crave–all through focusing on user needs. Listen to the latest episode of L&D Plus to find out more!

L and D Plus Focus Brands
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L&D Plus Leadership: How to Encourage Your C-Suite to See Failure as a Great Opportunity to Learn

Sometimes, failing fast is the best way to improve business outcomes. But how can L&D work with company leadership to encourage the right appetite for innovation? In this episode of the L&D Plus podcast, we chat with Dr. Cenina Saxton of Focus Brands about how to see failure as a great opportunity to learn.

How Looop Helps L&D Teams Go Beyond Shipping Content to Solve Real Business Problems
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How Looop Helps L&D Teams Go Beyond Shipping Content to Solve Real Business Problems

David James and Josh Squires share their views on Looop's acquisition, why engaging content isn't enough, and how L&D pros need to change the conversation.

L&D Collective launch

Welcome to the L&D Collective: Your One-Stop Shop for Insights, Expertise, and Community

We've got something truly exciting to announce: we're officially launching our new learning community, the L&D Collective! Find out more about our exclusive resources, L&D leader community, and how you can apply.

L and D Plus Amplitude
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How Amplitude’s L&D and Engineering Leaders Team Up to Codify What “Great” Looks Like at Scale

This week's L&D podcast guests share how they elaborated a novel leadership development program, and why it’s critical to bake collaboration into the process.

L&D Plus Animalz Cassie Naji Haley Bryant
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How L&D and Operations Can Empower Talented People to Reinvent Themselves at Work

What can you do when your most talented people get bored at work? In this L&D Plus podcast recap, we speak to Cassie Naji and Haley Bryant of Animalz about how they empower people to reinvent themselves and find new paths to explore–all without quitting.

L and D plus Drift
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How Drift Merges Marketing and L&D to Create 'Curious Learning Machines' 

What's it like to have your Learning and Development team sit within your marketing team? Allie and Colleen give us a sneak peek behind Drift's bold new move.

L and D plus Spendesk Onboarding
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How Spendesk Overhauled Their Onboarding by Turning Subject-Matter Experts Into Content Creators

Learn how Spendesk duo Lucy and Tom vanquished 'workshop creep,' turned colleagues into content creators, and a whole lot more in our latest L&D Plus interview.

Zapier top performance
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To Increase Top Performance, You Must First Define It: A Lesson From Zapier's L&D and Ops Partnership

Zapier's Dara and Danielle share their process for defining a performance appraisal framework, and how trust, peer feedback, and automation all played a role.