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Welcome to the L&D Collective: Your One-Stop Shop for Insights, Expertise, and Community

Today, we’ve got something truly exciting to announce. We’re officially launching our new learning community: the L&D Collective

Over these strange last two years, it’s been a real source of joy and connection to be able to bring you L&D stories each week. When we’ve all been isolated–from our offices, from our teams, and even from our families and friends–these connections have been a lifeline.

Now, we’re leveling up. Not only will we continue to bring you even more fantastic L&D stories–we’re inviting you to join the L&D Collective, a global community with all the insights and expertise L&D leaders need to make Collaborative Learning a reality.

But first things first: what’s the L&D Collective, exactly?

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Hold up, what’s the L&D Collective? 

There’s one big advantage within L&D we don’t talk about enough: we can share anything we like (within reason!) without undercutting our competitiveness. As Ryan Giordano of Gong says, “We don’t need to keep anything a secret in L&D–we can share our strategies with each other.”

We don’t need to keep anything a secret in L&D–we can share our strategies with each other.

This cooperative approach to L&D is exactly why we’ve built the L&D Collective: the go-to community where L&D leaders come together to share knowledge, build relationships, and experience Collaborative Learning in action. Even better, it’s 100% free.

In short, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to become the best L&D leader you can be. After all, our entire philosophy as a company–Collaborative Learning–is built on the idea that we can solve any problem together. All it takes is the right connection at the right time.

Here’s what we have in store for you with the L&D Collective.

What’s in it for you? In short, everything!

By joining the L&D Collective, you get to: 

  • Learn from hundreds of L&D leaders. Not only can you enjoy our specialist L&D content–see below!–but you can also share your knowledge, challenges, and best practices in our private Slack channel dedicated exclusively to L&D leaders.
  • Grow your network. You can make new connections and build lasting relationships through our exclusive live and virtual events. We’ll also have regular office hours with L&D specialists dedicated to diving deep on the most important topics in learning.
  • Shape the future of L&D. At 360Learning, we’re changing the face of L&D with Collaborative Learning. Now, by joining a group of forward-thinking L&D leaders dedicated to crowdsourcing new, innovative ways to change the way people learn and work, you get to be a part of this too. 

And don’t worry–we’ll still be serving up the same great L&D stories every week through CLO Connect, the L&D Podcast, and L&D Plus.

L&D Collective launch

Resources, perks, and peer-driven insights–all under one roof

Great learning doesn’t happen in a vacuum–it takes dedication, collaboration, and inspiration. And by joining the L&D Collective, you’ll have access to all the inspiration you need.

Private Slack group

Sometimes, you just need a place to ask questions. With the L&D Collective private Slack group, you get access to over 300+ L&D experts and counting, with regular discussions prompted twice a week on a range of L&D ideas.

Worried about too many sales pitches? Fear not: this is a strictly plug-free zone! We’re just here to make sure you can ask any question you like, any time. 

Exclusive online and in-person events

As a member of the L&D Collective, you’ll have access to regular meetups for networking, Collaborative Learning, and relationship-building. This isn’t just your usual cocktail hour, either–we’re here to make room for in-depth exchanges on the most important L&D topics.

You’ll get a say in the themes, topics, and use cases we discuss in each event, with members voting on what they’d like to talk about next. For an example of these events in action, check out our recap of our recent discussion on how leading companies can make onboarding truly people-centric.

Office hours with CLO David James

As an experienced L&D speaker, writer, and visionary, 360Learning’s Chief Learning Officer David James has over 20 years in the industry–and now he’s here to share it with you. With the L&D Collective, you’ll get direct access to David’s monthly office hours, including ask-me-anything sessions, L&D clinics, and real-time problem solving. 

To keep things nice and intimate, we’ll offer limited seats for each session. This is something you really don’t want to miss.

L&D Collective launch

CLO Connect

Each week, our Head of Learning Jonah Goldstein and I speak with the world’s leading L&D experts to find out more about how Collaborative Learning works in practice as part of CLO Connect. Come and learn from Disneyland Paris, AstraZeneca, Instacart, WhatsApp, Amazon, and more about cutting-edge approaches to peer learning, onboarding, sales training, customer education, and plenty more! 

And if you’re looking for great resources to read at your own pace, be sure to check out our collected CLO Connect expert insights ebook series:

The L&D Podcast

Over the course of many years and dozens of episodes of the L&D Podcast, David James has hosted deep-dive conversations on the most exciting trends, challenges, and opportunities shaping L&D today. What role should tech play in learning? Is engagement really the best metric for understanding your impacts? How can you drive better outcomes through Agile L&D? David and his guests are here with all the answers you could ever need. 

L&D Plus

Today, Collaborative Learning is a team sport. That’s why our Director of Brand and Content Joei Chan and Global Head of Content Tom Baragwanath started L&D Plus: to talk to L&D leaders working with teams across the business to connect people and share expertise. From L&D and Engineering defining great leadership at Amplitude to L&D and Marketing bringing a consistent voice to learning at Drift, Joei and Tom are showcasing collaboration in practice.

Of course, you don’t need to be a member of the L&D Collective to access these great resources. Just join our weekly newsletter and you’ll get them delivered piping hot to your inbox–link below!

Ready when you are! 

Are you ready to join the L&D Collective? Great timing–we’re all ready to welcome you!

Apply today to join the industry’s best and brightest in the L&D Collective. Membership is free, but reserved for L&D professionals only. We hope to see you there.