Sales Training That Sticks: Alan’s 5 Key Ingredients for a Successful Sales Kickoff

Audrey Jarre speaks with Tifenn Boni about how the sales enablement team is making an impact with their annual sales kickoff event and upskilling from within at Alan.


The Unsung Hero: Studio Theolin’s Leadership Facilitation Approach to Tackling Boreout

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speaks with Jenny Theolin, Independent Learning Consulant and Owner and Founder of Studio Theolin, about how she helps her clients raise employee engagement in meetings and conferences by empowering leaders to facilitate a more fun and happy environment.


Standing Out From the Crowd: Maestro Group’s 4-Phased Approach to Formalized Learning Design

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speaks to Andrés Peters, Chief Learning Officer (Head of Enablement, Leadership, and Learning) at Maestro Group, about his four-phased approach to formalized course design and how his team is standing out from the crowd.

CLO Connect - Gorgias

Connecting Specialist Roles: Gorgias’ Inter-Organizational Peer Mentoring Program

In the first interview of 2023, Audrey Jarre speaks to Christina Seow, Senior Talent & Career Specialist at Gorgias, about her inter-organizational peer mentoring program that connects isolated roles with people in similar roles in other organizations.

CLO Connect - Penn State Health

4 Defining Learning Culture Initiatives: Empathy-Guided L&D at Penn State Health

In this interview, Hillary Miller, Vice President Chief Learning Officer at Penn State Health, talks about how she is defining the learning culture at Penn State Health by applying empathy-guided L&D when designing learning initiatives that meet learners at their point of need.

CLO Connect - Sana Labs

The Performance Ecosystem: Rita Azevedo’s 5-Step Playbook for Supporting Subject-Matter Experts

In this interview, Sarah Tillett speaks with Rita Azevedo, Strategic Learning Partner Manager at Sana Labs, about her playbook for supporting SMEs in creating impactful content. We also discussed how best to prepare for stakeholder engagement meetings and the importance of measuring impact in ways that your stakeholders recognize.

CLO Connect - UC Berkeley

Exceeding All Expectations: UC Berkeley’s 3 Pillars for Great Staff Development

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speaks with Angela Stopper, Chief Learning Officer at UC Berkeley, about how she is building Berekely as a true learning organization by applying a growth mindset and upskilling employees from within through their new performance evaluation program.

CLO Connect - Amazon

Designing Yourself Out of a Job: Jeffrey Nordrum's 4 Steps to Scaling Knowledge Management at Amazon

In this interview, Heather Blue speaks with Jeffrey Nordrum, Manager of Knowledge Management, Training, and Certification at Amazon, about his knowledge management journey, how he aims to design himself out of a job, and why integrating learning and knowledge management is key.

ShipHawk new hires April Petrey

Independence and Confidence: How ShipHawk’s 'Flight School' Helps New Hires Upskill from Within

Every new hire needs independence and confidence to make the right start. In this expert interview, ShipHawk L&D Director April Petrey tells us how she works alongside subject-matter experts to help new starters upskill from within.

Joe Ryan Maltego Deep Dive Investigation

Freeing Up Subject-Matter Experts: Maltego’s 3-Step Deep Dive Investigation Approach for Unlocking Domain Knowledge

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speak's with Joe Ryan, Program Manager of Training at Maltego, about how he developed his deep dive investigation approach with the goal of freeing up SMEs' time, whilst ensuring their company’s domain knowledge is spread throughout the organization and that customers still receive high quality content.


The Adaptable Leadership Mindset: Ross Stevenson's 4-Step Approach to Measuring L&D Success

In this interview, Sarah Tillet speaks with Ross Stevenson, Head of Learning at Trainline, about how he combines his adaptability-based L&D leadership mindset and a performance consulting approach to collaborate with stakeholders in co-creating impactful products and services.


Learning as a Byproduct: Boehringer Ingelheim’s 3-Step Playbook for Leadership Performance Support

In this interview, Audrey Jarre speaks with Dr. Adrian Waite, Head of Talent, Leadership & Organization Effectiveness (India, Middle East, Turkey & Africa) at Boehringer Ingelheim, about how they are training leaders to make their teams’ collective working a more performative experience, and how they see learning as a desirable byproduct, not the end goal.