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The Problem With Off-The-Shelf L&D With Stewart Everson

In this L&D podcast recap, David James speaks with Stewart Everson, Manager of the National Bank Independent Network learning team, about whether off-the-shelf or canned L&D solutions can deliver impact for organizations.

CLO Connect - Penn State Health

4 Defining Learning Culture Initiatives: Empathy-Guided L&D at Penn State Health

In this interview, Hillary Miller, Vice President Chief Learning Officer at Penn State Health, talks about how she is defining the learning culture at Penn State Health by applying empathy-guided L&D when designing learning initiatives that meet learners at their point of need.

man exercising representing training

Top Tips from L&D Experts for Creating Effective Training Content

Course creation can feel like a moving target. Experts from our L&D Collective share 10 actionable tips for creating effective training content.


A Performance-First Mindset: Making the Pivot With Fredrik Peterson Herfindal and Teemu Lilja

In this L&D podcast recap, David James speaks with Telia’s Fredrik Peterson Herfindal, Head of Learning & Performance, and Teemu Lilja, Learning & Performance Lead for Sales, as we explore their pivot from a learning orientation to a performance-orientation L&D approach.


Inspiration Abounds at the L&D Collective’s London Meet-Up

Here, we share our main takeaways from our recent L&D Collective meet-up in London. From talking about the role of product management in L&D to stakeholder management and the relationship between Finance and learning teams, we've gathered all the best insights from a jam-packed event.


Standing on the Shoulders of L&D Giants With Mirjam Neelen

In this podcast recap, David James speaks with Mirjam Neelen, Head of Global Learning Design and Learning Sciences at Novartis, about the emerging trends that have their origins in the past and the pioneers that we all need to pay more attention to.

L&D Podcast - Nigel Paine

Hybrid Learning: Expert Advice From Nigel Paine on How to Grow Your L&D Practice in 2 Steps

 In this podcast recap, David James speak's with Dr. Nigel Paine, Author, speaker, consultant and co-host of LNTV, about his view on the new hybrid learning approach and why evidence-based L&D practice might be the better option to make an organizational difference.

L&D Podcast recap - Dr. Carrie O. Graham

Why Life Experience Impacts Learning: Adult Learning Theory Explained by Dr. Carrie Graham

In this podcast recap, David James speaks with Dr. Carrie Graham, Owner of Carrie O. Graham Learning & Solutions, as they explore how Adult Learning Theory can help you make a measurable impact, starting with understanding who your learner is. 

L&D Podcast recap - Lloyd Dean

Understanding the Future of L&D Strategy: Practical Steps From Expert Lloyd Dean

In this podcast recap, David James speaks with Lloyd Dean, Principal Consultant at PA consulting and former Head of Digital and Innovative Learning at EDF Energy, about his vision for the future of the L&D industry.


The Early Adopter Phase is Over: An L&D Data and Analytics Deep Dive with Trish Uhl

In this L&D podcast recap, David James talks to Trish Uhl, leading data and analytics strategist and consultant, about how data can transform L&D.

L&D Podcast recap - Gabe Gloege

3 Steps to Solving Evergreen Problems: A Framework From Expert Gabe Gloege

In this podcast recap, David James talks to Gabe Gloege, Senior Director of Learning & Organizational Development at ETS, about his journey to lean and problem-driven L&D.

L&D Podcast recap - Donald Clark

5 AI Models That Will Transform the L&D Function: Practical Tips From Expert Donald Clark

While AI continues to evolve in its sophistication, many L&D functions are yet to incorporate it into their learning programs. In this podcast recap, David James speaks with Donald Clark, CEO at WildFire Learning, as they explore five applications of AI models in L&D.