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5 Experts Weigh In on Balancing Performance-Oriented and Professional Development in L&D

Guy Wallace and David James speak to five learning and development experts about the balance between performance-oriented and professional development L&D.


Growing Your Stakeholder Currency: A 3-Step Framework for Performance Analysis With Expert Judith Hale

In this episode recap, Guy Wallace and I speak with Judith Hale, Performance Improvement expert and thought leader, about her experience and approach to working with stakeholders and clients to impact performance outcomes.

L&D Podcast Recap - Teemu and Fredrik

Breaking Barriers: Inspirational L&D Stories From Teemu Lilja and Fredrik Peterson Herfindal

As an L&D leader, do you ever feel that you could be achieving more, but you feel trapped by the concrete expectations that your stakeholders harbor? In this L&D Podcast recap, Guy Wallace and David James sit down with Teemu Lilja and Fredrik Peterson Herfindal to speak about their pivot to performance at Swedish telecommunications company, Telia, and how this has led to incredible business impact.


Accomplishment-Based L&D: An Expert Interview With Carl Binder

In this L&D Podcast recap, David James and co-hose Guy Wallace, sit down with Carl Binder, CEO of The Performance Thinking Network, to speak about his pivot to performance and his accomplishments-based Six Boxes® model.


The Bigger Picture: Mirjam Neelen’s 4 Tips on Aligning Stakeholders When Pivoting to Performance L&D

This week, David James and co-host, Guy Wallace, sit down with Mirjam Neelen, Head of Global Learning Design and Learning Sciences at Novartis, about the importance of understanding the bigger picture and her approaches to analysis, design, and stakeholder management.


Doing More With Less: David James’s 4-Step Approach to Visible and Impactful L&D

In this L&D Podcast recap, David James swaps his regular role as podcast host for a seat in the interview chair, as he talks to Adam Harwood about his experience of leading L&D at Disney during the post-2008 banking crisis, and shares lessons on how he rose to the challenge of achieving more with less.


The Problem With Off-The-Shelf L&D With Stewart Everson

In this L&D podcast recap, David James speaks with Stewart Everson, Manager of the National Bank Independent Network learning team, about whether off-the-shelf or canned L&D solutions can deliver impact for organizations.

Great Minds on Learning: Expert Insights From John Helmer

Great Minds on Learning: Expert Insights From John Helmer

In this L&D podcast recap, David James speaks with John Helmer, Host and Founder of two Learning & Development podcasts: The Learning Hack and Great Minds on Learning, about his insights on the L&D discipline and the people and approaches that have informed so much of the L&D profession.

L&D Podcast recap - Robin Sargent

Dr. Robin Sargent’s ‘Do It Messy’ Approach to Instructional Design

In this L&D podcast recap, David James speaks with Robin Sargent Ph.D., Founder, Owner, and President of IDOL courses and Author of ‘The Do It Messy Approach,’ about the approaches and skills required for the instructional design profession to evolve and meet the demands of the modern hybrid workforce.


A Performance-First Mindset: Making the Pivot With Fredrik Peterson Herfindal and Teemu Lilja

In this L&D podcast recap, David James speaks with Telia’s Fredrik Peterson Herfindal, Head of Learning & Performance, and Teemu Lilja, Learning & Performance Lead for Sales, as we explore their pivot from a learning orientation to a performance-orientation L&D approach.

L&D Podcast - Aimee Young

Exciting, Lonely, and All-Encompassing: The Role of Standalone L&D With Aimee Young

In this podcast recap, David James speaks with Aimee Young, L&D Manager at Snowplow, about her L&D journey, what running a department solo looks like, and how to make standalone L&D a successful career move of choice.

L&D podcast Matthew Gjertsen

Air Force Instructor Pilot to Learning Leader: Supersonic L&D with Matthew Gjertsen

When it comes to impactful learning, sometimes it pays to look to the stratosphere. In the latest episode of the L&D Podcast, we speak with Matthew Gjertsen, former jet instructor pilot and training manager at SpaceX, about performance-driven L&D.