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How to create the flexible working culture your teams need to thrive

How to Enable Flexible Learning and Self-Directed Career Development

In this chapter, we outline why a flexible work culture is so critical to enabling better learning outcomes.


Go Beyond Learning Metrics: Our 6-Step Expert Playbook for Proving Your L&D Impact 

It’s no longer enough to just ship courses and hope they make a difference in terms of building skills and solving problems. Learning metrics are a great start to evaluate this. But today, we need to go beyond them to prove our impact. Here’s step one of our six-step playbook for impactful L&D.

Social Learning: How People Magically Connect & Grow

Social Learning sits at the intersection of three massive markets – Education, Collaboration, and Community. We break down its key benefits and limitations.

job shadowing benefits

5 Ways Organizations Can Benefit from Job Shadowing

Job shadowing can boost your employee retention rates and reinforce career advancement opportunities for your workforce. Here are 5 ways this affordable internal training initiative can benefit your organization.


Your Ultimate Guide to Inboarding in the UK

When your company inboards current employees for new roles rather than hiring brand-new employees, it provides your employees with more opportunities for growth. Here's how to build a repeatable inboarding process.

rainbow representing neurodiversity at work

How To Support Neurodivergent Employees in The Workplace

Why is neurodiversity at work so important? Neurodiverse talent has plenty to offer the business climate - it's time to learn how to support them.

How to create the flexible working culture your teams need to thrive

Your Life, Your Way—How to Create the Flexible Working Culture Your Teams Need to Thrive

In this blueprint guide, we’ll show you exactly how to make remote, asynchronous, and autonomous work a reality. We'll take you on a tour through the biggest roadblocks companies experience when shifting to a flexible work culture—and what you can do to overcome these.

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Jumpstart Your Customer Relationships: Free Client Onboarding Checklist

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with a stellar onboarding experience. Here's how to do that in 6 steps.

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Top Tips from L&D Experts for Creating Effective Training Content

Course creation can feel like a moving target. Experts from our L&D Collective share 10 actionable tips for creating effective training content.


Inspiration Abounds at the L&D Collective’s London Meet-Up

Here, we share our main takeaways from our recent L&D Collective meet-up in London. From talking about the role of product management in L&D to stakeholder management and the relationship between Finance and learning teams, we've gathered all the best insights from a jam-packed event.

Tech recruitment at 360Learning

Choose Your Own 360Learning Tech Adventure: Is Ours the Workplace You've Been Looking For?

In this article, we’ll show you what our tech recruiters will ask candidates at an interview, and provide you with a decision tree to help you assess if our culture is a good fit for you.

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Why Business Acumen is an L&D Professional's Most Underrated Skill

L&D pro Shannon Tucker shares how gaining broad knowledge about the business helps L&D professionals be more effective and efficient.