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entrance sign representing new hires employee onboarding

7 Employee Onboarding Ideas Your New Hires Will Love

7 ideas to spice up your employee onboarding program and give your new hires an unforgettable experience.

Vibhu Dhariwal
Vibhu Dhariwal Director of Marketing, Digital Gratified
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Museum exhibit representing annual training plan

How to Create an Annual Training Plan For Employees (Plus Free Templates)

We define annual training plans for employees, the six key components that make up a plan, and include some free templates.

Robin Nichols
Robin Nichols Content Lead US, 360Learning
Training & Learning

Design Thinking in Learning Experience Design: Empathy, Iteration, and Innovation

This strategy brings unique, human-centered experiences to learners of different backgrounds. Here's how to implement it effectively.

Nahla Davies
Nahla Davies Coder / Tech Writer
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in-person learning in a virtual world

The Case for In-Person Learning in a Virtual World

Remote work isn't perfect, and often comes with a cost: loneliness. Here's what in-person learning offers your employees, that virtual training cannot replace.

Kristen Warms
Kristen Warms Sr. Manager of Learning & Experience Design, Atlassian
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solo l and d expert

Party of One: How Solo L&D Experts Use Alignment To Maximize Business Outcomes

Solo L&D professionals play a critical role in creating a learning culture that drives business growth and success. Here's how alignment supports that process.

April Petrey Principal Consultant, Allonsy Innovation
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colored crayons representing DEI training

Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Training Fails and What Companies Can Do About It

DEI programs are essential to worker well-being and employee retention, but they often miss the mark. Here's 4 reasons why, and actionable tips for driving more impactful DEI.

Sebastian Morgan
Sebastian Morgan Digital Content Writer, Resume Genius
Training & Learning

L&D Glossary: The Fundamental Learning Terms & Job Titles You Need to Know in 2023

From 5 Moments of Need to Workforce Planning, here are all the fundamental L&D terms and job titles you need to know.

Tom Baragwanath
Tom Baragwanath Global Head of Content, 360Learning
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fire extinguisher representing preventing employee burnout

The Role of L&D in Preventing Employee Burnout

Continuous skills development, leadership training, and long-term employee growth are essential to combat and prevent employee burnout. Here's why and how.

Keith Goodman Freelance writer & eLearning consultant
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How to create the flexible working culture your teams need to thrive

How to Enable Flexible Learning and Self-Directed Career Development

In this chapter, we outline why a flexible work culture is so critical to enabling better learning outcomes.

Friederike Haerter
Friederike Haerter Content Lead Germany | 360Learning
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Go Beyond Learning Metrics: Our 6-Step Expert Playbook for Proving Your L&D Impact 

It’s no longer enough to just ship courses and hope they make a difference in terms of building skills and solving problems. Learning metrics are a great start to evaluate this. But today, we need to go beyond them to prove our impact. Here’s step one of our six-step playbook for impactful L&D.

David James
David James Chief Learning Officer, 360Learning
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Social Learning: How People Magically Connect & Grow

Social Learning sits at the intersection of three massive markets – Education, Collaboration, and Community. We break down its key benefits and limitations.

Dan Hoffman Founder & CEO of Circl.es
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job shadowing benefits

5 Ways Organizations Can Benefit from Job Shadowing

Job shadowing can boost your employee retention rates and reinforce career advancement opportunities for your workforce. Here are 5 ways this affordable internal training initiative can benefit your organization.

Ian Loew Owner & Head of Business Development at Lform Design