Joei Chan
Director of Brand & Content, 360Learning

Your Guide to Building a Scalable Employee Onboarding Process in 2023

Grab a pen and paper: here’s everything you need to create a great onboarding program.

Upskill From Within

The Answers Are Right Here: Upskill From Within and Get Up to Speed With Your Next Big New Idea

Today, we're celebrating everything great about peer-driven learning and showing how you can get up to speed on your next big idea with a little help from your neighbors. And we want to hear your Upskill From Within stories too!

learning audrey

Season Finale: Audrey Faces ‘Launch Day’, and a Culture of Continuous Feedback

The big day is here for Audrey. What will her manager, colleagues, and the CEO himself think of her onboarding courses? Tune in to see if it's sink or swim.

Learning Audrey Episode 4

Learning Audrey: What is a Show Without the People

In this week's episode, Audrey takes a step back and looks to the things that fulfill her in her personal life to find inspiration for her learning program. Will she find what she's looking for?

Learning Audrey Episode 3

This Week in Learning Audrey: A Balancing Act Between 3 Viewpoints, and a Mountain of Courses to Launch

In this week's episode, Audrey starts her new job in earnest—and she's finding it more challenging than she thought to keep everybody happy, including herself.

Learning Audrey Episode 2 The Dive

This Week in Learning Audrey: 15 Different Stakeholders, One Learning Manager

In last week's premiere of Learning Audrey, our titular heroine was given her first big challenge: deliver our new Convexity training in just ten weeks. So, is her new job still the dream she thought it would be? Or is reality sinking in? Join us for this week's episode of Learning Audrey and find out!

Learning Audrey Docu-Series Launch

What Does it Take to Follow Your Dreams? Find Out In Learning Audrey, Our New Docu-Series

New docu-series alert! From the creators of the award-winning series Onboarding Joei comes Learning Audrey, a story about dreams, aspirations, and personal reinvention. Join Audrey as she takes on a new role as Senior Learning Manager at 360Learning.

Your Employee Retention Management Plan Imploded in 2021. Here’s how to get it Back on Track

It’s time to get back on track by building a retention management plan that emphasizes ongoing, long-term development opportunities to help you reduce the number of employees leaving your organization. In this article, we’ll show you how.


We’d Like to Thank the Academy: Onboarding Joei is an Official 2021 Webby Honoree!

Big news: our original docu-series Onboarding Joei has been selected as an honoree in the 2021 Webby Awards! In this post, we'll take a second to reflect on what the show has meant to us at 360Learning, and show just how much we appreciate our community of fans.

How Top SaaS Organizations Approach Online Employee Training

How Top SaaS Organizations Approach Online Employee Training

What do top SaaS company leaders have to say about Learning and Development? 1. It's more important than ever. 2. It should be collaborative.

Employee Training Templates and Checklists

23 Employee Training Templates and Checklists for Better Training Programs

Save time and energy with our list of the best employee training templates and checklists, featuring tips for building better employee training programs.

What Web-Based Training Should Look Like After COVID-19

What Web-Based Training Should Look Like After COVID-19

The way people prefer to work and learn has changed. To keep up, L&Ds need to create web-based training that's flexible, collaborative, and empowering.