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What Does it Take to Follow Your Dreams? Find Out In Learning Audrey, Our New Docu-Series

It’s easy to dream about changing jobs. “One day I’ll try that out”. “Bet you I’d be great at that.” “Wait, they picked him for that role? I’d do a way better job!”

But so long as these dreams stay dreams, you’ll never know what it takes to really follow through. You have to be brave. You have to be patient, and open to criticism. But above all else, you need the passion and motivation to keep you going through even the longest weeks.

In our new documentary series Learning Audrey, we’ll follow Audrey Jarre, 360Learning’s new Senior Learning Manager, as she redefines learning and helps us take the next big step as a company. Read on to find out more–and check out our first episode, ‘The Switch’, below!

We all have pandemic daydreams–but what if we actually commit?

The past two years have left a lot of us thinking about other possibilities. We’re wondering about new places, new people, and new challenges. It’s only natural–there’s nothing like staring at the same four walls for months on end to spark a bit of pandemic daydreaming.

The thing is, some of us have actually committed to these idle thoughts. Some brave souls have said yes to taking on a new challenge, even when the future is so murky.

But what does it really mean to take on a new role during this strange time of Zoom calls, dispersed teams, and working in our pyjamas? What is it like to move into a new team at a fast-growing startup during the middle of a global pandemic? 

For a lot of people, there’s only one solution to feeling bored or frustrated at work: you fire up Glassdoor and start scrolling for a new job. But as our podcast guests from Animalz recently pointed out, there’s another way–you can commit to totally reinventing yourself at work.

We wanted to tell a real story about what this reinvention means in practice. Enter Audrey, our brand new Senior Learning Manager.

Meet Audrey, our titular heroine!

Audrey has always had a passion for learning. It’s why she joined 360Learning and became our previous Learning Engagement Coach, helping our clients get the most out of Collaborative Learning. She was a top performer in her role, but the COVID-19 pandemic made her realize she needed a change.

Now, she’s finally throwing her hat in the ring and moving into a new role as our Senior Learning Manager. This takes a lot of courage. It means moving from the safety and comfort of a familiar team into a totally new area of work. And this time, everyone is watching.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll follow Audrey as she settles into her new role, faces a whole new set of expectations, and strives to prove herself. We’ll be at her side as she comes to grips with the reality of setting her dreams in motion, and we’ll share every high and low of her story. 

Because in L&D, stories like Audreys really matter.

In L&D, stories really matter

Stories are how we understand the world around us. They’re how we make sense of our challenges, fears, and aspirations, and they’re how we connect with others. That’s why at 360Learning, we’re bringing you new learning stories all the time.

In Seasons 1 and 2 of our award-winning series Onboarding Joei, we took you behind the scenes as our new Director of Content Joei Chan took on the biggest challenge of her life. In CLO Connect, we bring you new insights about how the world’s leading companies are scaling culture with Collaborative Learning. And with the L&D Plus podcast, we’re serving up real tales of learning partnerships coming to life across the business.

Now, with Learning Audrey, we’re here to show you what it really means to put everything on the line and try something new–even when the future remains so uncertain.

Will Audrey succeed? Join us and find out! 

We’re so thrilled to be able to bring you Audrey’s story of challenge and reinvention. Over the next four weeks, we’ll take you inside her transformation to become 360Learning’s new Senior Learning Manager, and lift the curtain on what it takes to grow and thrive in a hyper-growth startup.

Will Audrey learn in time? Or will it all fall apart? Subscribe to Learning Audrey to find out.