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Season Finale: Audrey Faces ‘Launch Day’, and a Culture of Continuous Feedback

It’s all coming to a head.

Jonah, Audrey’s coach, is back from the United States. Her three main stakeholders weigh in on how she designed her flagship project (redoing the company onboarding). Audrey will have to push her new courses live for real new joiners to complete.

It’s a lot to take in, especially when all eyes are on her—cameras, coaches, and learners.

Find out how Audrey handles the pressure of launch day, and what she thinks of her new role now that she’s experienced being a Learning Manager first hand.

“If they make a training that’s not relevant or outdated, then it’s on me”

Audrey decided to fully embrace the Collaborative Learning mindset in her approach to updating the company’s onboarding. That means empowering subject-matter experts to create courses, but it also means giving up some control. As Audrey points out, “If they make a training that’s not relevant or outdated, then it’s on me”.

Did 360Learners live up to the ideals of Collaborative Learning in practice? Is Audrey happy with the final result? And crucially, what do her three main stakeholders think of her approach? Audrey feels especially under the microscope since she has to live up to her reputation as a top-performing Learning Engagement Coach. “When you start a new job,” she explains, “all eyes are usually on you.”

When you start a new job, all eyes are usually on you.

Launch day: Audrey’s courses go live

The big day is here—all the work that Audrey’s prepared will be put to the test as eight new joiners start onboarding with her material. L&D professionals know that a significant percentage of employee churn happens during these crucial weeks; first impressions matter. 

How will the new hires react to their training? Will the feedback be positive? And, perhaps most importantly, is Audrey happy with herself and the job she’s done? “I feel quite stressed out that they can see it,” admits Audrey, “at the same time, that’s the reason why we created them in the first place.” In other words? She’s just going to have to take the plunge and make herself vulnerable to all sorts of feedback—that’s all part and parcel of the job.

I feel quite stressed out that they can see it.

“It’s a continuous play”

Whatever the outcome of launch day, one thing’s for sure: that won’t be the end of the feedback loop. “It’s not because today’s launch day that the work is over. Collaborative Learning is also about continuous feedback, and adjusting, improving every day.”

When someone’s brave enough to start a new role, the first few days can feel exhilarating. But what happens after they come back down to earth. Is there a chance they’ll feel they made the wrong decision? Now that she’s had first-hand experience in an L&D role, is she sure it’s the right path for her? 

“It was an intense journey,” confides Audrey, “but it was just the beginning.”

Find out how the story ends by watching the season finale.

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