employee onboarding surveys

What to Include in your Employee Onboarding Surveys and Why (plus free template)

30% of new employees quit within three months. Here are 3 free onboarding survey templates to help you maximize your new hire retention from day one.

welcome mat representing customer onboarding best practices

5 Best Practices to Boost Your Customer Onboarding

If your customer onboarding program only focuses on retention, you're probably missing the mark. Here are 5 best practices to help you deliver what customers actually what from their onboarding experience.


UK L&D: Top Tips for a Great Induction to Work Process (Plus Free Checklist)

In this article, we share what a great induction to work process looks like. Read on to learn more about why it’s important in driving greater retention for organisations. You can also check out our handy induction checklist to ensure you don't miss out any important induction steps.


Your Ultimate Guide to Inboarding in the UK

When your company inboards current employees for new roles rather than hiring brand-new employees, it provides your employees with more opportunities for growth. Here's how to build a repeatable inboarding process.

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How to Create A Customer Education Strategy That Boosts Retention

In this guide, you’ll learn how to develop a solid customer education strategy that can help you win customer loyalty.

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Jumpstart Your Customer Relationships: Free Client Onboarding Checklist

Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with a stellar onboarding experience. Here's how to do that in 6 steps.

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16 Free Templates to Cover Every Stage of Customer Onboarding

Speed up your journey to customer success with these free customer onboarding checklists and templates.

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Why Great Onboarding is More Important Than Ever

Creating an engaged and connected company culture among a dispersed workforce is no easy task. That's why you need an outstanding onboarding program.

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4 Tips for an Educational Customer Onboarding Process

Customer onboarding is so crucial that 86% of customers say they would be more likely to remain loyal if they were provided with educational content.

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3 Onboarding Tips to Boost New Employee Retention

When employees quit, productivity, profitability, and team morale all take a hit. That's why good onboarding is critical—and why we're sharing our 3 top tips.

ShipHawk new hires April Petrey

Independence and Confidence: How ShipHawk’s 'Flight School' Helps New Hires Upskill from Within

Every new hire needs independence and confidence to make the right start. In this expert interview, ShipHawk L&D Director April Petrey tells us how she works alongside subject-matter experts to help new starters upskill from within.

Vascobelo updated onboarding

Takeaways from Vascobelo’s Updated Onboarding: 2 Key Factors Driving Employee Engagement and Retention

If you're seeing your employees walking out the door, it's time to rethink your onboarding.