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Build a Better New Hire Experience with Onboarding Process Flowcharts

In today's job market, it is becoming increasingly important for organizations to retain their employees. Many companies face difficulties providing impactful onboarding experiences to new hires, with only 52% reporting feeling satisfied with their onboarding process. 

However, organizations successfully improving their retention rates have recognized the importance of a well-structured onboarding process. 77% of human resources professionals believe onboarding will become even more critical.

Leveraging onboarding process flowcharts (along with our onboarding playbook) is a great way to start optimizing your new employee onboarding process. In this article, we’ll explore why onboarding is essential to impactful L&D, the critical role of onboarding flowcharts in the workspace, and the benefits of using this tool in onboarding new hires.

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Effective onboarding is vital

Employee onboarding is the structured process that introduces new hires to their organization, team members, and roles and responsibilities. 

Great onboarding starts when your employee signs their new contract through to their first week and beyond to empower them for success by equipping them with the skills they need to be a top performer. 

Effective onboarding can increase your employee retention rates by 82% while boosting your new hire productivity by 72%. To design personalized and impactful onboarding, you will need to leverage tools such as onboarding checklists and templates and the onboarding process flow chart.

What is an onboarding process flow chart?

An onboarding flowchart is a process map that visually outlines a new employee’s personalized onboarding experience from their start date.  

As part of the hiring process, the flowchart leverages infographics and visuals to concisely map out the milestones on an employee’s onboarding journey. As a simple and easy-to-use map of an onboarding plan, the flow chart will outline the activities and upskilling opportunities that start on the employee’s first day. 

The onboarding process flowchart is essential in helping new hires see the path forward in their new job. It also provides a clear roadmap for HR managers by incorporating elements such as administrative tasks or compliance and mandatory training requirements.

Use these onboarding process flowchart templates and checklists as a starting point for designing your own charts:

Why use an employee onboarding process flow chart?

By visualizing the onboarding process, an onboarding flow chart helps HR managers and team leaders standardize and streamline the onboarding process.

The flowchart also optimizes the onboarding experience by visually showing new hires the steps in their journey and helps them check that they haven’t missed any opportunities or activities. 

Incorporating project management tools and principles into your onboarding flowcharts will help you track progress, manage tasks, and meet milestones. Be sure that the visualization of the onboarding journey is structured clearly so your new hires can see their entire journey.

Benefits of using an onboarding process flowchart

Leveraging a flowchart will help you deploy a well-designed onboarding experience that impacts your employee retention rates and engagement levels.  

Here are four benefits of an effective onboarding process empowered by a flowchart.

1. Bolster early retention: 20% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days. A well-defined onboarding process helps demonstrate your company's investment in employee growth by addressing the needs and concerns of new employees from day one.

2. Enhance the onboarding experience: A well-designed onboarding process flowchart can help the new hire onboarding experience by making new employees feel welcomed and well-informed.

3. Fast-track productivity: By providing a clear and structured outline of a high-learning, low-stakes workflow period, onboarding flowcharts will help accelerate a new hire's ability to contribute to the company.

4. Build trust and community: The flowchart will help your new employees clearly see how they will fit into their team and the organization. An effective onboarding process will help build community and set the tone of your company’s learning culture.

Boost your onboarding process today

As you can see, an effective onboarding process is crucial for improving your organization's retention rates and engagement levels.

An onboarding process flowchart is a great tool to help optimize the onboarding experience of your new hires. Still, you can also go a giant step further by leveraging the flowchart with a modern learning solution

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