360Learning Acquires AI-Powered Skills Platform eLamp to Revolutionize Skills-Based Learning
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360Learning Acquires AI-Powered Skills Platform eLamp to Revolutionize Skills-Based Learning

Businesses across the board are facing the same challenge: a skills bottleneck, which threatens to derail their growth and hamper competitiveness. Fuelled by the speed at which skills become obsolete, as well as the retirement of the baby boomer generation, this problem will only become thornier in the coming years.

We’re therefore thrilled to announce our acquisition of eLamp, a disruptive AI-powered skills platform. This acquisition will add another powerful component to our learning platform, and open up exciting new possibilities for our clients: From day one, our new skills-based learning product will enable learning and development professionals to identify and close the skills gaps holding their business back—and empower them to prove their impact in the process. Finally, L&D pros have the data they need to win the budget and buy-in they deserve.

Our approach, rooted in AI and our collaborative learning vision, is unique on the market, and is foundational to our mission of becoming the go-to learning platform for global businesses reskilling and upskilling their teams from within.

Let’s dive into why this development is so exciting, and what it means for our customers. You can read all about it below, and also sign up for our live keynote on November 14th for a more in-depth discussion.

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But first, let’s introduce you to our friends at eLamp.

Meet eLamp

eLamp was founded in 2015 as an AI-powered skills platform serving manufacturing and highly technical industries with customers including construction and engineering companies, Artelia and Bouygues Construction, and nuclear company, Naval Group. 

The company’s use of AI to transform skills management in companies brought 360Learning and eLamp together. One of the biggest pains we hear from 360Learning customers is on upskilling and reskilling to ensure their business has the skills it needs to perform today and be ready for tomorrow. By integrating eLamp and 360Learning, they'll be able to do just that. 

Why AI-driven skills is a game changer for L&D professionals

Up until now, mapping knowledge gaps in companies was only possible through manual, time-consuming work that took years to carry out, cost millions of dollars to implement, and was out-of-date by the time they reached team members.  In short, a true skills-based learning strategy just wasn’t feasible. 

But with advancements in AI-powered technology, pioneered by companies like eLamp, it became possible to create skills ontologies and identify critical gaps in a fraction of the time.  L&D teams were able to more efficiently address business-critical upskilling and reskilling needs. This alone was an exciting development.

But speedily identifying skills gaps is only half the battle; a bigger question still needed to be addressed – how do you seamlessly provide knowledge that’s contextualized to your business to address these gaps in a way that’s engaging for learners? This is where we saw a momentous opportunity for 360Learning to bring a unique solution to the market.

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A sneak peek of our skills-based learning solution. Join our keynote (link below) to learn more!

Finally close skills gaps with skills-based learning + collaborative learning

With the acquisition of eLamp, we’re not only able to offer L&D teams the means to quickly create skills ontologies and identify skills gaps – crucially, we also allow them to close those gaps based on contextual subject-matter expertise, all from their 360Learning platform. From day one, L&D teams can:

  • Leverage AI to build a skill ontology that’s easy to keep updated. For those who have an existing ontology in solutions like SAP SuccessFactors or Workday, we can connect it.
  • Understand skills gaps in their organization through automated skills assessments. 
  • Identify skills-based content gaps and leverage internal experts to build content that will close them.
  • Launch their upskilling or reskilling campaign.
  • Monitor progress from their dashboard in 360Learning.

We’re proud to offer the only skills-based learning solution that empowers L&D teams to act on the knowledge gained through AI-driven skills assessments, with the collaborative learning approach that you know and love. In two clicks, you can target an audience of learners, launch an upskilling campaign, and see the skill gap closing before your eyes.

360Learning customers will also be able to use our recently released AI tools, to speed up course creation without compromising on quality. For L&D leaders interested in upskilling their own knowledge, our new AI for L&D Certification can guide L&D professionals in adopting innovative AI solutions that will multiply their impact on their business.

So, what’s the big picture? By connecting skills-based learning to their company’s skills strategy, HR and L&D teams will unlock the skills needed for their business to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This is a huge opportunity for Learning and Development teams to continue to move the needle on business-critical issues, and we’re beyond excited to be offering this to our customers as of today.

Are you as excited as we are? Join us on November 14 for a skills-based learning keynote, in which I’ll take you through how these exciting developments can help you elevate your L&D operations. 

skills-based learning webinar cta