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10 Next-Level Learning & Development Trends to Propel Your Organization to New Heights

Discover 10 game-changing trends in learning and development that will take your organization to new heights. Embrace the future of learning.

Ryan Yee Copywriter
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Learning Content Management System: Guide, Differences, Best Software

We define a learning content management system, outline what makes it different from an LMS, and list the ten best examples of an LCMS.

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Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
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Skills-Based Learning: Our 5-Step Blueprint to Make the Shift and Unlock Your Talent

Winning organizations are no longer thinking in terms of fixed roles and responsibilities; instead, they’re shifting to dynamic skills-based operating models to boost agility and resilience to change. Here, we share how the shift can reinvent the way L&D teams create learning experiences.

Nick Hernandez CEO, 360Learning
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Bridging the Skills Gap: 7 Steps To An Employee Development Plan That Works

We discuss employee development plans through a lens of collaborative learning, highlight some benefits, and outline the 7 key steps to a successful plan.

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
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What is Skills Mapping and Why Does Your Organization Need It?

87% of global companies are threatened by skills gaps. Skills mapping utilizes data-backed strategy to inform smarter workforce expansion & training allocation.

Sebastian Morgan
Sebastian Morgan Digital Content Writer, Resume Genius
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Maximizing ROI With AI-Assisted Soft Skills Training for Employees

Unlock employee potential with comprehensive soft skills training to enhance productivity, collaboration, and professional growth, while maximizing overall ROI.

Oliver Morris
Oliver Morris AI & Tech writer, Plat.AI
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360Learning Q2 2023 Product Recap

Product Update: AI-Powered Question Generator Enhancements, Endless Customization, and More To Upskill From Within

Here's a look at the newest features and recent product updates our teams have designed for you!

Clémence Condomines
Clémence Condomines Product Marketing Manager, 360Learning
Management & Mindset
From jobs to skills

Goodbye Jobs, Hello Skills: The Fundamental Shift Reshaping the Way We Think About Talent

In this article, we explore the fundamental shift reshaping the way leading companies are thinking about talent, and the six pillars of making the shift from a job-based operating model to a skills-based one. We’ll show how this focus can make organizations everywhere more flexible, resilient, and competitive.

Benjamin Marchal
Benjamin Marchal Chief Operations Officier, 360Learning
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Collaborating With Intent: A 4-Step Performance Framework by Lila Warren

David James speaks with Lila Warren about her motivations and approaches to affecting performance with learning solutions designed to make a meaningful impact.

David James
David James Chief Learning Officer, 360Learning
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L&D Plus Zapier Tracy St. Dic Colin Monaghan
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L&D Plus Talent: How Zapier’s Internal Mobility Program Helps Boost Organizational Resilience

In the latest episode of the L&D Plus podcast, we chatted to Tracy St. Dic, Zapier’s Global Head of Talent, and Colin Monaghan, Head of Learning & Development, to find out how talent and L&D can work together to help talented people upskill from within with the right internal mobility program.

Tom Baragwanath
Tom Baragwanath Global Head of Content, 360Learning
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How to Upskill the Workforce at Different Stages of the Learning Cycle

Truly effective upskilling is a continuous process that extends into different phases of the employee lifecycle. Here's what that looks like in practice.

photo of Jocelyn Ho
Jocelyn Ho Content Lead US, 360 Learning
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upskilling the industrial workforce

How To Upskill the Industrial Workforce

Ryan Harris Freelance Writer