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How INES CRM Expects to Decrease Churn by 20% With the Collaborative Learning Playbook

Company overview

INES is one of the leaders of cloud SaaS CRM solutions for SMB and Mid-sized companies. The company grows at a rate of 2x and serves more than 2,500 clients in 10+ countries (e.g. France, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Morocco).

The challenge

Frédéric Naudin is the General Manager of INES CRM in France. He joined the company in 2018 in order to design and deploy an ambitious growth strategy. One of his main objectives as a GM was to reduce the churn rate of existing clients. His initial audit of the company highlighted the need to completely reinvent the way INES was training clients (onboarding and continuous training) leveraging digital learning. He set the requirements for this new training strategy:

1. Continuous

INES CRM solutions are continuously evolving. Clients need to be continuously trained on new features. In fact, one of the churn drivers is the lack of product usage in the long run.

2. Collaborative and State-of-the-art audit

INES CRM clients are used to being trained in in-person sessions. The new digital training strategy should not jeopardize client experience and should, therefore, be highly interactive and in line with state-of-the-art digital UX.

3. Scalable

One of the key rationales for digital content is the ability to significantly increase productivity for support and customer success teams. The new training strategy must improve agility, speed of content creation and distribution while reducing workload for teams.

The solution

Frédéric Naudin had already leveraged the 360Learning Collaborative Learning playbook to create value in a previous experience. The 360Learning Suite and Collaborative Learning appeared to be once again the best solution to implement a business oriented training strategy. The team at INES CRM quickly prepared an action plan with the 360Learning team to create and deploy the digital training offer to INES clients. This training strategy lies on 3 key pillars of the Collaborative Learning Playbook:

1. Decentralization of content creation through the Collaborative Authoring Tool

Both product and customer success leverage the Collaborative Learning tool to rapidly create digital training programs to onboard clients and continuously train them. For each feature release training programs are launched to allow clients to quickly get up to speed with the updates. Clients now have unlimited access to practical training content to help them at each step of their projects.

2. Collaboration between experts and learners through forums, groups and news feeds

The INES CRM team works with their 360Learning solution architect to create a platform structure that allows clients to connect with INES experts. When a client asks a question in a forum, the answer provided by the INES expert can be read by every client. This represents a considerable productivity gain. Sometimes clients even answer each other’s questions. The team at INES CRM keeps the platform dynamic and engaging by frequently sharing content through groups and news feeds. While maximizing collaboration and client interactions, the team maintains control over their customer relationship. They organize groups and programs in order to make sure only clients who want to contribute to this community are involved.

3. Agile data-driven learning strategy

INES CRM’s training team accesses real-time learning data through the state-of-the-art KPI dashboard. Social reactions shared by clients allow the team to quickly identify content to update or improve. In 1 click they can access the specific training activity where the client reacted. The team continuously improves training material and, therefore, the client experience.

Ambition of the team

Frederic Naudin had already deployed the platform and knows what to expect. He expects the impact to be:

Ines ambition

Frédéric and his team are now working on deploying new strategic initiatives powered by the 360Learning Suite. They are currently planning on deploying the new client training strategy to every country in which INES CRM operates. They also plan on launching a Sales Enablement program to allow sales representatives to share best practices in order to improve quota attainment.

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Ines CRM

"I had already deployed and managed to have a significant impact by leveraging the 360Learning Suite in my previous experiences. When I joined INES CRM it was obvious to me that 360Learning would contribute to our training strategy. 360Learning and the Collaborative Learning Playbook is a key success factor of our client training strategy," says Frédéric Naudin General Manager at INES CRM.

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