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Upskilling for Success: How AlphaSights Boosted Productivity for 1,500+ Employees 

As AlphaSights continues to grow rapidly around the world, maximising and scaling employee onboarding and development becomes more crucial than ever. See how they train and upskill their 1,500 team members so that they have everything they need to perform their best.

Students in India

From Trainer to Community Leader: Sugata Mitra and the Future of Remote Learning

Secret to remote learning success? Your grandma.

Altarea Internal Expertise

How Altarea is Engaging 10x More Learners by Unlocking Internal Expertise

Altarea's Head of Human Resources decided to create their own collaborative, interactive, and flexible Digital Academy, in order to engage 10x more learners. See how they're doing it.

Aircall onboarding program

How Aircall Onboards 40 New Hires a Month With One Full-Time L&D Manager

Aircall has 650 employees around the globe, and the company is still growing, fast. To accommodate new joiners and provide a consistently exceptional onboarding experience they needed to restructure their onboarding program to make it scalable, interactive, and collaborative. See how they did it here.

Mitsubishi Electric Customer Satisfaction

How Mitsubishi Electric Achieved 99% Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Training Costs by 65%

Discover how Mitsubishi Electric has delivered training to over 2,000 customer engineers using a blended learning approach.

How Safran Achieved 136,000 Hours of Online Training in Only One Year

How Safran Achieved 136,000 Hours of Online Training in Only One Year

With Safran University—and 360Learning as its cornerstone—Safran has everything it needs to meet the challenges of its digital transformation program.

Collaborative Learning Examples

3 Examples of Collaborative Learning in Top Organizations

What does Collaborative Learning actually look like in practice? We’ve gathered 3 examples to showcase how companies are using Collaborative Learning strategies to improve their onboarding, tech stacks, and L&D organization.


How Appen saved $240K with Collaborative Learning

AI training outfit Appen has over 1,000 employees spread across four continents. They needed a better way to deliver L&D at the speed of business, and Collaborative Learning offered them a great solution. In this case study, we'll explore how they save time and money with 360Learning.

How AlphaSights built a scalable onboarding program with 99% satisfaction rates

How AlphaSights Built a Scalable Onboarding Program with 99% Satisfaction Rates

Learn how AlphaSights scaled their onboarding by leveraging in-house experts and decentralizing learning.

How INES CRM Expects to Decrease Churn by 20% With the Collaborative Learning Playbook

Keep your customers happy with the right training tool.